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  • Christopher Mccandless: Why Did He Romanticize Alaska?

    Every novel has a character that changes throughout the story and with Christopher McCandless, his character changed over time. Before and after his death McCandless wanted to live a life far away from civilization and with the wild. McCandless purpose for living wild was to feel the freedom and the desire to do whatever he wished to do without no obligation of being stopped or judged. Chris McCandless romanticized living alone in the wild, but was severely underprepared to do this in Alaska.…

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  • Moji Character Analysis

    Mooji states his purpose as a nondual teacher is the same as his master, Papaji, in that he simply looks to point the seeker to an area of ‘openness’, which gives them the opportunity to awaken to the Self by their own accord. He states his teachings should ‘pass over’ the one studying, and not be dwelled upon. The final ‘taste’ of what remains with us after his teachings are presented, is his self-proclaimed ‘essence’ as a master. Mooji is an incredibly charismatic individual, and presents his…

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  • Romanticism: The Balance Between Individuality And Society

    American Romanticism was a literary movement that started in the 19th century. American Romanticism shares a lot of similar qualities with transcendentalism. Walt Whitman wrote about similar topics as Emily Dickinson, although they lived two very different lives. Walt Whitman was a transcendentalist who lived in New York and did journalism. Emily Dickinson was a romanticist who fell in love with a married man and then continued to spend most of her life in seclusion. Walt Whitman and Emily…

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  • Sartre's Theory Of Individualism

    Existentialism, also known as individualism, is a psychological belief originating in the late 19th century and developed throughout the 20th century in France. It was first influenced by Sartre’s philosophical view, or in general the cultural progression disciplined by theology, dramatic arts and literature. The main concept varies in philosophical, religious and political views that construct the belief’s intuition. It embraces atheism, in which existentialists believe there is no God to rule…

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  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: American Poet

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is American poet who wrote throughout 1873 to 1880, primarily influenced by the Romantic era. Born to the daughter of a Revolutionary War hero and an established lawyer, Longfellow was expected to attend college and follow his father’s footsteps. However he was more fascinated by the coastal culture of his town in Maine, fascinated by the stories of the sailors who detailed their exotic travels. Accordingly, Longfellow pursued his intrigue,…

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  • Emily Dickenson: Poem Analysis

    Poetry has been written for years and it has impacted people in different ways, some people feel motivated with a poem when another one can sad. Emily Dickenson, a poem writer was not famous for her in her life time since, most of her work was published after her dead. In her poetry, there were poems that had some motivation as well as sadness, or even both in a transitional form. In one of her poem “Success is a counted sweetness” she makes the reader feel motivated, but at the same time…

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  • Sublime Nature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Nature, our daily companion, our place of quiet and peace, our best friend, yet our worst nightmare, but what is nature, what does it provide and why is it so important for mankind? What do we consider as sublime and do we, the people, consider ourselves as sublime nature? At this point it is important to note that this essay will be dealing with a different approach to sublime nature. "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created…

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  • Theme Of Transcendentalism

    of the world. There are 5 themes common in works of transcendentalism. They are Nonconformity, Self-Reliance, Freethought, Confidence, and Importance of Nature. These themes are seen in many of the writings of several famous authors of this time. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau are two authors important to this period. Their writings focused on the possibilities and beauty…

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  • English Class Reflection Paper

    AP Literature is a tough, exhausting, and mentally draining class. College level 1010/1020 English is also a rigorous, strenuous, and stressful class. When one combines these two classes together, the result it a sleepy overwhelmed senior. This combination of English classes is what I drag myself to in the early morning for first period to begin my academic career. This class has been a life changing classes and far more challenging than any other class I have ever participated in. This class is…

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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay On Nature

    If we close our eyes and listen to the wind blowing and the birds chirping, we hear the delightful sound of Mother Nature. The beauty of oceans, rivers, forest, trees or flowers is an awed beauty most of us take for granted. No one ever stops to admire the beauty of a simple flower or a tree as we once did before. In “Nature “Emerson affirms the unity of nature’s meaning and clarifies the true meaning of nature to mankind. We ignore all the beauty nature has to offer, and never take the time to…

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