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  • English Class Reflection Paper

    AP Literature is a tough, exhausting, and mentally draining class. College level 1010/1020 English is also a rigorous, strenuous, and stressful class. When one combines these two classes together, the result it a sleepy overwhelmed senior. This combination of English classes is what I drag myself to in the early morning for first period to begin my academic career. This class has been a life changing classes and far more challenging than any other class I have ever participated in. This class is…

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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay On Nature

    If we close our eyes and listen to the wind blowing and the birds chirping, we hear the delightful sound of Mother Nature. The beauty of oceans, rivers, forest, trees or flowers is an awed beauty most of us take for granted. No one ever stops to admire the beauty of a simple flower or a tree as we once did before. In “Nature “Emerson affirms the unity of nature’s meaning and clarifies the true meaning of nature to mankind. We ignore all the beauty nature has to offer, and never take the time to…

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  • Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History

    The process of discovery enlightens and educates individuals with fresh, meaningful ideals about the physical and spiritual world, whilst also reshaping an individual’s perspectives of the world, themselves and others. Two texts which explore this dynamic of discovery is Simon Nasht’s documentary Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History (2004) and Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner (2003). Nasht’s documentary uses Frank Hurley’s expedition into the Antarctic as a vehicle to convey one’s…

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  • Genius: A Short Summary And Analysis

    Genius is Dissension On a gloomy day in 399 BC, a prolific philosopher lost his life through execution for daring to question moral character and believe differently from the state. In 1663, a dignified astronomer paced his home in solitude after being placed under house arrest for proposing the preposterous hypothesis that the Earth revolves around the sun. In the spring of 2013, thousands of people roamed through an art exhibit displayed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The exhibit…

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  • Hermann Hesse's Writing Style Analysis

    (H) What makes a writer go down in history as a literary icon? Most would say writing style is what appeals most to the readers. (CI) Hermann Hesse, a German writer and poet, is said to have one of the most unique writing styles of the early nineteenth century. His works include Demian and Siddhartha. (G1) The themes he utilizes have a recurring role in his works, which make it a distinctive feature of his. (G2) The author’s personal experiences tie into his storylines and make the reader…

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  • Anersonation Of Caste By R Ambedkar Analysis

    ANNIHILATION OF CASTE THE UNDELIVERED SPEECH OF Dr. AMBEDKAR “Annihilation of Caste is B.R. Ambedkar’s most radical text. It is not an argument directed at Hindu fundamentalists or extremists, but at those who considered themselves moderate, those whom Ambedkar called “the best of Hindus”— and some academics call “left-wing Hindus”. Ambedkar’s point is that to believe in the Hindu Shastra’s and to simultaneously think of oneself as liberal or moderate is a contradiction in terms. When…

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  • Young Goodman Brown And The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Analysis

    Young Goodman Brown and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow were both written in and about a similar time period. Hawthorne and Irving were contemporaries, and Irving was an inspiration for the writers that followed in his footsteps during his lifetime, including Hawthorne, and the similarities between these two stories are numerous as a result. Both lived during a time where the hypocrisy of Puritan values was very prescient in the minds of philosophers and writers. America was still a young country,…

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  • Thanatopsis And Romanticism Analysis

    Romanticism was a movement in the 1770s that focused on the primacy of the individual, inspiration, subjectivity, and the belief in the supernatural. Transcendentalism began in the late 1820s and was influenced by other movements such as Romanticism. Romanticism and Transcendentalism can be seen throughout the poems Thanatopsis, written by William Cullen Bryant, and Song of Myself, written by Walt Whitman, respectively. The tenets of Romanticism can be seen be analyzing Thanatopsis,…

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  • Literary Criticism In Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

    The poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" was first published in 1923 in America by the acclaimed author Robert Frost, whom at the time was thought to have a hostile view towards nature (Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism). Imagery in literature refers to use of descriptive terms in the hopes of making the reader experience the scenery of the text in their mind. Symbols are utilized mainly works such as narratives to represent something greater than what is actually mentioned. Personification is the…

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  • Non Dallit Autobiography In Gandhi Essay

    Non-Dalit Autobiography in Marathi: The autobiographical writing in Marathi Literature emerged with different structure, themes and dimensions in the 19th century. Lokhitwadi’s letters, Mahatma Phule’s writings, Mukta Salwe’s ‘complaint’, Chiplunkar’s essays and Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s speeches were autobiographical in tone. In this phase, preaching was the main impulse of their autobiographical literature. Those who lived an extra-ordinary life got the authority to explore their…

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