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  • Louis Riel A Hero Essay

    Louis Riel After the events of the Red River Rebellion and the Northwest West Rebellion, there has been much controversy over Louis Riel, who was the leader of the Metis. In a textbook, you might find articles that say he betrayed the government or you may find an article online that say he is a true Canadian hero. Inevitably, Riel was a hero who was determined to fight for his and his people’s rights to the very last breath. Despite the disdainful views that the textbook depicts, Riel should be remembered as a true Canadian hero. Firstly, Riel fought for his and his people’s rights; an act of a true valiant hero. For example, when the HBC sold Rupert’s Land without consulting the Metis, Riel assumed the role of leader and proceeded to form…

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  • Louis Riel: Hero Or Traitor?

    Louis Riel was a lunatic. Soon after the Red River Rebellion, Riel was exiled. These many years marked the first suspicions of his insanity. During this time, he was more concerned with religious rather than political matters. Staying with the Roman Catholic priests in Quebec, he was influenced to believe that he was divinely chosen to become the leader of the Métis. Today, with more research on Riel’s odd beliefs, it came to a speculation that the man may have been suffering a psychological…

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  • How Did Louis Riel Affect Society

    and turned it into cropland. After, Louis Riel stepped in to the picture and told them that this was unlawful. Louis Riel was a political leader of the metis people of the Canadian prairies, a founder of the province of Manitoba, and a Canadian politician. He was born on October 22, 1844 in Red River Colony and died on November 16, 1885 in Regina. His wife’s name was Marguerite Monet. He had two children. He was very supportive for the Métis. Louis Riel was a very influential person that…

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  • Louis Riel: A Hero

    Magnificent, courageous, passionate, diligent, gallant, heroic are all words that define Louis Riel, and his outstanding actions that have made a very positive impact to Canada's history and the proud Métis nation! Louis Riel was a very important person that accomplished so many groundbreaking achievements in a peaceful, respectful way. There are many reasons that prove evidently that Louis Riel was a hero, some of his achievements included him and the Métis becoming the foundation to the…

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  • Who Is Louis Riel A Hero

    Louis Riel. He was born on October the 22nd, 1844 in the red river settlement. He was unfortunately hanged on November 16th, 1885. I, Maria Grant speak for the members of the Metis Community when I say Riel was a true hero. For those who called this honorable man a traitor is plain foolish! Yes, he murdered Thomas Scott, rebelled against our government, and yes he was involved in fighting the English settlers. But you see? He had reasons. Let us begin with the murder of the so-called innocent…

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  • Boer War In Canada

    Canada had to overcome these wars to become its country now. The concept of war are viewed to be a peace mechanism to those historically. During the North West Rebellion, the Metis and other Frist Nations feared their land and culture would be control or taken away by the white settlers. Louis Riel, leader of the Rebellions fought against the federal government to protect those rights for the First Nations. This act of violence impacted Canada through ethnic divisions by creating a province…

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  • Was Louis Riel A Hero

    Louis Riel was a martyr, amongst his people he led a resistance against the Canadian Government and it resulted in a death penalty, through his acts it is shown he did not do it just for himself but for his people. The traits of a martyr is one who puts themself in a dangerous position for the sake of the people who they lead, mostly against an oppressing casualty amongst a wide range of people. Louis Riel, was an ambitious leader that came from a respected family, Louis Riel had gone to…

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  • Louis Riel: Hero Vs. Criminal

    Louis Riel - Hero vs Criminal We believe Louis Riel was a hero because he stood up for the Métis community and he was one of the first Métis advocates, he wanted the Métis people to be heard and he wouldn't let the Canadian Government steal the land they have settled on. Riel and his patrols prevented the Governor at the time William McDougall from proceeding into the Metis territory not long after the Governor sent surveyors out to plot the land. Then, McDougall declared that Hudson’s Bay…

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  • Louis Riel And John A. Macdonald Analysis

    that I will be comparing today are Louis Riel and John A. Macdonald. Both of these men have contributed many things that have shaped our country that we see today, and are arguably two of the most important figures in Canada's history. Louis Riel was a Métis man who was born on October 22, 1844, on the Red River Settlement in Saint-Boniface. Riel was fluent in both English and French. During his lifetime, Riel achieved many great successes and inspired many people. Riel was a Métis leader,…

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  • Canadian Confederation Analysis

    Critical in developing the nation, the date of July 1st, 1867 has a connotation unlike any other in Canadian history. Commemorated annually with shows of patriotism, Canadian Confederation is perhaps the most public presentation of history in the country. Aiming to dilute the perception of Canada’s divide between the French and the English, the overwhelming Anglocentric bias in the presentation of Canadian Confederation homogenizes Canadian culture. Plagued by English ethnocentricity,…

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