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  • Analysis Of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud And John Stuart Mill

    First, we have Karl Marx’s Capital: Critique of Political Economy and The Communist Manifesto, where we encounter the proletariat, or the working-class people regarded collectively. In these two texts, the latter of which was co-authored by Frederick Engels,…

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  • Analysis Of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Discourse On Inequal

    Adam Smith states that, “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.” Smith is meaning that not every society is fair; there will be people who are “flourishing and happy” and some of the people will be “poor and miserable.” It is very difficult to have a society in which every person is happy. There is a large gap between the rich and the poor in America. The rich makes up one percent of America’s population. That one…

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  • Different Ways Of Seeing: The Thankful Poor By John Berger

    Different “Ways of Seeing” In the essay, “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger applies Marxism to art history. Marxism is the social, economic and political theory formed by Karl Marx. It deals with class struggle and the oppression of the lower classes by the upper classes. In the essay, Berger focuses on using Marxist methodology, when he analyzes and explains an artist named Frans Hal. Berger uses Hals paintings to demonstrate the structure of social classes, and their struggles to give an idea of…

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  • Max Weber And Religion Analysis

    Introduction Max Weber, born on April 21, 1864, was a German social scientist and the founder of modern sociological thought. Having a father who was an active lawyer in political life influenced him to attend Heidelberg University and to major in law, history, economics, as well as philosophy. After later continuing his studies at the Universities of Berlin and Göttingen, he managed to pass his bar examination in 1866 and he decided to practice law for a short period of time. In 1889, he…

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  • The Role Of Socialism In An Inspector Calls

    An Inspector Calls is a play written by Dramatist J.B Priestley in 1945. Priestley was a left-wing socialist and this was one of the factors which influenced him to write this play. Even though the play was written in 1945, it was actually set in 1912, right before the start of the First World War. It is set in the spring of 1912 at the Brumley home of the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family in the North Midlands, getting involved in the death of a woman named Eva Smith. The Inspector uses…

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  • Marxism Vs Romantic Poetry Analysis

    A large majority of American people believe that the current social and economic order of liberal-capitalism is the best option for this country. Karl Marx and the Romantic poets are all opposed to this type of society. As outlined in this essay, these figures, respectively, in The Communist Manifesto and English Romantic Poetry an Anthology, explain their critiques of liberal-capitalism and then proceed to contrast those ideas of a perfect society with their own. I believe that Marx and the…

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  • Rousseau On Inequality

    The organization and structure of a society have sometimes been key historical reasons for change in many different countries, empires or regimes. If a society was organized in a way that favored a particular race, religion, or political group then the seeds for revolution have already been sown. But given the works of Rousseau, Marx and Colbert it seems that society has been organized in a completely imbalanced manner. Using Discourses on Inequality, Communist Manifesto, and Colbert’s segments…

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  • Examples Of Marxism In The Necklace

    Based on Marx’s concepts in Marxist criticisms written in the theoretical framework above, the Marxism of the necklace will be analyzed. 3.1 Economic Power in “The Necklace” “The Necklace” short story gives us clear image about society in which the distribution of goods are unfair. Mathilde described as a woman who has no skill or even commodity to sell for. She has only beautiful face and appearance that she uses to attract her husband who has similar status to her. She has no access to join…

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  • Saint Joan Of The Stockyards Essay

    Saint Joan of the Stockyards, play by Bertolt Brecht attempts to represent drama of life with regard to financial issues of 1930’s. He makes an attempt to dramatize the complex economic situations with the help of his study of Marxism and capitalism. This play portrays the depths of suffering which has a moving effect on audience. In Saint Joan of the Stockyards everything eventually comes down to the question of meeting ends and means. It also portrays the socio-economic difference in classes…

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  • Overview Of Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

    the bourgeoisie, and the working class, the proletariat, where he discovers that, “Society as a whole is more and more splitting into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other: Bourgeoisie and Proletariat" (Marx and Engels, 80). He believed that the conflict between the two classes was both inevitable, and also a necessary in order to initiate the revolution to end all class struggles once and for all. In fact, Marx studied these economic trends only to discover…

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