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  • The Nervous System: Why Do We Respond And React

    answering your phone may sound simple, there are many activities and processes that are occurring in your body to make answering your phone possible. One primary human body system that collects stimulus and impulses which channel them throughout the body to allow a response to occur is called the nervous system. The nervous system has many unique cells, about 100 billion, called…

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  • Negative Reinforcement In Children

    uncomfortable in order to increase a certain response. For example, when you get in the car and the seatbelt alarm dings. The alarm will keep making the sound until you put your seatbelt on. The uncomfortable situation is the seatbelt dinging. When you get in the car, you will remember to put your seatbelt on as soon as possible because you don’t want to be bothered by the seatbelt alarm. What is “punishment”? Punishment is when you add…

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  • Murray Bowen's Theory Summary

    Bowen (1913-1990), developed in the early 50 's theory of natural systems, based on observation of the processes that take place in humans from a natural point of view. This theory could be considered one of the most appropriate when we work with families. Bowen, offers a broad and profound vision of the human being, as is incorporated in the understanding of the functioning, emotional and intellectual aspects of the human-natural system. Bowen pays close attention to the observation and…

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  • What Is Operant Conditioning?

    Operant Conditioning What is operant conditioning? Operant conditioning was first discovered and experimented by a American Psychologist B.F Skinner who was the one who experimented on operant conditioning.This means that the purpose of Operant conditioning is to find a way that a behavior can be controlled in a positive or negative way. There could even be some methods in where this condition can be controlled and even researchers have been able to prove these movements. Operant condition…

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  • Oxygen Supply And Respiratory System

    limited means of oxygen storage in the tissues; as such a continuous supply of oxygen is required. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems work together to make sure oxygen is delivered throughout the body, and that these continuous requirements are met. Exploring the main role of the respiratory system in this process and its relationship with the cardiovascular system is best explained in 4 main steps. 1. “Uptake in the lungs 2. Carrying capacity of blood 3. Global delivery from lungs to…

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  • Argument In Favor Of Vaccinating Children

    By the age of 18, Americans are expect to have had 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. (National Vaccine.par.1) Parents have hundreds of reasons why they don’t want to immunize their children. But, when parents decide against vaccinating their child they not only put their children in danger but the lives of others. Parents use motives like their rights and beliefs, society and the economy and the benefits or side effects, as the some of their excuses for not wanting to protect their children…

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  • Flu Vaccines

    Is The Flu a Virus or Is the Vaccine? With the 300 plus million people in the United States, around 960,000 of them get a toxic virus put into their bodies each year. That toxic chemical is shown by the pharmaceutical companies as a Vaccine. Many different studies and reliable sources have shown countless different reasons why the pharmaceutical companies want to keep this deathly injection on the market and how much they benefit from it, why vaccines are not as good as some industries make…

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  • AIDS In Sub-Saharan Africa

    AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa AIDS is one of the most devastating diseases that mankind is ever infected with. Unlike cancer and other deadly diseases which could be referred to as diseases of old people, AIDS is not only deadly but also destroys the society of the infected people as this disease is more prevalent with the youth. No one knows for certain when and how the disease originated but there are many hypothesis on how it originated, one of them is that the disease was transmitted to human…

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  • Capitalism And Inequality

    capitalism is concerned with productivity not equality. Class inequality, evident in the wide gap between the wealthy and the poor present in capitalist societies, is an inevitable and damaging consequences of capitalism. Political capitalism is a system in which some…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Seven Senses In My Life

    The seven senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, proprioception, and veromal – are invaluable to my performance in life. Some are necessary for basic function, and others are particularly enjoyable to have. The decision to lose or keep a certain sense is extremely arduous, as there are minute aspects of the senses that contribute to my everyday life in manners I do not notice. However, upon introspection, I was able to resolve the senses that I believed to be most and least imperative in…

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