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  • War On Drugs: The War On Drugs

    War on Drugs Right now drugs are becoming an even bigger problem then they have been in the past. New designer drugs are being made. People are lacing drugs with other drugs. It seems that you get more jail time if you have any charge that deals with drugs then if you did any other heinous crime. The question everyone 's asking now is is it worth the fight? America was first introduced to drugs in the 1800’s. Most of them were used in some medical way. Cocaine was also used the the drink Coca-Cola. People did finally realize how addictive these drugs can be and started setting rules and restrictions. The Harrison Narcotics Act in 1914 was the first federal drug policy. More acts were created through the years, but in 1940 they started creating propaganda. The citizens did not believe the warnings, because the ads were so crazy. In 1966 they passed the Narcotics Addict Rehabilitation…

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  • The Drug War: The War On Drugs

    A prime example of the drug war’s backward logic is its distortion of the basic economic principle of supply and demand. The federal government funnels vast resources into criminal justice and interdiction policies intended to reduce the supply of drugs, while neglecting treatment and education strategies that could help reduce drug demand (Supply and Demand, 2015). This particular spotlight on supply decrease has neglected to control composed wrongdoing syndicates and subdue drug exchange…

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  • War On Drugs

    America has declared war, a war against illegal drugs and illicit use of legal drugs. For almost a century, this battle has been fought and little to no progress has been shown. The war on drugs sets the stage to remove drug abusers from society, prevent illegal drug trades, and reduce the effect of drugs on society. The allure of a state of ecstasy draws individuals to experiment with illegal drugs. This, sometimes social behavior, almost always becomes an addiction, which alters the life of…

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  • The War On Drugs

    Made in America, the War on Drugs was created by Americans, fought by Americans, against Americans, and ended with consequences that have taken an enormous toll on all citizens, not just those in the African American community. The factious war was a nuclear bomb, filled with racism, with a short fuse that was ignited by all the politicians who ran their campaigned based on “law and order” and felt that certain groups of people, such as African Americans, anti-war participants and more, were…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Drug War

    The Drug War is commonly known as America’s fight against the use and distribution of drugs. The most common amongst those drugs includes marijuana, methamphetamines, and cocaine. The war on drugs affects Americans in many different aspects, which include U.S. domestic policy, socio-economic effects, and public support or opposition to the war. As the drug war’s economic and social affects force us to question our political system, the ongoing disagreement of whether the war on drugs should…

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  • The Effects Of The War On Drugs

    The war on drugs is an ongoing problem in the United States that will never be solved by prohibition. In this country taking things off the shelfs like alcohol and making it illegal to consume like in 1919 when the Eighteenth Amendment was passed will always cause illegal activity. The authors of the Sober Truth who quoted “in 1919, a watershed: the Eighteenth Amendment, enshrining into law a nationwide prohibition on the sale of alcohol. Any promising treatments that may have arisen between…

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  • The Mexican Drug War

    Since 2006, the intrastate Mexican Drug War has been an international example of continued policy failure. The complex conflict includes various actors, all of which play a different but important role. There are seven main drug cartels: Beltran-Leyva, Gulf, Juarez, La Familia Michoacana, Los Zetas, Sinaloa, and Tijuana/Arellano Felix. Each cartel maintains its own territory, and some areas are disputed among cartels. For example, Los Zetas controls the Central North and some of the Southeast…

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  • Nixon War On Drugs

    American policies set in place to protect against and discourage drug use have actually done nothing, if not the contrary for the population? Our current policies have only raised drug purity, revenue for drug lords and traffickers, and quadrupled the amount of people incarcerated in the United States with no positive effect besides making taxpayers pay even more per prisoner. The racial divide has grown even bigger as a result of Nixon’s War On Drugs as well. This war has been proven to be…

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  • Essay On War On Drugs

    ongoing war on U.S soil. This war first started by President Richard Nixon and later enforced by every president following him is called “The War on drugs”. With thirty plus year fighting this so called war, one would think that it is being won, but unfortunately this is not the case. The war on drug is not only being lost, but costing the country millions, lowering drug cost, increasing corruption, rising crime rates, and increasing drug use. Because of these reasons is why the war on drugs…

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  • War On Drugs Failed

    Thesis: The American war on drugs has been a problem since it began in the late 19th century. This so called “war” has been an embarrassment and a failure to the American nation. The war on drugs uses an excess of tax dollars, violates state and individual liberties, and is causing a speedy and frightening deterioration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why has the War on Drugs Failed and What Can We do About It?? The American war on drugs has been a problem since it began in the late…

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