Bricklayer'S Son By Alfred Lubrano Essay

  • Bricklayer's Boy Analysis

    The American dream was an idea that everyone had the equal opportunity to achieve success through the works of determination, hard work, and initiative. We can see in The Mason and Bricklayer’s boy, expresses the hard work and determination of both Bates and Lubrano’s father had to go through by being long-term blue-collar bricklayers in order for their sons to become “office” white-collar workers representing the achievement of the American dream. In The Mason interview of Carl Murray Bates, interviewed by Studs Terkel, the story expresses Bates’s passion for stone ever since he was a 17-year old boy. Bates first talks about his passion for stone by expressing the long history of the art form, where stone mason goes way back before the time of the bible and the pyramids of Egypt while still using the same sorts of methods to masonry to-this-day. He also expresses the fact that machinery couldn't get into the bricklaying industry because the art form was too difficult to find a solution to the technique of masonry. He then goes off to explain the difficult process of bricklaying where every stone was different from one another which made it hard for him to lay bricks straightly and the long process of trying to make it look straight as possible was hard as well. Bates takes pride in telling his audience about the history of masonry and the legacy that he has made in the world by laying out stone for houses that would last forever of his craftsmanship every time that he…

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