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  • The Struggle For Meaning By Bruno Bettelheim Analysis

    Struggle for Meanings” written by Bruno Bettelheim, Bettelheim celebrates the fact that fairy tales help children find their meanings of life psychologically. Bettelheim is surely right that fairy tales could tell meanings of life to children in their childhood, but Bettelheim rests upon the questionable assumption that whether fairy tales can inspires and help adults even everyone as deeply as children. Paul Delarue’s retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood, “ The Story of Grandmother ”, convinces me that the Delarue’s story is a fairy tale and Bettelheim’s overlook of the adult audience when focusing too much on children. In Bettelheim’s article “The Struggle for Meaning”, he reminds us of our elementary pursuit as a human at the beginning of his article. Bettelheim states, “Today, as in times past, the most important and also the most difficult task in raising a child a child is helping him find meaning in life.”(Bettelheim 324) In the other word, Bettelheim wants to emphasize the importance of helping children find their meaning in their lives. I agree that ability to live our life with our own meaning is significant and necessary because my own growing experience and daily life worry confirms it. Sometimes, at the edge of naivety and maturity, I even may not affirm if the meaning of my life I have found is really what I really want to keep my life going. Admittedly, seek for meaning of life is crucial not only for me but also children. Bettelheim complicates the…

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  • Theme Of Sibling Rivalry In The Cinderella Story

    According to the two authors, Madonna Kolbenschlagg and Bruno Bettelheim, the classic Cinderella story contains sibling rivalry, gender stereotypes, and symbolism. Madonna Kolbenschlagg, being a feminist, writes her article explaining the Cinderella story in a more feminist view. Bruno Bettelheim, a distinguished psychologist, centers his article very specifically on the sibling rivalry exhibited in the classic Cinderella story, but he also writes about the oedipal period in a child’s life,…

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  • Bettelheim's Article: The Effect Of Punishment Has On Children

    parents the best methods to discipline their child. Bettelheim explains to the parents that by using physical punishment the parents are inspiring their children to use their power to intimidate other. Bettelheim also tells parents that inflicting punishment on their children does not deter their children from committing the action, but it can cause their children to become “devious” or untrustworthy (Bettelheim, the Atlantic). Bettelheim informs the parents that one of the two best ways to…

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  • Life Is Anything But A Fairy Tale Analysis

    Rivalry, as based in fairy tales, lead children to believe that's what their “happily ever after” life should start out. From the dark depths of the Brothers' Grimm to the purity of the Disney adaptations, fairy tales have always played apart of entertainment for children for centuries. However, these tales, specifically the Disney ones, show children of a happy ending between the prince and the princess who overcome the evil in the story. In the Brothers' Grimm's “Cinderella” the heroine of the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fairy Tales

    This essay argues that there are more advantages of reading fairy tales from a psychoanalytical viewpoint than disadvantages, with particular focus on Little Red Cape, Hansel and Gretel and Aschenputtel by the Brothers Grimm. I will use Bruno Bettelheim’s definition of psychoanalysis when arguing that there are more advantages in using a psychoanalytical approach to reading fairy tales than disadvantages. Bettelheim was a well-respected American clinical psychologist from the twentieth century.…

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  • Archetypes In Bruno Bettelheim's Fairy Tales

    Many of us recall the classic fairy tales from our childhood that often contained dark plots and themes. Although these stories often frightened us as children, these stories gave us a new perspective on the society we live in. They taught us about the good members of the society (the hero), the bad members of society (the witch/monster), and even taught us important lessons that we continue to use in our lives even as young adults. As Bruno Bettelheim pointed out in his 1977 work The Uses of…

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  • Milgram: Morally Wrong In Ian Parker's 'Obedience'

    when their personal morals became known. What the scientists actually found was that almost all of the teachers stayed to finish experiment. When Parker learned about Milgram’s experiment, he immediately did not approve of the experiment or how Milgram presented it. After Milgram, finished his experiment, he had a difficult time writing a paper explaining his findings. In his first attempt at writing the paper, he explained how his study “showed how ordinary people are surprisingly prone to…

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  • Cinderellace Analysis

    Bruno Bettelheim, Daniel Shaw, and Erin M. Ingoldsby Indicate that children react in various ways due to the absence of one parent, in the case of divorce. Both Shaw and Ingoldsby believe that having one parent missing puts a huge stress on a child. They also believe that along with this stress causes the child to have other problems that may also relate to behavioral problems.In the essay there are specific problems that are discussed in the essay are externalizing problems, internalizing…

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  • The Archetypal Concept Of Myth And The Journey To A Hero's Adventure

    "Sleeping Beauty” otherwise known as “Briar Rose”. May also touches on the themes of these stories with Bruno Bettelheim in order to discuss how fairytales impact the innocence of psychological awakening and biological maturity of young children. In The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales, Bettelheim differentiates between myths and fairy tales. According to Bettelheim, a fairytale is a simple story that speaks to a child’s inner struggle and in these type of stories,…

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  • The Characteristics And Effects Of Autism And The Autistic Family

    these children showed a clumsiness that differed from typical children. The children Asperher studied revealed yet another dimension of a person with Autism. Bruno Bettelheim, another American child psychiatrist, studied the effect of three children, who he claimed to be autistic. He claimed that these children had Autism because of their lack of attachment to their mothers. He then proceeded to separate the children from their parents and continued to find research to support his theory. (Are…

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