Power of Global Citizenship Education Essay

  • Global Citizenship Reflection

    cultural diversity; where thousands of people from all around the world get together in one nation. The power of global citizenship education, is that it educates the citizens how to be active members in our community. They learn to develop awareness, caring, and embrace differences in order to promote social justice, sustainability, equality, and live together in harmony. Global citizenship education, guides individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed, to contribute to developing a peaceful world. My personal belief on global citizenship, is that each person has their own responsibilities as citizens. We have the power to change our world by acquiring the knowledge to build awareness of the earth we live in, and understand that we are all interconnected, despite our differences. Therefore, we must respect each other, and manage our daily actions, decisions, and attitude, in order to contribute to creating a peaceful, sustainable, and equal world for all of us. After reading the article “A model of global citizenship”, (Reysen, 2013) I was able to analyze the outcomes of global citizenship as they pertain to the development of your own identity. I would say, that being raised in New York City, has given me the opportunity to learn, and engage with people from all around the world. My environment, and experiences is truly what assisted me in becoming a global citizen. Throughout my lifetime, I engaged with people from all different cultures. I learned…

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  • The Importance Of Social Studies Education

    parts per million level (Schwartz, 2016). However this more recent announcement point out that this threshold will be passed and levels are expected to continue to rise. The issue of climate change will continue to have a global impact and could become one of the greatest global challenges in modern history. The effects of population growth, temperature rising, sea level rise and continued use of earth’s resources we continue to stress earth’s environment to levels that have not been seen in…

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  • Australian International Citizen Analysis

    define the term. Alison Pert identified some core “good international citizenship attributes” in Legal Studies Research Paper as follow : I.) Compliance with international law; II.) Support for multilateralism; III.) Willingness to “pitch in” to international tasks; IV.) Morality or ethics – “international good deeds”; and V.) Leadership – improving or raising international standards. To obtain good international citizenship, it is required to achieve more than minimum standard of listed…

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  • Pollution And Global Warming

    Global warming has become a vast problem in current times. Environmental issues need to be addressed and things need to be done in order to make the world a more inhabitable place. Pollution and global warming affect not only us as humans, but also everything around us. It is important to think of the environment and how to keep it clean. We do live on this earth after all. There is much debate on whether or not global warming is real, but the evidence is overwhelming. According the NASA, the…

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  • Women's Activism In The Caribbean Case Study

    feminism fair under repressive regimes with Marxist and authoritarian ideals? In what ways did oppression make them change and grow? How did external factors such as, education, marital status, and economic status effect females and their everyday lives in relation to gender equality? In what ways did the overall definition of being a woman or the views on women change? The thesis of the book, looks at over the past four decades and how women’s lives changed and the expression of participation…

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  • The Importance Of Global Citizenship

    From Failure to Promise “360 Degrees” is an extraordinary masterpiece that reminds me immensely of my journey, days on track, off track, new tracks, fast tracks, and quite a few backtracks. Nevertheless, no doubt there will be tenure tracks in the future. Faith, Education, Experience, and Effort occur throughout life on a daily basis together with having civic responsibility, whether personal or professional. As God elevates higher embracing, integrating and incorporating the 7 Spheres of…

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  • The Axiological Philosophy Of Global Citizenship

    Philosophy is the fundamental nature and process of understanding the disparate aspects of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language through the problems presented by these matters of life. In order to examine and formulate a philosophy of global citizenship, a deep understanding of the aspects of life and the underlying social, political, economical, ecological, and technological problems and nature of globalization is necessary. The principal branch of philosophy that analyzes…

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  • Case Study Visa Between Countries

    between countries. People want to travel to any country for same causes such as education, treatment, work, entertainment or economic purpose so should get a visa.one of important purpose is education, some countries give universities permeation to give students visa so the university solve the problem of visa by giving them a trip to learn overseas. People want to learn abroad as a new comer in university in another country should have a visa, it takes a lot of time and money so visa should can…

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  • Ultra-Conservatism Analysis

    Surge of Ultra-Conservatism: The US Presidential Election and Citizenship President-elect Donald Trump’s victory was shocking to Americans, but the world community saw it coming from a mile away. The past year has been full of liberal democratic politics shifting to far right conservatism, such as with Trump’s presidential victory. Scholars such as Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner contribute that the surge of radical conservatism has in fact been the product of the “liberal democratic form…

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  • Example Of Gender Inequality

    of marriage, discriminatory divorce rights, citizenship, frontline combat, custody rights, violence, professional obstacles, restricted land ownership, and access to education. There is a huge global gender gap, and “The WEF reports that women’s average earnings are almost half those of men… The average global earned income for women was estimated at $10,778 and the average men’s income was about $19,873” (Elsesser, 7 Important Facts about the Global Gender Gap). Progress is slow, and is often…

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