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The Swiss city-state of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under the leadership of
john calvin
What was the result of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555?
allowed princes to decide what religion would be followed in their land
Anabaptists believed that infants should not be _____________ because infants are too young to accept the Christian faith.
Humanist scholars differed from medieval thinkers in that humanists tended to focus more on _______________ subjects.
The purpose of the Council of Trent was to direct the reform of the_______.
catholic church
Unlike Francis Bacon, René Descartes believed that the best road to understanding was through ______________.
human reasoning
n the 1600s, Robert Boyle’s work transformed the field of
The age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts is called the
What humanist of Northern Europe wrote about his vision of an ideal society, in which people live in peace and harmony?
sir thomas moore
The inventor who perfected the microscope and was the first person to see cells and microorganisms was
Anton van Leeuwenkoek
The calculations of astronomer Johannes Kepler showed that the planets move around the sun in ______
an oval shaped orbit
What was the primary event that trigged the formation of the Church of England?
King Henry wanted a divorce
The main goal of the Jesuits was to _____, ______, and _______ the Catholic faith.
defend___, ___restore___, and ____ spread
In the scientific method, a hypothesis is a possible ______________________ to be tested.
The Line of Demarcation divided world trade and exploration rights between the _______
and the ______.
___Spanish____ and _portugese___
Who were the Boers? ____________
dutch farmers who settled around Cape Town
In Ming China, European traders paid for Chinese silks and porcelains in gold or silver instead of exchanging trade goods because the Chinese did not want inferior European _________.
trade goods
After the Japanese, and later the Manchus, invaded Korea, the Koreans responded by ______
excluding foreigners
When the first European traders arrived in the 1500s, the Japanese responded by ______ trade with the West.
The first Europeans to challenge Portuguese domination of Asian trade were the
The voyage to Calicut by Vasco da Gama soon led to the creation of a vast trading empire for
How did Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias seek a sea route to Asia in 1460?
he rounded the southern tip of africa
The islands that Christopher Columbus explored in his voyage in 1492 later became known as the
spice islands
In 1513, Spanish adventurer Vasco Núñez de Balboa reached the Pacific Ocean by traveling _________
Overland through Panama
Europeans usually acquired African captives for the slave trade by relying on ____
____________ to bring captives to African ports.
african traders
To rule China effectively after seizing Beijing in 1644, the Manchus _____ the Confucian system of government.
when the Mughal empire weakened, British and French armies fought for power in India with the help of Indian troops known as
Why did Japanese shoguns turn against foreign traders in the mid-1500s? Because they saw foreigners as a threat after ___________ seized the _____________.
___spain_____ ______phillipines__________.
The Ming rulers allowed limited trade with Europeans under the condition that the Europeans would
___________________at the end of the trading season.
To conquer the Aztec empire, Hernán Cortés _____ ______________ with conquered people who hated the Aztecs.
___formed ___ _____alliances_________
The conquistador who added the lands of the present-day countries of Peru, Ecuador, and Chile to the Spanish empire was _________________________.
Francisco Pizarro______________.
At the top of Spanish colonial society were the _______.
Through the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494, _______ claimed its empire of Brazil.
The English colonies of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were mainly set up as havens for ____________ _____________groups.
______persicuted______ _______religious______
The first leg of the triangular trade route brought _____________ goods to ________.
__european______ goods to ____africa_
Widespread inflation struck Europe in the mid-1500s due to the increasing amounts of _____ and ____ from the Americas.
silver & gold
What mercantilist policy was designed to protect local industries from foreign competition? _____ increased the _______ of imported goods.
_Tariffs___ increased the ____Price___
The Spanish king maintained strict control over his empire through his _____ of the
___ in Spain that monitored colonial officials.
___council____ of the
In Spanish colonial society, creoles were ________ ______________of Spanish settlers.
native born_________ _______descendents
To ensure that its colonies would be profitable, Spain established _______ _____ ______ for its colonies.
__strict____ trade ____laws_
In 1607, the English established their first permanent colony in the Americas at ________
jamestown Va
As a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Britain gained ______ and all ____ lands east of the Mississippi River.
____canada_____ .... _____France's_____
Spain tried to change its American colonies with the New Laws of the Indies in 1542 which forbade the _____________ and __________ of Native Americans.
abuse and enslavement
The Mayflower Compact set out guidelines for governing the ____________
plymouth colony
In their effort to gain control of the Incas, the Spanish _____ the Inca ruler Atahualpa.