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steep, jagged slopes or cliffs
towering waterfalls that form when rivers cross escarpments
Most African mountains are found in the _______ _________
Eastern Highlands
stretches from Ethiopia to the Cape of Good Hope
Eastern Highlands
divide Uganda and Dominican Republic of the Cong
Ruwenzori Mountains
Ruwenzori Mountains are called "_________ __ ___ ____" because they are covered with snow and cloaked in clouds
Mountains of the Moon
in South Africa and Lesotho
Drakensburg Range
enormous trench in eastern Africa, over 3,000 miles long
The Great Rift Valley
a large crack in the Earth's surface formed by shifting tectonic plates
Rift Valley
fractures in the Earth's crust within which the Great Rift Valley lies
The Great Rift Valley forms two branches:
• Eastern branch
• Western branch
has volcanic mountains such as Kilimanjaro
Eastern branch
has lakes such as Tanganyika and Malawi
Western branch
most of the region's _____ are near the Great Rift Valley
largest lake in Africa; source of the White Nile River
Lake Victoria
over 400 miles; making it the longest lake in Africa
Lake Tanganyika
mountain-rimmed lake that looks like fjord
Lake Malawi
Lake Chad is shrinking because of ______, ___________, and ____ _______
droughts, evaporation and arid climate
in Ghana; one of the largest man-made lakes in the world
Lake Volta
Lake Volta provides:
• hydroelectricity
• Irrigation for farming
• fishing
main artery in western Africa; 2,600 miles in length; empties into Atlantic
Niger River
The Niger River is:
• Important to agriculture
• Major means of transportation
• Forms 200 mile wide delta at its mouth
in south-central Africa; flows 2,200 miles and empties into Indian Ocean
Zambezi River
on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls
in central Africa; nearly 3,000 miles long and empties into Atlantic
• Congo River
passage where freshwater from river meets seawater
• Estuary
_________ are a major barrier to travel beyond the estuary
The Sahara prevented travel from central Africa to ______ or _____ ______
Europe, north Africa
______ and __________ makes travel by boat to the inner part of Africa difficult
Rapids and waterfalls
South Africa has about ____ of the world's gold
Congo River basin holds _____ _______ ________
major diamond deposits
Energy resources with great potential include:
• Water (hydroelectricity)
• Sun (solar)
Tropical rain forest located near the _______ and is the _______ climate
equator, wettest
Tropical rain forest crops include:
• Cocoa
• Cotton
• Pineapples
• Tea
• Palms (oil,rubber)
Deforestation in tropical rain forest occurs because:
• Clearing land for agriculture
• Clear-cutting for commercial timber
Grassland with scattered trees
Tropical Savanna
Tropical Savanna climate covers almost ____ of the continent
northeast trade wind that brings hot, dry air streams to the savanna
one of the world's largest savanna plains
Serengeti Plain
in Tanzania; wild animal preserve
Serengeti National Park
desert-like climate that separates the savanna from the deserts
Steppe Climate
north steppe that creates a southern border between the Sahara and the savanna
along the Atlantic coast of Namibia
Namibia Desert
covers eastern Namibia, Botswana and part of South Africa
Kalahari Desert
found in the coastal areas of South Africa and the highland regions
Moderate Climates