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. One of the largest areas of flat land in the world ___________________________
Western Siberian Plain
rich back topsoil found in the southern half of the North European Plain
a forest that covers 40% of European Russia and extends into Siberia
What climate region dominates Russia?
Subarctic Climate
What do most of the rivers in Siberia have in common?
they flow northward and are frozen for most of the year
What forms the boundary between Europe and Asia?
Ural Mountains
List 3 facts about Lake Baikal
in Siberia
oldest and deepest lake
20% of freshwater
Where do most Russians live?
Northern European Plain
What is the largest inland body of water in the world?
Caspian Sea
Russia covers ______ continents and __________ time zones
2; 11
What is the tallest mountain in Russia?
Mt. Elbrus
What landform separates European Russia from Siberia?
Ural Mountains
What river connects Moscow to the Caspian Sea?
Volga River
250 million acres if fertile land; from Ukraine to SW Siberia
Black Earth Belt
Where are Russia’s longest rivers located?
________________________________is a large, treeless plain in the north of Russsia
Russia is an industrial power because it has a lot of __________________________.
mineral resources
both coniferous and deciduous
Mixed forest