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Name some potential signs of intraoperative pain.

Increased BP, RR, HR, & movement

What is the most common drug used for perineural anesthesia during a lameness exam?


You are giving a patient an epidural when you see blood in the hub of the spinal needle; what does this mean and what should you do?

You have entered the sinus & should withdraw the needle & start over

What category of drugs causes loss of motor function when given epidural?

Local anesthetic

Phenylbutazone (bute) has what side effect in horses?

Right dorsal colitis

Using the hanging drop technique, what is an indication you have correct epidural placement?

Drop of saline in hub of needle is sucked in

When placing an epidural in a cat or dog, between which vertebrae do you insert the needle?

L7 & S1

Sedative of choice for horses


Ketoprofen should not be used in which patients?

Patients with renal impairment

What side effect does Metacam have on cats if used more than a few days?

Renal failure

What can happen following a SubQ injection of Cerenia (maropitant)?

Pt may whine due to burning or stinging sensation

Opiod that can be administered orally



Most common transdermal patch used for pain

TRUE or FALSE: antibiotics can be injected into epidural space


Sympathetic nervous system

“Fight or flight”

Parasympathetic nervous system

“Rest & digest”

Phenothiazine tranquilizers

Ex: Acepromazine; Not analgesics, synergistic with opioids (because they have anti-emetic properties), cause hypotension


Morphine, Lidocaine, & Ketamine; common combo used in CRI for pain in dogs

During an epidural you see blood fill the hub of the needle, what do you do?

You have entered the sinus, withdrawal needle & start over

Drugs that cause loss of motor function during an epidural

Local anesthetics


Acts on opiate receptor & very effective against bone pain in dogs

Why is it unsafe to give multiple steroids or NSAIDs concurrently?

High risk of GI ulcers & renal damage

Local anesthetic of choice in dentistry


Phenothiazine tranquilizers are contraindicated in pts with this condition