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What is the ultimate parasite and why?

the virus because they are not true organisms and absolutely cannot live alone

How does the protein gene coding density of a virus compare to that of a eukaryote?

the protein gene coding density of a virus is much denser than that of a eukaryote

What type of virus, in regards to its lifecycle, would you use to develop for a treatment to kill bacteria?

bacteriophages can be used to kill bacteria

Is a virus that infections fish likely to infect you? Why or why not?

it is possible for a virus to spread from a fish to you if you are directly handling the animal because the fish could have a zoonotic virus which can be spread from animals to humans.

Which part or step in the viral infection pathway is most specific and a logical target for antiviral drugs?

the attachment to host-specific cells

When are viruses usually the most pathogenic to the host?

when it infects the new host species

Can diseases be transmitted by "naked" polymers of biological molecules (i.e. not packed in something or a cell membrane)?

yes they can

Of all the disease causing particles/organisms, which mutates the fastest?


What are the three domains of life?

bacteria, eukarya, and archaea

What cell structure allows prokaryotes to live in hypotonic (low salt) environments?

peptidoglycan cell wall

What is a storage or hibernating form of some prokaryotes, protists, and fungi that allows for dispersal of the organism by wind and water?


What are the three types of cellular appendages that many microorganism use to move about in water or on the surface of materials?

flagella, pili, or slime nozzles

Which types of photosynthetic bacteria grow on the sides of houses and roof shingles, typically leaving a green stain on the house?


For bacteria, what are different mechanisms of lateral gene transfer and which is the least specific?

Genome and plasmids, conjugations, transformation, and transduction. Transformation is the least specific.

How does a bacterial infection differ from a bacterial intoxication?

A bacterial infection is caused because of organism presence and number whereas bacterial intoxication is caused by the organism producing toxins that kill or maim host cells.

What phenomenon is a wonderful example of the role of lateral gene transfer in evolution that is especially observed in a hospital environment and demonstrates that hospital staff are not necessarily well trained in containing highly infectious diseases?

drug-resistant bacteria

Of the prokaryotes, organisms in which domain are most likely to survive in the harshest environment?


If you were going to start a business that mined genomes for protein coding genes of technological value, which domain of life would you focus and why?