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The birthplace of agriculture in North America. It extended from Central Mexico into Central America.
Birthplace of...
Created the most advanced Writing and Calendar systems of their time. They reigned until the fall of Teotihuacan in 900 AD.
Most advanced what?
Protestant Reformation
A movement started by Martin Luther that opened a debate against some of the church practices of the Catholic Church
Catholic Church
John Calvin
A religious leader who advanced the theory of pre-destination.
Advanced the theory of?
Christopher Columbus
Recieved financial support from Spain to find a route to Asia by sailing west. After sailing 33 days, he landed on the present day Bahamas.
Sailed to find a route to?
Ponce de Leon
1st Spainard to land on what is now the United States mainland. He discovered Florida for Spain.
1st Spainard to?
Hernan Cortes
Leader of a group of conquistadors who defeated the Aztecs.
Defeated who?
Francisco Pizzaro
Leader of a group of conquistadors who defeated the Incas.
Defeated who?
Columbian Exchange
Biological consequences of contact and the exchange of livestock and plants that took place when Europeans reached Native American lands in the New World.
Biological consequences of...
Jacques Cartier
1st French explorer to sail the St. Lawrence River searching for the Northwest passage to Asia.
1st French explorer to what?
Elizabeth I
The queen who finally embraced the Protestant movement and cleared the way for English explorers to sail for the New World.
Finally embraced...
"Lost Colony"
Name for the ill-fated 2nd colony developed in Roanoke, Virgina. No sign of survivors were ever found.
Name for...
Virgina Dare
1st English child born in America.
1st what?
Samuel de Champlain
French explorer who sailed along the St. Lawrence River who helped establish villages at Trois-Rivieres and in Montreal.
Helped establish...
Filles de Roi
King's daughters that were to be sent to New France to help speed up the slow population growth.
Sent to New France to do what?
Robert Sieur de La Salle
French explorer who sailed along the Mississippi River and claimed all the lands along the river for France and named it Louisiana.
Claimed all the lands for who?
West India Company
Established Fort Orange as the first Dutch Village in the New World.
Established this as first Dutch Village.
Peter Minuit
Purchases Manhattan from Native Americans for the Dutch.
Purchases what for the Dutch.
London Company
A joint-stock company that was given a charter for land that is now Virginia.
Also called Virginia Company.
Plymouth Company
A joint-stock company that received a charter for land in what is now Massachusetts.
Recieved a charter for who?
Joint-Stock Company
A company where shares are sold to investors who are financing exploration into the New World.
Investors who finance what?
House of Burgesses
The first self-government established in the New World.
First what?
John Rolfe
Husband of Pocahontas. Helped establish tobacco industry in Virginia.
Husband of...
George Calvert
Recieved 10,000,000 acres in a land grant from King Charles I. Establishes Maryland.
10,000,000 acres
Proprietary Colony
A colony that is solely owned by one man or family.
Sole Ownership
Act for Religious toleration
1st legislative act that ensures Freedom of Worship in the New World.
Freedom of...
Transforming experience that occurred when Puritans felt stirrings in their souls and they might be chosen to eternal grace.
Puritans felt what?
Puritans who believed they should separate from the Angelican Church for their own good.
Seperation from what church?
Mayflower Compact
A written document that established that those who were to establish in the Plymouth colony would go along with those in the majority.
If you establish in the Plymouth colony...
Massachusetts Bay Colony
A joint-stock enterprise led by John Winthrop which was better prepared to survive in the New World.
Better prepared for what?
Pequot War
Fought between members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and natives in the Conneticut River Valley. English won.
Fought between these English and natives.
Roger Williams
Founder of Rhode Island. Purchased land from the Narragansett tribe after escaping punishment in Massachusetts.
Founder of what state?
Anne Hutchinson
Religious leader who was tried for sedation and removed from Massachusetts. Later brings her teachings to Rhode Island.
Tried for what and removed from where?
Slave Codes
Laws established declaring that slavery is a lifelong condition that passes on from slave parents to their children.
Slavery is a lifelong condition that...
William Penn
Recieved a large land grant as repayment of a debt owed to his father by the crown of England. Wanted to create a colony for the Quakers.
Repayment of a debt.
Peter Stuyvesant
Dutch Governer who surrenders New Netherland to James.
Surrenders to who?
Form of labor control practiced by the Spainards where colonists were granted the right to collect tribute from natives living on a specific piece of land.
Granted right to collect what?
Form of labor utilized by the Spainards that allowed colonists to "draft" natives for public projects.
Allowed colonists to do what?
The Great League of Peace and Power
Group of five separate nations (Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas). First a religious organization, then became powerful alliance for military action.
Also knows as Iroquois Confederation
King Phillip's War
The deadliest war in terms of proportion of casualties to total population.
Why the deadliest?
Bacon's Rebellion
Began as war against natives, eventually turns into a revolt of settlers against their colonial authorities.
Felt they only looked after the big tobacco companies.
Form of labor utilized by the Spainards that allowed colonists to "draft" natives for public projects.
Allowed colonists to do what?
Pueblo Revolt
Led by Pope, where every Spanish building was either destoryed or damaged in the New Mexico area. Eventually unsuccessful.
What was destroyed?
Middle Passage
A six to eight week ocean voyage that slaves endured once they were forcefully removed from Africa
Ocean Voyage
Treaty of Paris
Formally ended the French and Indian War
Ended what war?
French and Indian War
Finally settled England as the dominant force in North America.
Settled England as what?
Albany Plan of Union
Union to coordinate colonial defense, levy taxes, and regulate Indian affairs.
Union to do three things...
Treaty of Lancaster
Sold trade rights to Virginia land speculators to trade at the Forks of the Ohio Valley.
Sold trade rights to who?
Grand Settlement of 1701
Iroquois nation pledge neutrality in regards to the French and English empires.
Neutrality in regards to what?
Glorious Revolution
King James removed from power by William the Orange. Ensured England would remain Protestant.
Who was removed?
Dominion of New England
Control of 8 previously separated colonies would come under single control of the crown.
Come under single control.
Great Awakening
Spiritual revival that spread through the colonies. Lasted for 30 years.
Halfway Covenant
Allowed adults to have their own children baptized in the Church.
Allowed adults to do what?
Enumerated Products
Goods produced that could only be shipped to England/English colony.
Only be shipped to where?
Governmental intervention in the economy for the purpose of increasing national wealth.
Intervention for what?
Redemptioner System
Alternative to indentured servant system where immigrants promised to repay costs of trip.
Alternative to what?
Stono Rebellion
Largest slave uprising where 20 or so slaves stole arms and attacked white troops on their search for freedom in Florida.
What uprising?