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Name three supreme court cases that suggested that they helped promote civil rights for African Americans.

Brown v Board 1954 - deemed desegregation in schools was illegal and created the precedent to get rid of all segregation.

Swann V Charlotte 1971 - allowed the desegregation of schools via bussing

Griggs v Duke's power company - protected black people from employment discrimination.

Powell v Alabama 1932 - ruled that guaranteed counsel in state and federal court and also repealed the 'Scotsboro boys' convictions

Name three Supreme Court cases that suggested that the supreme court hindered the advancement of African American civil rights.

Wilkins v Mississippi 1898 - ruled that literacy tests and other voting laws were constitutional.

Plessy v Ferguson 1896 - ruled segregation was constitutional.

Civil Rights cases 1883 - led to the civil rights act of 1875, which would have imposed led to criminal penalties against private business owners who practice discrimination, to be unconstitutional.

In what ways was the advancement of African American Civil Rights hindered?

Little direct Support from presidents who were afraid of losing support for supporting blacks. e.g FDR.


Divisions amongst black people in this time period, Integration v separation, people who were politically active v those who weren't.

Discriminatory state laws, Jim Crow Laws, Voting Laws

in some part, the black panther movement.

Name the reasons to why US presidents are seen as a positive influence towards the advancement of African American Civil Right.

Roosevelt's New Deal helped black people out a lot,

JFK's civil rights act 1957 that was protected African American rights to vote.

Nixon created affirmative Action

Eisenhower and Little Rock.

LBJ passed the 1964 civil rights act.

Name the reasons to why US presidents could be seen to have hindered the advancement of African American Civil Rights

Reagan was against the civil rights act of 57 and 64 and had attempted to veto the civil rights restoration act of 1987 that made recipients of federal funding to comply to civil rights laws.

Reagan's welfare policies put a lot of black people in poverty.

Jim Crow laws were left untouched for the longest time,

Presidents didn't want to lose support from whites by publicly supporting blacks.

What was the NAACP known for and who were its most significant members?

The National Associations for the Advancement of Coloured People was known for presenting legal challenges to discriminatory laws ,

pressured Wilson to condemn lynching

pressured FDR to create anti-discrimination laws in the army

organised the bus boycotts

significant members were W.E.B Du Bois and Ida B Wells.

What was the group Core known for and who were its significant members?

the Congress Of Racial Equality organised Freedom Rides, encouraged voter registration and fought for political and economic justice for blacks.

What was the group SCLC known for and who were its most significant members?

the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in which MLK played a major role in, organised mass demonstrations, marched on Washington, won white support.