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Which was the most major factor drawing people out of rural areas and into big cities?

availability of industrial jobs

Which of the following is one of the early symbols of the dawning era of consumerism in urban America?

department stores

Which of the following best describes New Immigrants who came to the United States after 1880?

New immigrants were culturally different from previous immigrants

New Immigrant groups were regarded with special hostility by many nativist Americans because

their religions were distinctly different and some New Immigrants were politically radical.

Which of the following best explains why big city political bosses and their machines, though often criticized, proved necessary and effective in the new urban environment?

they were more effective in serving urban immigrants' needs than weak state or local governments

The Darwinian theory of organic evolution through natural selection had which of the following effects on American religion?

it created a split between religious conservatives and accomodationists

In the 1890s, white collar positions for women as secretaries, department store clerks, and telephone operators, were largely reserved for which of the following groups of people?

native-born Americans

The new, research-oriented modern American university tended to do which of the following?

de-emphasize religious and moral instruction in favor of practical and professional specialization

Which of the following best explains why American support for a free public education system grew in this period?

because they accepted the idea that a free government cannot function without educated citizens

In criticizing Booker T. Washington's educational emphasis on manual labor and industrial training, W.E.B. DuBois emphasized instead that black education should concentrate on which of the following?

an intellectually gifted talented tenth

Who were the two late-nineteenth-century newspaper publishers whose competition for circulation fueled the rise of sensationalistic yellow journalism?

William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer

The Dawes Severalty Act was designed to promote Indian


In which of the following did the mining frontier play a vital role?

attracting the first substantial white population to the West

Which of the following represents one major problem with the Homestead Act?

160 acres were inadequate for productive farming on the rain-scarce Great Plains

Which of the following most persuaded Europeans to come to America to farm on the northern frontier?

railroad agents who offered to sell them cheap land

Which of the following statements about the Homestead Act is not true?

it was consistent with previous government public land policy designed to raise revenue

Which of the following best describes the original intent behind the foundation of The Farmer's Alliance?

to break the economic grip of the railroads through farmers' cooperatives

The severe economic depression of the 1890s strengthened which of the following Populist arguments?

wage earners and farmers alike were victims of an oppressive economic system

Which of the following best describes why, during the 1892 presidential election, large numbers of southern white farmers refused to desert the Democrats in favor of the Populists?

the history of racial division in the region made it too hard to cooperate with blacks

Which of the following best describes the effect the depression of the 1890s and episodes like the Pullman Strike had on the election of 1896?

they made the election become a battle between struggling workers and farmers and establishment conservatives

Which of the following was not among the qualifications that helped William McKinley earn the Republican presidential nomination in 1896?

He was an energetic and charismatic campaigner.

Which of the following is a primary reason that William Jennings Bryan gained the presidential nomination of the Democratic party?

the eloquently supported the farmers' demand for the unlimited coinage of silver

In the election of 1896, which of the following was the most major issue?

free and unlimited coinage of silver

The 1896 presidential election marked the last time that

a serious effort to win the White House would be made with mostly agrarian votes.

Which of the following best describes the characteristics of President William McKinley?

cautious and conservative