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chemical reactions
a change in which one or more substances are converted into new substances (re arranged)
what is the law of conservation of mass
matter cannot be created or destroyed buy conserved (total starting Mass) mass of all reaxtants equals final mass of all products
what are signs of chemical reactions
color change , increase/decrease in temperature, gas production, , bubbles, change in properties , denisty, smell, yaste, melting point, formation of gas, temperature, sound, light, heat, or precipitation
what is the source of chemical energy
stored within molecules that can be released when a substance reacts
what does every chemical reaction need
substance that reacts
new product
what is the fomula
reactant yield product
speeds up chemical reactants
slows down chemical reaction
synthesis reaction
two elements form a larger compound
what does the product do in a synthesis reaction
the product is more complex than the reactant
diatonic element
an element that always pairs with itself when it's alone
decomposition reaction
reactants break apart - opposite
composition reactant
anything that burns
involved hydrocarbon
and oxygen.
produces carbon dioxide and water
what is oxygen involved with in a composition reactions
oxygen is always involves in a combustion reaction
single displacement (replacement)
one element from a compound is replaced
what can a single displacement be called
stud and dud reaction
what does a postive replace in a single displacement
a postive
double displacement
both compounds switch anions
what will a double displacement create
gas or precipate
acid base reaction
an acid and a base will neutralize each other
what will an acid base look like
always have an acid (4+) and a base (0H -4) in the tractable and it always produce water and a salt (ionic compound )
what happens in an exothermic reaction
chemical energy us concerted into heat and us released into the surrounding
what is the energy in an exothermic reaction
exothermic reactions contain more chemical enwgy than it produces
what does the temperature do in an exothermic reaction
the temperature increases
what is the product in exothermic reactions
what is an exothermic reaction
heat energy is absorbed from the surrondinh and converted into chemical energy
what is the chemical energy in a enxothermic
the reactant contains less energy than the products
what happens to the temperature
temperature if yhe surrondinh ares goes down
how do endothermic reactions feel
cold to touch
speeds up chemical reacton
slows down a reaction
what does the graph of a catalyst working look like
what does heat do the atoms
it speeds them up
what does coldness do to a reaction
cold slows down a reaction
adding more of a specific substance -> speeds up
what does alluring elements do?
slows down a reaction
what does increasing surface area do
increasing surface area increases speed
what does stirring a substance do
speeds up atoms
what will decreasing the surface area do
slows down the reaction
a substance that produces hydrogen ions in water solution
how do acid taste
what do acids react to and what do they do
acids react to metals to form hydrogen gas
what will acids do to litmus paper
it will turn blue litmus paper red
what is an example of an acid
HCl -> H + Cl
what is a base
a substance that produces hydroxide ions in a water solution
what does a base taste like
what will a base do to litmus paper
turn it blue
what do bases feel like
slippery to the touch
what does a strong acid do
it dissolves in water (all a I'd molecules dissootate into ions)
what do strong acids have alot of
what does a weak acid do
dissolves in water (small factions of molecules )
strong base
disocates completely in a solution
what does a strong base do
how does a strong base form OHs
what dies a week base do
does not dissociate completely
what is an indicator
an organic comping thay Chandra in color in and acid and base
what is Ph
a measure H+ consentation
what does a Ph scale go to
what is left 7
what is right of the 7
what is 7
what does the pH scale increase by
what is the universal indicator paper
litmus paper/ ph paper