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What is a isthmus?
A narrow strip of land, links North America to South America
What is a moutain?
High, steep rugged land. They rise to an elevation or height of at least 1,000 feet above the surrounding land
What is a hill?
areas of raised land that are lower and more rounded than mountains
What is a plain?
broad areas of fairly level land that don't rise much above sea level
What is a plateau?
plains that range from a few hundred to many thousand feet above sea level
Streams and smaller rivers that flow into bigger rivers are?
What is a basin?
low-lying land area that is surrounded by land of higher elevation; land area that is drained by a river system (Great Basin)
Define altitude.
height above sea level
What is an island?
land area that is surrounded by water
Define peninsula.
piece of land that is surrounded by wayer on three sides
A narrow channel that connects two larger bodies of water is....
a. valley
An arm of an ocean or sea that is partly enclosed by land, usually larger than a bay is?
a gulf