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Brand of albuterol

Provent, Proair, Ventolin HFA

Brand of fluticasone inhalation


Brand of fluticasone/salmeterol


Brand of budesonide/formoterol


Brand of ipratropium/albuterol

Combivent, Duoneb

Brand of Tiotropium


Brand of Montelukast


Beta 2 bronchodilaters

Ventolin, Proair, Proventil, Advair, Symbicort

Anticholinergic bronchodilaters

Duoneb, Combivent, Spiriva


Flovent, Advair, Symbicort

Leukotriene receptor antagonist


Short acting

Provent, Proair, Proventil, Combivent, Duoneb

Long acting

Advair, Symbicort, Spiriva

Mechanism of bronchodilaters

open airways via smooth muscle relaxation

Mechanism of corticosteroids

decrease inflammation of airways

Mechanism of leukotrienes

control allergic pathways

Beta-2 indications

Proair=asthma/COPD rescue inhaler

Advair= asthma/COPD maintenance

Symbicort= asthma/COPD maintenance

Beta-2 adverse

tachycardia, HA, tremor

Beta-2 black box

can increase asthma related death

Beta-2 counseling

tell pt if rescue or maintenance, demonstrate proper technique, advair is only good for 30 days once opened

Anticholinergic indications

Combivent/Duoneb=asthma/COPD rescue inhaler

Spiriva=COPD maintenance

Anticholinergic adverse

dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention

Anticholinergic counseling

rescue vs maintenance, proper technique

Inhaled steroids (Flovent, Advair, Symbicort) indications

asthma maintenance, COPD maintenance with additional inhaler

Inhaled steroids adverse


Inhaled steroids counseling

rinse after use to avoid thrush, proper technique

Leukotriene indications

asthma, seasonal allergies

Leukotriene adverse

HA, vivid dreams, depression, suicidal thoughts

Counseling on metered inhalers

Shake, prime, breathe out, place mouth on piece, push down, breathe in, when lungs are full hold breath for 5-10 seconds, wait 1 min between breaths

metered inhalers mechanism

uses chemical propellants

dry powder inhalers mechanism

release medication via inhalation

dry powder advair inhaler counseling

slider lever to side one time, breathe out completely, do not shake, put lips around mouth piece and draw in deep breath, hold breath for 10 seconds

dry powder spiriva inhaler counseling

open cap and mouthpiece, place capsule into chamber and close mouthpiece, press side button to pierce capsule, breathe out completely, put lips around mouthpiece, breathe in slow and deep til lungs full (rattle), hold for as long as comfortable, repeat breathing in and holding breath

nebulizer duoneb mechanism

uses a facemask/mouthpiece to deliver med in a fine mist

nebulizer counseling

open med and place in cup, fasten mouthpiece and attach tubing, put mouth on piece, turn on nebulizer, slow deep breaths and hold each for 1-2 seconds, continue until mist is gone (10 sec)