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The audience’s ability to experience empathy with a character makes theatre exciting and personal, while _________ allows the audience to analyze their feelings about a play.
aesthetic distance
In ancient Roman theatre, the word _____ indicated the mask an actor wore; now we use word to describe a social role we play in life.
Theater operations that deal directly with the audience are called _________.
front of house
proscenium space
characterized by a large open arch or "picture frame" that divides the audience and performance space
thrust space
the audience surrounds the stage or performance space on three sides
arena space
a theatre space in which the audience compeltely surrounds the stage or performance area
found space
a location, indoors or out, that was not intended as a theater space when created
environmental theatre
adudience and actors share the space with little or no separation between performing and observing areas
Chapter Three has many production photographs – take a look at them! Which play is described in the photo caption as a “stunning amalgamation of humor, horror, and melodrama—an unusual combination for a musical”?
sweeney todd
The term ________ means scenery that is made to look and function as realistically as possible.
The term ________ means scenery that is made to look and function as realistically as possible.
all costumes in a play are a product of specific choices by the costume designer and _____________
a director
Personal preference, or _________, is inextricably tied to our previous experiences with all aspects of art, entertainment, and culture.
Critics never return to see a play again; they do not want to discover that their orginal opinion might have changed in some way.
-Xspace+Xaction+Xaudience =
a range of empathy to artistic distance
theatre only requires: 1) an empty space (shared between audience and person)
a person in action
someone watching that persion in action (audience)
Augusto Boal -
invisible theatre. theatre should be rehearsal for the revolution. - acting in the environment. it’s for a purpose!