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What are the basic business principles with which you will need to become familiar if you decide to operate your own business?

Accounting, Finance, Business and tax laws, Insurance, Human Resource Management, Sales, and marketing

Increased capital for investment. Larger pool of skills and talent to draw from.

Shared responsibilities. These are all benefits of what...


True or false. A corporation must have at least two stockholders


Having the ability to establish your own business with minimal investment is an advantage of what?

Booth rentals

What should you look for when selecting a location for your business

Visibility and accessibility

True or false. Clients that are pleased with your services may still seek another Salon if they have difficulty finding parking near your business?


When choosing the location for your salon it is usually best to look for an area that has a limited what?

Number of salons and spas

What is the difference between revenue and profit?

Revenue is money coming in. Profit is money left after paying bills

Durability safety utility and appearance are important factors to consider when purchasing what?

Furniture, equipment, and fixtures

You should understand the risks involved and take preventative measures before doing this

Buying an existing business

Creating this helps those responsible for closing or opening the salon to be aware of all the necessary measures required to lock and secure the premises

Security checklist

This protects your business against unforeseen events such as malpractice, liability, disability, fire, burglary, theft and business interruption


When you own your own Salon you must make certain that all Personnel practice within the boundaries of their what

Professional license

Managing finances well. Developing solid business management skills.

Creating prices based on value. Working cooperatively with employees.

Developing positive customer relations.

These are all important factors for what

Keeping a business running smoothly

Before you can determine a price for goods and services you need to understand what


Who is someone that is trained in financial record-keeping and follows proper standards

The bookkeeper

This is used to track miscellaneous and cash expenses for tax reporting purposes

Cash journal or petty cash notebook

Analyzing what two things can provide useful information for tracking customer Trends and performing marketing tasks

Sales & services

Is the job of the _____ to promote Goodwill, install client confidence, and ensure satisfaction


To perform treatments is typically part of the receptionist role in a salon true or false


What is generally the main job of a receptionist

Greeting clients, answering phones, book appointments, scheduling, recommend products and services, tell clients about policies and procedures

You should use a pleasant natural tone of voice When What

Answering a phone

How far in advance should you confirm appointments

24 to 48 hours

The Restriction of the use of what in the salon is beneficial for both clients and service providers

Cell phones and other technology

efficiently run salons provide employees with clear expectations true or false


What type of skills can you learn from various sources

Management skills

These are items that are used to conduct business operations on a daily basis

Consumption supplies

What are employees and staff known as


This is a manual or set of instructions designed to standardize operations

Procedural guide

This is planning and developing of relationships to achieve a certain desired Behavior

Public relations

These are available for sale to clients

Retail supplies

What is it called when you use the internet to effectively schedule appointments and make purchases online. Email is to all my email as _____ is to online scheduling and ordering