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Describe the 3ID patch.

The 3ID patch consists of 3 diagonal white stripes running from the top right to the bottom left, measuring 5/16" and spaced 5/16" superimposed on a blue field square measuring 2 1/4". The blue stands for the loyalty, steadfastness, and undying devotion to the principles of right and justice by the American Soldier. The white stripes stand for the numerical designation of the division, and the 3 operations (Marne, St. Mihiel, and Meuse-Argonne) leading up to the signing of the Armistice on November 11, 1918. The equal stripes were modeled after the equal stripes on our nation's flag.

How many medal of Honor recipients have there been in the 3ID since WW1?

55 (more than any other division); WW1: 2, WW2: 39, Korean War: 13, Operation Iraqi Freedom: 1

How many streamers does the 3ID flag have?


- 2 Presidential Unit Citations,

- 1 Meritorious Unit Commendation,

- 1 French Croix de Guerre with Palm,

- 1 French Croix de Guerre,

- 2 Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations,

- 1 Chryssoun Ariston Andrias (Bravery Gold Medal of Greece)

What Campaign Streamers did the 3ID receive in WW1?

- Aisne

- Champagne-Marne

- Aisne-Marne

- St. Mihiel

- Meuse-Argonne

- Champagne 1918

What Campaign Streamers did the 3ID receive in WW2?

- Algeria-French Morocco (with arrowhead)

- Tunisia

- Sicily (with arrowhead)

- Naples-Foggia

- Anzio (with arrowhead)

- Rome-Arno

- Southern France (with arrowhead)

- Rhineland

- Ardennes-Alsace

- Central Europe

What Campaign Streamers did the 3ID receive in the Korean War?

- CCF Intervention

- First UN Counteroffensive

- CCF Spring Offensive

- UN Summer-Fall Offensive

- Second Korean Winter

- Korea Summer-Fall 1952

- Third Korean Winter

- Korea Summer 1953

What Campaign Streamers did the 3ID receive in the War on Terrorism?

- Liberation of Iraq

- Transition of Iraq

- Iraqi Governance

- National Resolution

- Iraqi Surge

(additional campaigns to be determined)

What are the training guidelines for combat readiness included in "The Marne 7"?

1. Standards and discipline

2. Precision Marksmanship and gunnery

3. Battle drills and crew drills

4. Physical and mental toughness

5. Maintenance

6. Combat commo skills

7. Combat medical skills