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Leeward: ...Crustacious Sebastian!


King Triton: So tell us, what do you have in store?

I got a special song, just for the occasion! And it's gonna be performed by none other fan your seven love-lee daughters! I wrote this little number for my star pupil.

King Triton: And who might that be?

Your youngest! Ariel! Such a voice, day child! Notes as clear as ice, pitch as pure as water! Why, I haven't heard such a magnificent voice since... well...

King Triton: ...since her royal highness, may she rest in peace.

You're gonna be a proud papa, you'll see!

If only she'd show up for rehearsal once in a while...

King Triton: Ariel! Where in the name of Poseidon has that sister of yours gone?

Apologies, sure, but that girl-she's gonna be the death of Me! Swimming when she should be singing.

King Triton: One son, Sebastian! Was that too much to hope for?

Please, sire! Don't go pointing your Pappy's trident at me!

King Triton: Oops. Sorry Sebastian...

Ya might go whipping up a hurricane by mistake.

King Triton: As a result of your careless behavior-

Careless and reckless behavior

King Triton: -The entire celebration was-

Ruined! Completely destroyed! This concert was going to be the pinnacle of my distinguished career.

King Triton: Sebastian-

Now, thanks to you, in the laughing stock of the whole kingdom!

King Triton: ...stuborn as a barnacle-

Teenagers. You give em an inch and they swim all over you.

King Triton: *sing*

Now, now sire! It's difficult sure. But ya got to toughen up, not melt down. For Ariels sake. I'm telling ya, dat child needs constant supervision! Someone who can watch over her, keep her out of trouble-

King Triton: That's not a bad idea. Someone to safeguard her every move-

Her every dog paddle

King Triton: Her every side stroke-

Her every dive!

King Triton: And you're just the crab to do it!


King Triton: You heard me! From now on, Ariel is your responsibility!

Mine? But your majesty, she's a clever mermaid. I'm just a crustacean! Surely, you ought to pick someone higher on the evolutionary scale...