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1st section, First line

The door was open so I came straight in. Is that all right?

Of course.

I do hope you're not angry. I dare say you feel I'm not much good as a scholar. But you see, I've never had any proper training. Only a silly sort of fashionable education. But I will work hard, I will, really.

You will study... I shall ask you certain questions as to the conclusions you draw from them. You undertand?

Yes. May I take the books now? Daddy's waiting for me in the car.

Yes... do you know German?

I know a little hotel German.

You must study German... the books are rather heavy, I'm afraid.

Ooh, I should say they are. It looks rather difficult. You want me to read all of it?

I should like you to read it through eith especial attention to chapter 4 and chapter 8.

I see.

Shall we say next Wednesday afternoon at 4'oclock?


No, at my room at the university.

Oh, thank you professor Hendryk. I really am greatful. I am indeed and I shall try very hard. Please don't be against me.

I'm not against you.

Yes, you are. You feel you've been bullied into this by me and my father. But I'll do you credit. I will, really.

Then that is understood. There is no more to be said.

It's sweet of you. Very sweet of you. I am greatful. *** Wednesday at 4?

2nd scene 1st line

I was so sorry to hear...

Thank you.

Of course she'd been ill a long time, hadn't she? She must have got terribly depressed.

Did she say anything to you before you left her that day?

No, I-I don't think so. Nothing particular.

But she was depressed- in low spirits?

Yes. Yes she was.

You went away and left her-alone- before Lisa returned.

I'm sorry abt that. It didn't occur to me. I mean she said she was perfectly allbrigbg and she urged me not to stay and- well as a matter of fact, I-I thought she really wanted me to go- and so I did. Of course, now...

No, no. I understand. I can see that if my poor Anya had this in her mind she might have urged you to go.

And in a way, really, it's the best thing that could have happened, isn't it?

What do you mean- the best thing that could have happened?

For you, I mean. And for her, too. She wanted to get out of it all, well, now she has. So everything is all right, isn't it?

It's difficult for me to believe that she did want to get out of it all.

She said so- after all, she couldn't have been happy, could she?

Sometimes she was very happy.

She couldn't have been, knowing she was a burden on you.

She was never a burden to me.

Oh, why must you be so hypocritical about it all? I know you were kind to her and good to her, but lets face facts, to be tied to a querulous invalid is a drag on any man. Now you're free. You can go ahead. You can do anything- anything. Aren't you ambitious?

I don't think so.

But you are, of course you are. I've heard ppl talk abt you. I've heard ppl say that that book of yours was the most brilliant of the century.

Fine words, indeed.

And they were ppl who knew. You've had offers too, to go to the United States, to all sorts of places. Haven't you? You turned them down because of your wife whom you couldn't leave and who couldn't travel.

Me: you couldn't travel.

You've been tied so long, you hadnly know what it is to feel free. Wake up, Karl, wake up. Be yourself. You did the best you could for Anya. Well, now it's over. You can start to enjoy yourself, to live life as it really ought to be lived.

Is this a sermon you're preaching me, Helen?

It's only the present and the future that matter

The present and the future are made up of the past.

You're free. Why should we go on pretending we don't love eachother?

I don't love you, Helen, you must get that into your hair. I don't love you. You're living in a fantasy of your own making.

I'm not.

You are. I hate to be brutal, but I've got to tell you know I've no feelings for you if the kind you imagine.

You must have. You must have. After what I've done for you some people wouldn't have had the courage, but I had. I loved you so much that I couldn't bear to see you tied to a useless querulous woman. You don't know what I'm talking about, do you? I killed her. Now, do you understand? I killed her.

You killed... I don't know what you're saying.

I killed you wife. I'm not ashamed of it. People who are sick and worn out and useless should be removed so as to leave room for the ones who matter.

You killed Anya?

She asked for her medicine. I gave it to her. I gave her the whole bottleful.


Don't worry. Nobody will ever know. I thought if everything. I wiped off all the fingerprints and put her own fingers first round the glass and then round the bottle. So that's all right, you see. I never really meant to tell you, but I just suddenly felt that I couldn't bear there to be any secrets between us.

You killed Anya.

If once you got used to the idea...

You-killed-Anya. *ranting and choking, etc* Get out of here. Get out before I do to you what you did to Anya.