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...pretty big.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, I was just sort of, you know, speaking out loud. Pretty big in here. That's what I was saying...

Oh. Right.

Lots of room for, you know, people.

Yep. It's popular. (beat) You can sit here if you want.

(sit here?) No, I don't need to, uhm...


I dunno, I hadn't thought the rest of that through. Ahh, "intrude," I guess.

You're not. I'll make some room for you.

(moving stuff on table) You sure?

Of course.

(I thought you meant me before) I'm sorry?

When you said that 'pretty big,' I thought you were saying that to me. About me.

Oh, no, God, no! I wouldn't... You did?

For a second.

No, that'd be... you know. Rude.


I mean, why would I do that? A thing like that? I'm not...

You'd be surprised. People say all kinds of things here.

In this place?

No, not just here here, this restaurant or anything, I mean in the city.

So... you mean, people actually... what? Say things to your face?

Of course. All the time.

About what?

... My hair color. (beat) What do you think?

Oh, I see. Sure...

It's not a huge deal-I was just mentioning it.

Yeah, but...

You get used to it. I guess they think that-I don't know, after a certain size or whatever...

Geez, that's hard to...

I shouldn't have all this stuff for lunch, anyway, but I can't help it, I'm hungry.

Sure... hey, it's lunchtime, right?


I mean, look at me... look how much chicken they put on my salad!

That's not exactly comforting...

I just meant... whatever. Sorry.

I had three pieces of pizza, and the garlic bread, and a salad. Plus dessert...

Hey, you know... It's your...

How does that sentence end?

Badly, I'm sure! Hell, it's your body, you do what you want. That's what I think...


(It's your body. Really?) Of course. I mean...

So, do you really like sprouts or does that only hold true to me? You little theory there...

No, I'm just... had a really big breakfast, so I'm...

That's a lie.

Ahh, yeah. Yes, it was. You saw through that one... Damn, you seem pretty good at this!

What, the truth?

(The truth?) Yeah, that.

I'm not bad, actually... not too bad at all... (beat) Yes, I'm over at the library. I was at an interview, actually, for a different branch... that's why I have the, you know, 'Miss Kitty' hair today. All dolled up.

Yeah, I saw the library bag earlier. Though maybe you just stopped by there and checked those out, or...

Nope, "I'm not just the president, I'm also a client..." That one wig commerical? The Hair Club for Men or something...

Who do they think is really going to fall for that stuff?

I dunno! It always looks so cheesy when guys do that... People should just go with it, you know? I mean, whatever they look like. It's...

Yeah, I agree... That's a lot of videos there.

It was a long weekend...

So, lemme guess... When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, probably, ummm....

Wrong. Take a look.

The Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare... Ice Station Zebra?

I threw myself a little Alistair MacLean festival.

Don't get me wrong, because I love that stuff, but... that's not very girlie of you.

You're probably just dating the wrong kinds of girls.

No doubt about that - I can't even call them girls without being hit by a lawsuit, so... You're a librarian?

Yeah. Well, we don't really use that term anymore, but, ahh...

Sure, of course! It's probably, like, "printed-word specialist"or something now, I suppose...

Exactly. (B) They're always coming up with new names for stuff, something to make that person feel better.. a "refuse technician" or what have you.

(refuse technician) That's so true...

Right? Problem is, you still find yourself picking sh!t up off the street, no matter what they call you! I mean... you know... (LAUGH)

You have a terrific laugh.


You're welcome. A potty mouth, but a really cute laugh...

That's sweet, thank you! (laughs) Now that I'm so self-conscious that I'll never do it again...

(beautiful laugh, self conscious) Exactly! (eat)

How's that spinach coming along?

(how's the spinach) Mmmm... so darn good.

I bet.

(spinach is good) Yeah. Yummy.

The pizza's terrific here. I come by all the time for it...

I'll bet. I just mean... you know. If it's so good, I would understand. That. Please-help-me.

I get what you meant.

(I get what you meant) Great.

You shouldn't be so nervous... I mean, if we're gonna start dating.

(start dating?) What?

I'm kidding.

(Dating. what?) Oh, right. Got it. Little slow! (laugh)

I'm sorry. You should've seen your face...

(your face!) What? No...

I thought you were gonna choke on your avocado there...

(choke?) That's not true, come on...

Pretty close.

No, that's not... why would you say that? You just caught me off guard is all. Seriously.

Anyway, I was just playing. Big people are jolly, remember?


It's one of our best qualities.

(qualities.) Well, at least you've got one.

And you don't?

(don't have a quality) Ahhh.... open for debate.


...does not run with scissors or one of those. Plays well with others.

Really? Handsome guy like you and that's all you're good for... to look at?

(just good to look at?) Pretty much.

Good to know. (pudding) You want one?

(Pudding?) Nah, I shouldn't...


Excellent question. Okay (takes pudding and eats it)


Mmmm... Haven't done that in ages.


Enjoyed myself. Like that. Put something in my mouth with out reading that back label like some Bible scholar...


All right, okay, we're gonna have to ask you to leave... You'r actually enjoying yourself during the workweek.

Right! Sorry...

No, I told you, I love your laugh. It's okay.

Thanks. Again.

(your laugh though) You're welcome

So... no other good qualities, huh?

Ahhh, I suppose. Faithful friend and co-worker, dependable, takes directions well.

What about good lover? Not on the list?

That's very direct...

Librarians are funny people.

I guess... I shouldn't've let my card lapse!

No, look what you've been missing.

(look @ what you've been missing) Yeah.


Ummm... I'm okay. I mean, no reports of absolute dissatisfaction, but I don't think I'm like Valentino or anything.

You mean the movie guy? The Sheik or whatever?

Yep. Wasn't he like this big Latin lover or something?

I guess that was the story... He died really unhappy though. I've read his biography.

(biography) One of the perks of the job...

Right I've read just about every biography in the place, actually. Real people interest me. I don't really have much time for fiction. "Fiction is for the weak and faint of heart." Somebody said that. A Frenchman, I think.

(a Frenchman, I think.) Cool...

Anyway, you don't have to answer the question. It was rude.

No, I... I mean, I sort of did.

And you're what? Just okay?

Something like that... I do fine. Wow. I've never... been asked that before. In that way.


Not at lunch, anyhow! It's kind of invigorating, actually, You seem like a really... I don't know. An interesting person, I guess.

You should swing by the library sometime. See what you've been missing...

Yeah. Listen, I'm... I need to get back to the office. Downtown. So I should finish up my, ahh...

All right. Sorry if I was...

No, no, it was... but could we... I dunno what I'm asking here. Should we see each other again?


I dunno... I mean, I'm just, it'd be good, I think. You seem really nice and I'm... what can I say, I'm just asking... sort of outta the blue. So, could we? I'm not trying to pick you up or anything, I just...

Too bad. Yes. We should.

For lunch? Or, ummm, dinner...?

I don't only eat. I can be coaxed into doing other stuff, too...

(I don't only eat) Of course! I didn't mean...

I know. It's a joke.

Right, sure... I'm really striking out on the humor part here.

You're doing fine... So when?


How about Friday? I'm good for Fridays, my day off.

Umm, yeah. Evening. (#)

Great. (write number) Now when you wipe your mouth, you'll think of me...

Good plan. So, okay, library lady, I'll call you...

Helen. My name's Helen.

As in "of Troy"? That was so lame, sorry...

Right, the thousand ships and all. But that was just so they could carry me back... ...because it would take that many to lift me... Don't worry about it.

(Troy and ships) Oh, I see. I got it!

Yeah. Just trying to be cute.

No, yes, I get it now... but you shouldn't do that, though. Make fun of yourself so much.

Why not?

Ummmmm... I'm sure there's a very good reason. I'll get back to you.

You do that. You've got the number there..

Right. I'll call you. And I'm Tom, by the way.

I'll see you. Tom. (Monologue)