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a person who works very hard and doesn't want to do other things

I'm kind of a workaholic

My mother is a workaholic, she never take a day off to chill-out

tobe caught up in ST

be very involved in a activity and don't notice other thing

I'm so caught up in my work on daily basic.

I'm very involved in this project

wind down

relax or unwind or chill-out

There are few things I normally try to do to wind down

take almost all the time during the day

chiếm hầu hết thời gian trong ngày

My work takas almost all the time during the day

usually like to spend my free time

thường thích dành thời gian rãnh của tôi

listening to music is how i usually like to spend my free time

make the most of ST

use the best advantage

I normally make the most of my holiday by finishing my assignment

Put my feet up

sit down, lie back and relax

I like to relaxing in my favorite cofy chair with a cup of coffee and just put my feet up after i come home


make the light less bright

i like to dim the light and turn on some sort music and enjoy myself for the rest of the evening

enjoy myself for ST

tận hưởng cả gì

sometimes, I get up early and ride a bike to enjoy myself for the peace of the sunset


nắm lấy, bắt lấy, cầm lấy cái gì một cách nhanh chóng

I also enjoy grabing my favorite book and lying on the bed with my pet dog next to me, while listening to music in the background

work wonder (V)

have a good effect on SO or ST

a good night's sleep works wonder for your mind and body


helping to relax

this therapeutic way is really useful to reduce the pain in back

take a litte time for myself

dành một ít thời gian cho bản thân

after the final exam, i want to take a little time for myself with a traveling to rural area

go for ST

1. choose

2. admire

3. try to have or achieve st

if i have some day off, i will gor for a short holiday

get away from

escape from

someone choose to get away from depression by ending their life

Don't see myself changing ST

tôi không nghĩ bản thân mình sẽ phải thay đổi một cái gì đó

I don't see my self changing my personality just to suit to others

any time soon

in the near future

i want to study abroad any time soon


thư thái, yên tĩnh, bình yên

a restful life