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What are three ways in which the Texas Revoultion and the American Revoultion were simular
Patriots, dectators, and colonies won
Why was the battle of Gonzales fought?
they wanted the cannon
Why was it difficult for the governor and General Council to work together?
The governor wants to fight foe independence and the concil wanted to fight foe the constitution
In what way did the capture of San Antionio help the Texans' cause? In what way did it hurt the cause?
the fighting would be over soon and mexicans were poor soldiers. Only barrior between mexican and Texas army.
Why did the Texans want to defend the Alamo?
Only barrior between the mexican and texas army
In what two ways was the battle of the Alamo significant?
It gave us time to voulunteer, set up government
What three factors made Houston decide to march north into the Anglo part of Texas?
Find a spot to our advantage, gives us time to get guns and supplies and loses cannons in the river
What was the effect of the massacre at Goliad?
Fannons army was killed so no reforcements could go to the alamo
How did Santa Anna's affect Texas's Anglo settlers?
the runaway scrape