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What is evolution?
Evolution is the change in the frequency of alleles (or genetic structure) in a population over generations.
What is an allele?
An allele is an alternative form of a gene.
What are some examples of changes in allele frequency?
Mosquitos are vectors of disease that transmit some pathogens from host to host.

Viruses are more resistant to anti-viral medicines.
Malaria management is complicated by the evolution of what?
Malaria management is complicated by the evolution of--

DDT resistance in mosquito populations

Quinine resistance in Plasmodium Falciparum populations
How quickly can an HIV population in an infected individual evolve resistance to an AIDS-related drug?
20 days (3 weeks)
Where does evolution constantly occur?
Evolution constantly occurs in agro-ecosystems.
What are the New World's most significant contributions to global agriculture?
Maize and potatoes
How did Darwin define evolution?
Darwin defined evolution as descent with modification.
Which biological molecule gives life the intrinsic ability to change over generations?
What are some examples of rapid evolution?
Mosquitos, HIV populations, bacteria resistant to antibiotics
What is an example of gradual evolution?
the growth of horses in size
What technique was used by our ancestors to transform wolves into dogs?
selective breeding, in less than 100 years
What is selective breeding?
Selective breeding is a method used by our ancestors to transform wild animals into livestock, companions, and transportation.
Which specific traits did our ancestors select in order to domesticate wild animals?
Food sources
Breasts of burden and transportation
What did Meso-Americans transform the weed Teosinte into?
Maize (corn)