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to fall
ramla, ramlar,ramlade
to tear
riva, river, rev
to row
ro, ror, rodde
to rot
ruttna, ruttnar, ruttnade
to shout
ropa, ropar, ropade
to amuse
roa, ror, roade
to advise
råda, rår,
to save
rädda, räddar, räddade
to put in good order, to fit out
rusta, rustar, rustade
to sell off
rea, rear, reade, reat
to shave
raka, rakar, rakade, rakat
to ration
ransonera, ransonerar,ransonerade, ransonerat
have a rest, excercise
rasta, rastar, rastade, rastat
to manage; to fend for oneself
reda sig; reder, redde, rett
hurry up
raska på
to react
reagera; reagerar, reagerade, reagerat
to reform
reformera; reformerar, reformerade, reformerat
to rule; govern
regera; regerar, regerade, regerat
to regulate
reglera, reglerar, reglerade, reglerat
to rain
regna; regnar, regnade, regnat
to rekomend
rekommendera; rekommenderar, rekommenderade, rekommenderat
to clean; clear
rensa, rensar, rensade, rensat
to repair, mend
reparera, reparerar, reparerade, reparerat
to vote
rösta; röstar, röstade, röstat
to touch; to move; to stir, mix; to be about, be a question of
röra, rör, rörde, rört,
to become; (be) the object of
röna; rånar, rånade, rönt
to draw; design
rita; ritar, ritade, ritat
to flow;run
rinna, rinner, rann, runnit
to run the risk of; risk
riskera; riskerar, riskerade, riskat
to ring; call
ringa; ringer, ringde, ringt
to ride
rida; rider, red, ridit
to smoke
to rust; to roast
rosta; rosta, rostar, rostade, rostat
to ruin
ruinera; ruinerar, ruinerade, ruinerat
to roll
rulla; rullar, rullade, rullat
to rush
rusa; rusar, rusade, rusat
to repeat
repetera; repeterar, repeterade, repeterat
to represent
representera, representerar, representerade, representerat
to irritate; tease, stimulate
reta; retar, retade, retat
to smoke (fire)
ryka; ryker, ryker, rykte, rykt
to roar
ryta; ryter, röt
to correct
rätta;rättar, rättade, rättat
to advise; counsel
råda; rår, rådde, råddit
to count
räkna, räknar, räknade, räknat
to save
rädda; räddar, räddade, räddat
to respect
respectera; respecterar, respecterade, respecterat
to reason
resonera; reasonerar, resonerade, reasonerat
to reserve
reservera; reserverar, reserverade, reserverat
to travel; to put up, raise; to bring up in conversation.
resa;reser, reste, rest
to find oneself in
råka;råkar, råkade, råkat
to collapse
rasa;rasar, rasade, rasat
to move; disturb
rubba; rubbar, rubbade, rubbat
To crack, split.
rämna; rämnar, rämnade, rämnat
to review
recensera, recenserar, recenserade, recenserat
to shake, ( figurativly) masturbate
runka, runkar, runkade, runkat
to headline, classify, describe
rubricera, rubricerar, rubricerade, rubricerat