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Define surgical oncology?

Surgical treatment of tumors

Define XRT?

Radiation therapy

Define in situ?

Not invading basement membrane

Define benign?

Non-malignant tumor - does not invade or metastasize

Define malignant?

Tumors with anaplasia that invade and metastasize

Define adjuvant RX?

Treatment that aids or assists surgical treatment = chemo or XRT

Define neoadjuvant RX?

Chemo, XRT, or both BEFORE surgical resection

Define brachytherapy?

XRT (radiation therapy) applied directly or very close to the target tissue (eg, implantable adioactive seeds)

Define metachronous tumors?

Tumors occurring at different times

Define synchronous tumors?

Tumors occurring at the same time

What do the T, M, and N stand for in TMN staging?

- T: tumor size

- M: mets (distant)

- N: nodes

What tumor marker is associated with colon cancer?


What tumor marker is associated with hepatoma?


What tumor marker is associated with pancreatic carcinoma?

CA 19-9

What is a paraneoplastic syndrome?

Syndrome of dysfunction not directly associated with tumor mass or mets (autoimmune or released substance)

What are the most common cancers in women?

1. Lung

2. Breast

3. Colorectal

What are the most common cancers in men?

1. Prostate

2. Lung

3. Colorectal

What is the most common cancer causing death in both men and women?