College Essay On Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer is a common disease which affects millions of people each year. Lung cancer begins when cells in the lung change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass called a tumor, a lesion, or a nodule (Cancer.Net 1). Lung Cancer is the leading cause of death among cancers, and the second most diagnosed cancer in both men and women. Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Lung Cancer also can be caused by types of tobacco, pipes, or cigars and being exposed to substances such as asbestos or radon at home or work, and having a family history of lung cancer (Centers for Disease 1). “Each year about 160,000 are diagnosed with lung cancer. There is a 16% chance of surviving. The number of deaths due to lung cancer has increased approximately 3.5 % between 1998 and 2012 from 152,155 to 157,499 (American Lung 1). “The number of deaths among men has reached a plateau but the number is still rising among women. In 2012, there were 86,000 deaths due to lung cancer in men and 70,000 in women. During 2015, an estimated 200,000 new cases of lung cancer were expected to be diagnosed, representing about 13 percent of all cancer diagnoses. Lung Cancer is the most common out of all the other cancers.” …show more content…
Sometimes a diagnosis of lung cancer can make the person feel alone and afraid. Getting to know other people who have similar experiences can be helpful. Some known support groups are Lung Cancer Care, Lungs R Us, and American Lung Association. Most groups are open to people who are being treated for lung cancer and those who have completed treatment. Equally important members are family and careers who can find it helpful to share thoughts and feelings with others who are looking after relatives (Roy Castle 6). Most groups are run by a Clinical Nurse Specialist, or other skilled professional involved in the care of people with lung

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