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How many gauzes should be in a surgical pack (spay and castration)


As the surgical assistant should count your gauzes prior and after the procedure. If yes explain why


We have to count them because we wouldn't want to leave one in the patient accidentally

Explain to me in short what you tell a client that you have just booked in her Dog name Buddy for a castration tomorrow? What instructions does she follow? What can happen if she misses a certain step?

Very important to fast = no food after 8pm and no water after midnight. (Fast for 8-12 no h20 2-4)

Make sure they know the time to drop off in the am.

If did not fast it may lead to aspiration pneumonia

Why is it a crucial step to preform a full patient evaluation prior to a surgical procedure? In point

-Sometimes they think their animal is one gender but it's the other

-We can find out the animal is cryptorchid, which is more expensive

-We may find out that the animal has a high or low temp the surgery may be cancelled.

Please list the 3 patients characteristics




List 6 things a VA should gather as a medical history the morning OF when doing intake.

-Past injuries

-Vaccine status

-Known disease

-Any current medication the animal is taking

-Past anesthetic complications has the pet been anesthetized before at any other facilities

-Did they follow fasting recommendations.

What does the pre op exam include (4)

General body scoring

Listen to heart

Listen to lungs

Feel abdomen, hepatic, renal and central nervous system

If a senior patient is coming in for a surgery what extra test would we preform


When we do our surgical prep we use two specific solutions please name them and explain how.

Chlorexidine and alcohol


3 scrubs of each. With either the target method or using stripes center and out. Do not contaminate when swiping start in and go out watch out for hair.

Why is it crucial that the morning of surgery we obtain a current weight of the animal.

All drug calculations are based on the animals weight. If we have the wrong weight then we have the wrong dosage.

What happens to exhausted C02 granules and how often should they be changed

-They turn purple or pink

-They need to be changed monthly or after 6-8 hours of being in use non stop

What is the proper terminology for ET tube

Endotrachial tube

What is a fairly accurate way to determine if a ET tube will fit a certain size dog or cat

Weight of the dog/cat is the number one way to determine but don't forget the nose trick for dogs.(size of septum /place between nostrils)

Why should catheters typically be placed before anesthesia

Because most anesthetic agents cause Vasoconstrictions which can then lead to more complications trying to put th3 catheter in.

Describe the main use of laryngoscope

To visualize the glottis

Describe the main use of the flow meter on the anesthetic machine.

Measures and delivers a constant gas flow and controls the amount of oxygen that the patient receives

Why do we teach the pinky method when adjusting flow meter. What can happen

Excessive tightening easily damages control knobs, ball flys and breaks glass = flow meter leaks = loss of oxygen = more money loss

Draw a picture of a rebrrathing circuit and a picture of nonrebreathing

A) what is main difference between 2

B) what are the other names for the 2 circuits

Main difference is the nonrebreathing circuit does not have carbon dioxide absorber

Names = non rebrrathing/ bain circuit

Rebrrathing circuit / universal f circuit