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High seas are considered

Over 200 miles beyond EEZ
First MCPO of the CG

BMCM Calhoun

Five stages of SAR

Awareness - Initial Action - Planning - Operations - Conclusion

Five components of SAR
Organization, Resouces, Communication, Emergency Care
SSIC for Comshift
Max range for an 87 PTB
max endurance for an HH-60
6 hours
47 max towing is
150 tons
what is the radio freq plan instruction title
what is MLEM instruction number
M 16247.1
commshifts should be submitted btween ___ to ___ hours prior to the effective time of the shift
48 to 72 hours prior
commshift msgs submitted 48 hours or more before shift should be what precedence
commshift msgs submitted 24 to 48 hours before shift should be what precedence
commshift msgs submitted less than 24 hours before shift should be what precedence
commshift should be effective at what time?
members serving INCONUS ashore shall be assigned priorities of
The CG's role in environmental protection dates back to what year?
Assignment Priority 2 will be given to?
overseas afloat
CG recruiters and CCs will receive an assignment of priority?
What does RADAR Stand for ?
radio detection and ranging
classified material may be jettisoned at sea depths of ?
1000 fathoms or 6000 feet
for air-deployment the water depth should be __ feet or greater to prevent the buoy from hitting the bottom
10 ft
what is the from number for a marine event
how long in advance must a marine permit be submitted
30 days
what is the max length of time a NAVTEX can run
20 mins
what phrase is associated with presidential detail clearances /
Who is the granting authority for Q-CLEARANCES
what is the number of feet inside of a fence that must be maintained for a clear zone
the outside clear zone should be __ ft between the parameter and any exterior structures
what is the height of a fence around a restricted area
8 ft
what is the Q and Z sig for "stand by" ?
what is the Q and Z sig for "will you repeat msg" ?
what is the Q and Z sig for "this correct version"
emergency power generator for essential communications without refueling should last for?
72 hours
what are the five missions of the CG
maritime safety, maritime security, maritime mobility, nation defense, protection of natural resource s
what can a supervisor withhold from a subordinate
special liberty
how long are DTD review log histories retained ?
2 years
who is responsible for EKMS spot checks
how many EKMS spot checks can the CO delegate to the XO ?
what is required on an EKMS appointment letter
EKMS account #, date and place of EKMS class, NO SSN required
how often are EKMS spot checks conducted
The CGC EAGLE recaptured the vsls NANCY and MEHITABLE during what war?
quasi war
The CIC nav log will be retained for how many years ?
3 years
the contractual agreement between the u.s. gov and you, which you agree to never disclose classified information to an unauthorized person is ?
an individuals access history shall be maintained at the command level for how long?
4 years after discharge, retirement, or transfer
admin nickname on top of all CG-5588 pertaining to presidential support activities nominees
YANKEE WHITE (parentheses and bold)
responsible for maintaining a list of all persons assigned to a unit with access to classified info
interim security clearance for TS is valid for
6 months
how many days after the 10 year mark does a person have to provide paper work for a periodic reinvestigation
30 days
when taking a celestial fix what shape should you use on a chart
what shape should be used on a chart to indicate a radar fix
how long do you keep the designation letter after a person leaves a unit
2 years
what is m2000.7
radiotelephone handbook
what is m2000.3
telecommunications manual
what form is used to request a clearance
what does the Beaufort wind scale deem light air
1 to 3 mph
max altitude for an aircraft to use VHF
How often should comm emergency power supply systems be exercised under normal load conditions
once a month for 30 min with a diesel
5 min for battery
opening are considered inaccessible that are __ft above ground level and __ft from other buildings
18 and 14
how long to you retain a visitors log
2 years
VHF freq spectrum is what
30-300 MHz
HF freq spectrum is
3-30 MHz
UHF freq spectrum is
300-3000 MHz
how many stripes are on the CG ensign
a special employee review is required when
awarded NJP
default safe combo
min years in service to advance to E-8
max towing capacity of a 110 WPB
500 tons
the range at which an object can be seen or a signal detected
the nominal range
___ is applied when there is no discernible terrorist activity. This only demands a routine security posture. The min FPCON is NORMAL.
___ is applied when there is a general threat of terrorist activity. the nature an extent of which is unpredictable and does not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures
__ is applied when there is an increased threat or a more predictable one
__ is applied when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating imminent terrorist action
__ is applied when a terrorist attack has occurred, or intelligence indicates likely terrorist action against a specific location
how many AL codes does the CG have
5 (1,2,4,6 and 7)
all registered mail shall be protected as __unil delivered to SCP?
what year did E-8 and E-9 become authorized
what was the congressional mandate that authorizd the creation of E-8 and E-9
who do you complete a SF-86 to
What does AMVER stand for?
Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
What war did the coast guard start using steam ships?
Mexican-American war
what is the national ensign called when carried by foot
what dollar amount and above do you have to itemize on a travel claim if you don't have the receipt
when did women fully integrate into the CG
saved over 600 lives and awarded gold lifesaving medal
Joshua James
manned lime rock lighthouse for 37 years
Ida Lewis
suicide claims __ lives each year, ranking it among the __ ranked causes of death in the US
35,000 and 10
who did the CG follow when the use of battle streamers started
what level of acess is granted for a green badge with a white background
level 3 alcohol treatment consists of
inpatient treatment in alcohol rehab facility
how many personnel at a unit min to have a human relations council
can you appeal the CO's recommendation for advancement
which EKMS tier for COMSEC accounts that manage key and other material
tier 2
when did the revenue cutter service and life saving service combine marking the beginning of the CG
what is the comm sound powered circuit for damage control comms
what months do you mark an E-6
Nov and May
what article allows CO's etc, to impose nonjudicial punishment without resort to te
the forum of a court martial
Article 15
to be eligible for a TS clearance there cannot be a break in service of more than __ months
how many nautical miles out can you recieve NAVTEX messages?
400 nm
an individuals access history will maintained at the command level for a period of __ year after transfer or retire
4 years
interim top secret clearance is valid for a period of time not to exceed
6 months
thank rank of CSO will be __ or higher for mil and __ or higher for civ
E-7 and GS-9
An assisted CSO can be a min rank of __
who was the first CG SPAR to be sworn into the regular CG?
Alice Jefferson
when the CG flag is displayed without streamers the staff is decorarated with what
blue and white cords and tassles
Which cutter made two cruises to the west indies and captured 10 prizes one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men
CGC Pickering
Cutter Hudson rescued which vessel at the battle of Cardenas, Cuba, on 11 May 1898
USS Winslow
where was the first CG reserve Unit
what is the form number for a report of survey
To put a member in for a award you need to fill out which titled foerm
CG award recommendation
the CG award recommendation form is what form number
Which UCMJ article starts out with If i become a prisoner of war?
Article IV
what should not be a reason for unsat conduct mark
one time minor infraction
A SF-312 needs to asigned by a member every __ years
only once
what is a CCI reference to EKMS
controlled cryptographic item
how often is the publications, directives, and reports index published
what type of a letter is used when corresponding outside of the CG
CG business letter
what type of EPIRB has a freq of 121.5 MHZ / 243 MHZ and is assoicated with survival craft
Class S
A pan pan message would be associated with what type of message
this type of a unit would be asociated with Search and Rescue and conducts searches
when first checking, the SRU should check-in with the OSC
15 mins prior to arriving on scene
what threat advisory are we in when there is an elevated risk of terrorist attack but a specific region of the US has not been idtenified as a target
Yellow or elevated
a CG station recieving a DSC distress alert is reuiqredto acknowlegde within
2.75 min
the alert signal consists of alternating tones of __ and __
2300 hz and 1300 hz
how many digits in an MMSI number
what do the first 3 digits of an MMSI number represent
What MCPOCG earned a PhD while on Active Duty
Fade line for a AAW gets drawn where
perpendicular to the plot
what is technique used to find the root cause of problem
why technique
E-9 for the Air Force has the title of __
chief master seargeant
The "right to know" placards are posted in __?
Aux Mach Space, Paint Locker, Eng Room, Cleaning Gear Lockers
Who was the first keeper class of cutter named after
Ida Lewis
For Marine Corps Uniform, two silver stars on collar equals what title
Major General
If the judge is an 0-4 what type of court martial must it be
Special Court Martial
Which service did teh CG ensign orginate from
revenue cutter service
what war did the cutter TAMPA sink with all hands
what was teh first war that the CG was transferred entirely to the US Navy
what word is commonly associated with the ALERT phase of distress
MISLE stands for
Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement
SCI stands for
sensitive compartment information
what is the responsilbity of an AAW picket
to extend surveilance range of AAW
what is the primary purpose of AAW
the detect and destroy incoming hostile raids
when a helo is checking in for either positive or advisory control, they mnust pass
planet report
what is the definition of NOFORN
Not releasable to foreign nationals/governments/non-us citizens
what office runs rescue 21
CG cutter 180 feet and smaller are under the command of their
distrct office
CG cutter 180 feet and over are under the command of
area commands
during the mexican-american war the CGs amphibious operations included
blocking harbors and conducting river expeditions
around 1848 the OICs on the New Jersey and Long Island coasts were called
title 14 of the u.s. code cites that the CG is a
military service
the bronze star was awarded to BMC richard patterso, a crew member of the __ for his heroic actions
CGC point welcome
applicant min eligbility requirment for appoinment to warrant grade must be completed by __ of the year in wich the CWO appointment board convenes
january 1st
CG academy cadets must be between the ages __of year of age
18 to 22
A list of signicant achievments or aspects of performance midway during the makring period and not later than __ before the end of the marking period
127 ?
upon completion of the employee review the supervisor must, counsel the evaluee on the employee review after the apporving official has completeed his or her actions not later than __ following the review period ending date
30 days
exercise with an elevated heart rate for __ at least __ times a week
30 minutes, 3
a tool to help member reach career goals within the CG. it is a developmental action plan to move member from whre they are to where they want to go
individual development plan (IDP)
defined as the collection of physical and emotional responces to a situation that disrupts a persons equilibrium
avoid __ when involved in suicide interventions
making judgements
if the danger of a suicide seems immediate you should __ and __
not leave the person alone and call a suicide prevention center
THE CG foundation enlisted education grant program is for active duty personnel in pay grades
E-3 to E-9 with two or more years of CG service
for property with a value of less than __, a report of survey is not required
what year did the CG adopt the Navy rating system
how many days after non-receipt of CCI does a recieving command have until they contact the shipping command
5 days
how many hours does a command have to notify the receiving command when shipping CCI
how long are classified material currier letters maintained for
4 yrs
__ is defined as an overwhelming force or condition of such severity that it threaten loss of the vessel, cargo, or crew unless immediate corrective action is tkaen
force majeure
the distance at which a certain light is visable in clear weather is
luminous light
the 55th u.s. congress on __ established the coast guard's chief petty officer grade
The CPO should __ command policy and __ __ flaws that are detrimental to __ or __
support, point out, morale or mission
the first CG to advance to E-9 was
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Jerwin
the MCPO of the CG reports directly to the commandant on all matters pertaining __?
to the well-being of CG personnel
the administrative and operational command and control center for the CG is __
the E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by congress with the enactment of public law 85-422 in __
May, 1958
the commandant, a __ star admiral, __, __, and __ the overall activities of the CG
four, plans, supvervises, coordinates
The E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by congress with the enactment of public law __
How many major headquaters directorates are below the commandant
the first CG cheifs were the former station keepers of the
life saving stations
what are the three watchwords in the commandants direction
readiness, stewardship, people
the information must be included on all correspondence in the CG because it servces as the file number
a mishap analysis board appointed by the commandant (G-KSE) is convened for a
Class A mishap
an incident occured that resulted in proeprty damage of approx $150,000
Class C mishap
mishaps that are sufficiently serious to warrant formal mishap analysis board action are classified as
Class B mishaps
mishap investigations are conducted to
try to prevent reoccurrences of that incident
when was the CG formally created
who was the first CG MCPO
MCPO Kerwin
when did the first MCPO assume his title
01 NOV 58
who was the first SPAR MCPO
Pearl Faurie
Who was credited with saving more than 600 lives and has earned 2 gold and 3 silver life saving medals
joshua james
who is the only coastie to earn both the medal of honor and the gold life saving medal
Marcus Hanna
who were the first five african-american SPARS
Olivia J. Hooker, O. Winafred Byrd, Julia Mosley, Yvonne Cuberbatch, Aileen Cooke
What is the significance of 1978
all officer and enlisted career fields are open to women
who was the fisrt MCPO of the CG
Charles Calhoun
When the first CPO academy class
who was the first asian american female CWO
Grace Parmaleee
who are the only recipients of the silver star medal
bejamin f. harrison, willis goff, larry villareal
the secondest highest award ever earned by a coastie is the
navy cross
who was awarded the CG distinguished service medal and when
william boyce, seop 17, 1918
during what war did revenue cutters capture 18 prizes unaided and asissted in the cpature of two others
during what war did the cutter EAGLE recapture american vessels NANCY and MEHITABLE
the cutter __ captured 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men
during what war did the cutter PICKERING capture 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men
in what war did the CG augment the navy with shallow draft craft
War of 1812
in what war did cutter JEFFERSON capture the first prize of the war
War of 1812
in what war did the cutter SURVEYOR battle the british NARCISSIS in which their gallantry was praised by british victors
War of 1812
in what war did the cutter EAGLE defend itself against the DISPATCH even after it had been run ashore on long island from 9 a.m. until late afternoon. when the crew ran out of cannon ammo, they used pages from the log book, their flag was shot away 3 times
War of 1812
in what war did the navy required the use of the revenue cutter steam-propelled cutters
Mexican-American War
in what war were cutters credited with quelling a mutiny of troops on the MIDDLESEX
Mexican-American War
IN what war did the cutter HARRIET LANE fire the first shot
Civil War
in what war did CG cutter perform blockade duty along the atlantic coast, chesapeak bay, and potomac river
Civil War
in what war did 8 cutters carrying 43 guns join rear admiral william sampsons north atlantic squadron on blockade duty off of cubas coast
Spanish-American War
in what war did the cutter MCCULLOCH was engaged in the battle of manila bay, and subsequenly become the escort and dispatch boat with commodore george deqeys asiatic squadron
Spanish-American War
in what war did 11 cutters serve under the armys tactical control guarding our important east and west coast ports
Spanish-American War
in what war did on may 11, 1898 in cardenas bay cuba, the cutter HUDSON and torpedo boat WINSLOW were engaged in battle with spanish gunboats and shore batteries. the HUDSON rescued the crew of the WINSLOW
Spanish-American War
in what war was the first time the entire CG was transferred to the navy
in what war did a major duty of the CG was to provide port security in the U.S.
in what war was there a higher percentage of coastguardsmen killed than any other service
in what war was the dangerous cargo act passed giving the CG jurisdiction over ships carrying explosives and dangerous cargo
in what war did the CG get responsibility of cold weather operations in greenland
in what war did the cutter NORTHLAND take norwegian trawler BOSKOE making it the first capture of the war
in what war did CG manned ships sink 11 enemey subs
in what war did the CG cutters performing convoys duties are credited with sinking 12 german U-boats
in what war did Douglas Munro earn, CG only medal of honor recipient, for action during the battle of Guadalcanal
in what war did CG craft rescue more than 1500 surviors of torpedo attacks off the U.S. coast. Cutters on convoy duty rescued another 1000
in what war did armed coast guardsmen patroll the beaches and docks
in what war did the CG role was marginal, primarily a support role?
Korean War
In what war was the CG utilized during operation market time by using shallow-draft warships
In what war was the CG LEDETs enforce UN sanctions against Iraq
Desert Storm / Shield
In what war were PSUs provided coastal patrols, anti-terrorist operations, and overall port security
Desert Storm / Shield
During operation __the US navy and CG deployed jointly under CG command
Noble Eagle
In __ Summer Kimball recreated the lifesaving service with new stations and equipment
the largest number of immigrants rescued from a single vsl was by the ___ rescueing 578 migrants from a 75 ft coastal freighter
CGC Dauntless
envionrmental protection started in what year
the fishery conservation and management act of __ created a 200 mile offshore zone to be controlled by the u.s. and enforced by the coast guard
the coast guard enforce the u.n.moratorium on __
high seas drift net fishing
the coast guard strike force consists of how many team
three, atlantic, pacific, and gulf
the refuse act of 1899 addressed what envionrmental problem
water pollution
framke work of CG marine environmental protection program is what act
federal water pollution control act of 1972
alexander hamilton authroized ten cutters to enforce tariff laws in what year
intercepting contraband was the coast guards prime job prior to
World War II
during prohibition the coast guard started the
rum war at sea
if COMSEC equipment neesd to be repaired where do you send it
CRF crypto repair facility
COMSEC incidents are divided into what three catagories
cryptographic, personnel, physical
when not in uniform for colors
face flag, hand over heart
if you are a mast rep, and given info regarding the case, you should reat this info as
how long may womens hair be
no longer than the bottom of collar and only 2 in bulk
who must you obtain a permission from before making a copy of a Top secret document
the originator
what are the four types of COMSEC incident reports
initial, amplifying, final, and interim
what type of report is submited for each COMSEC incident
which paragraph on comms can not be found in para five of an OPORDER
annex kilos
humanitarian transfers are usally how many months long
4 months
how soon after establishing a COMTAC account at a newly commisioned unit should it be inspected
6 months (M2600.1 Ch 1)
what types of earrings are authorized for women
1/4 inch gold, silver, or pearls. diamond for dinner dress
reports of loss or possible compromise of classified COMTAC publications shall be made to
ISIC security manager
if you experience jamming on a freq, what should you do
shift to another prearranged freq
how often is AIS certification required
every 5 years
how often is COMTAC inspection done
risk assessment regarding AIS will be done how often
every 5 years
AIS contingency plans should be tested at least
what two criterias must be met prior to granting access
security clearance and a need to know
all TS and Secret info shall be strictly accounted for and coverd by
a continous chain of signature receipts
accountability records for TS and secret info shall be retained for
4 years after final disposition
all registered mail shall be protected as what
secret material until determined otherwise
all certified and first class mail (marked as postmaster do not forward return to sender) shall be protected as
confidential material until determined otherwise
all personnel who open official mail shall have a
secret clearance
all incoming packages containing classified material shall be inspected fo
all TS holdings shall be inventoried when?
upon change of custodian or semiannually
all secret holding shall be inventoried when
upon change of custodian or annually
a class wide exception to classified storage aboard a 378 WHECs has been granted for the safe located where
Co's Cabin
The Co's safe is autorized for storage up to and incluyding
safe combination are recorded on what form
security container info form - SF-700
what is affixed to each safe for the purpose of checking each time it is opened and closed
a security container check sheet SF-702
what SOP shall be affixed to the outside front of the container
steps to be taken if the container is found open
SF-702s are retained how long
3 months
the purpose of the __ is the securing and removal of classified info during a natural disaster or civil disturbance
what are the 3 restricted areas
exclusion > limited > controlled
which restricted area could serve as a buffer zone
TS - secret - confidential cover sheets are SF
703, 704, 705
problems with auto distribution should be handled by
the commands ISIC
mesage corrections for publications are disseminated via
general message
superseded classified CD-Roms should be
sent to NSA for disposal
How many people are armed
4 hrs
max speed
crusing speed
175 knots
148 knots
range / radius
290 nautical miles / 160 nm
model number
SKL to zeroize hit the button __ times
SKL internal key card is the
battery of an SKL
lithium ion
KVL battery
nichol metal
KYV5 battery
mercury battery
ACP131 is used for
means the level for which min appropriate sec measures shall be maintained at all times
Marsec 1
means the level for which appropriate addional protective sec measures shall be mainted for a period of time as a result of heighted risk of transportation sec incident
marsec 2
means the level for which further specific protective sec measures shall be maintained for a limited period of tiem when a transportation sec incident is probable imminent or has occured alouth it may not be possible to idenify target
marsec 3
what are AL codes
accountability legend codes determine how COMSEC material is accounted for within the CMCS. 5 AL codes are used to identify the min accounting controls required for COMSEC material
AL Code 1
COMSEC material is continuously accountable to the COR by accounting number from production to destruction
AL Code 2
COMSEC material is continuously accountable to the COR by quantity from production to destruction
AL Code 4
after the initial receipt to the COR, COMSEC material is locally accountable by quantity and handled / safeguarded based on its classification
AL Code 6
COMSEC material that is electronically generated and continuously accountable to the COR from production to destruction
AL Code 7
COMSEC material that is electronically generated and locally accountable to the generating facility
How many EKMS tiers are there
EKMS Tier 0
Central Facility - composite of NSA's Fort Meade and Finksburg key facilities that provides centralized key management services for all forms of key
EKMS Tier 1
serves as the intermediate key generation and distribution center, central offices of record (COR), privilege managers, and registration authorities for EKMS / Comsec accounts. Managemnt of the sytem is a cooperative effort involing the Army, navy, air force, NSA, and the Joint Staff
EKMS Tier 2
comprised of EKMS accounts that maange key and other COMSEC material. most tier 2 accounts are equipped with a local manage device (LMD) that runs local COMSEC software and that interfaces with a key processor. this suite is equipment is referred to as LMD/KP
EKMS Tier 3
the lowest tier or layer of EKMS architecture which include but is not limited to; thje AN/CYZ-10 (Data Transfer Decide) DTD, AN/PYQ-10 (Simple key loader SKL) and all other means used to fill key to end crypto units; hard copy material holdings only; and STE keying material only using key managemnt entities. Tier 3 never recieve electronic key directly from COR or Tier 0
What IFF codes are used for just military
1, 2, 4, 5
units must keep on file a report of radio interference for how long
3 years
what is the IFF code for an emergency
what is the IFF code for SAR and VFR Search-and-rescue aircraft
IFF code for lost comms
IFF code for LMR
IFF code for hijacking
page 20
Radio Spectrum
Radio Spectrum
3KHZ - 30KHZ
30KHZ - 300KHZ
Radio Spectrum
3-30 MHZ
30-300 MHz
300 MHZ - 3GHz
Radio Spectrum
R21 radius on tower
recieve a 1-watt radio 2 meters high out 20nm. Most are 5-25 watts amd higher giving further range
CG used amphibious vehicles in this war
Min active service to advance
E-4 (6 months at E-3)
E-5 (6 months at E-4)
E-6 (12 months at E-5)
SAR Transponder is used to find survival craft in the 9 GHZ freq (9200 to 9500 MHZ)
ackknowledge DSC
after 1 min
befire 2.75 mins
what does KYV-5 stand for
K - crypotographic
Y - speech (cyphony)
V - removable comm. security
what is KW
prefix for teletype encryption device
what is KV
stands for voice encryption device
what is KG
means data encryption device
what are the air radar systems for the national security cutters?
EADS 3D air search radar; SPQ-9B fire control radarL MK46 electro-optical/infared sensor
how many catergory types of EPIRB are there
category 1 EPIRB
406 / 121.5 MHZ float-free, auto activated, detectable by sat anywhre in the wrold, recognized by GMDSS
category 2 EPIRB
406 / 121.5 MHZ - like category 1 but manually activated (some models water activiated)
periodic reinvestigation requirements
submit froms no later than 6 months or 180 days prior to completion date of current in-scope investigation
CIM 2300.7A
CIM 2000.3E
CIM 5530.1C
CIM 5520.12C
28 leadership competencies - 8 leading self
accountability and respnsibility
self awareness
aligning values
health and well being
personal conduct
technical proficiecy
28 leadership competencies - 6 leading others
effective communication
influencing others
respect for others and diversity management
team building
taking care of others
28 leadership competencies - 6 leading performance and change
customer focus
management and process improvment
decisions and problem solving
conflict managment
creative and innovation
vision development and implementation
28 leadership competencies - 9 leading CG
technology managment
financial managment
human resource managment
external awareness
political savy
strategic thinking
what year did congress authorize the capture of armed french vessels hovering off the U.S. coast
the federal lifesaving service took shape in what year
the lighthouse service came into the treasury dept
august 7th 1789
in what year were cutters charged with preventiong slaves from coming into the u.s. from Africa
1794 (CG freed almost 500 slaves during the civil war)
what year was the life saving service reborn
1871 (under Sumner L. Kimball and assisted by Captain John Faunce)
the motorboat act was established in what year
what year did the CG standard change to the CG flag
First SPAR
Alice Jefferson 1973
what year did Genviere and Lucile Baker becoem first uniformed women to serve in the CG
what 4 fields must be compelted in the employee review tab
effective date, from/to date, review type "regular", and rating scale
members willingness to aquire knowledge and the ability to use knowledge, skill, and direction to accomplish work follow under what leadership category
what leadership cateogry does a member's ability to measure qualities that the CG value in its people
professional quality
what year were chevrons introduced
what instruction talks about family violence and child neglect
air sirens provided warning when
the last ocean station was decommissioned in what year
what does a project leader need to do
lead the team
schedule tasks
control costs
manage risk
the first womens reserve enlisted rating classes were established hwne
1972 (radioman, yeoman, store keeper, hospital corpsman)
who was awarded the navy cross medal
Elam Russel and William H. Best (Seneca WWI) - Raymond J. Evans (with Douglas Munro)
who was awarded the legion of merit
John A. Cullen
who was the two time winner of the gold lifesaving medal
Fredrick Hatch
Who was awarded the CG Medal
William Ray "Billy" Flores (blackthorn / capricon collision)
Charles W. Sexton
what are the responsibilities of the PIO
ensures the CG4910 is filled out correctly, reviews part IV of the MCM, reads member his or her right under ART 31, garthers info / eviodence, corrects CG4910 to ensure details of offenses are supported by evidence, and completes the "preliminary inquiry officer report"
the commissioning pennant indicates what
a vsl is under command of a commissioned officer or warrant officer and/or the CO is OB
THE equal employment opportunity counselor must be knowledgeable of the content of
29 CFR 1614
what is the purpose of the commandant's quality award (CQA) and performance challenge award (CPC)
educate, encourage, publicize, recognize
what must a PIO do if he or she becomes aware ofa new or different offense
inquire and make recommendation on the disposition of the new or different offense
what are the 5 colors of a terrorist threat
Red - severe
orange - high
yellow - elevated
blue - guarded
green - low
what year did the DOT change to the DHS
MARCH 1ST 2003
SPANISH AMERICAN WAR - what cutter was involed in the battle of manila bay
which two cutters delivered rifles to troop during the mexican-american war beforwe the battles of monterey bay and buena vista
Ewing and Legare
in 1922 in Savannah, GA. Francis Saltus Van Boskerck wrote "semper paratus" in the cabin of what cutter
education, training,. and ORM are essential elements of what
mishap prevention
Commandant's direction: what are the 4 categories
mission execution
people and platforms
mission support
and organization character
3 key watch words
people, stewardship, readiness
all threats, all hazards, always ready
part V of the manual for court states a MAST rep may what
question witnesses, submit question to ask witnesses, present evidence, and make statment geard toward commanding officer
training and educational manual
The first SWEs for both Navy and CG Chiefs were in what year
What public law enacted E-8/E-9
public law 85-422
what year did the navy make CPOs
april 1st 1893
3 things a chief should be
leader, mentor, technical expert
who were the first CG chiefs
former keepers of the lifesaving service. desginated as Chief Boatswain Mate, with the letter L for lfiesaving
what year did the navy acquire their first rate petty officer insignia
in june 1998 what 3 cutters were involed in the largest high seas drift net fisheries seizure ever
boutwell, jarvis, polar sea
The CG motto appeared on the CG ensign in what yerar
what year was the reveneu cutter service distinctive emblem added to the CG ensign
what year was the emblem on the CG ensign change from the Revenue Cutter Service to the CG
give the date revenue cutters were given authority to enforce all Alaskan game laws
may 11th 1908
what yea did the CG slash appear
what year did the steamboat inspection service merge with the lighthouse service
what two cutters seized the vessel cao yi
basswood and chase
the fleet of 10 cutters authorized by alexander hamilton in 1790 were respnsible for enforcing which laws
tarriff laws
In 1890m which two vessel cpatured tghe pirate vessel bravo
alabama and louisiana
this is teh date of the first involuntary mobilization of the CG reserve
august 22nd 1990, desert storm / shiled
what year did speciliaty or rating marks become official
what 4 recommendation can a PIO make
courts martial
CG3307 enrty (admin action)
what is sena
senior enlisted needs assessment
comprehensive analysis for E-8 / E-9
federal steamboat inspection laws started in
what year did navy establish CPO
give the date congress declared war on mexico
may 13th 1846
what year did the CG adopt batttle streamers
whatt office creates policy and oversight of CG communication, computers, and infomration technology
office of command control and communications (CG-6)
list the 7 uses of form CG-3307
accession, assignhment/transfer, advancment reduction, performance/discipline, seperation, SRB, and reserve SRB
during a midshap what manual is used as a guidance to report it
safety and environmental health manual - COMDTINST M5100.47
A - 2,000,000 or more and it warrants a mishap analyses board
B - 500,000 - 2mil, mishap analysis board
C/D - No board required
what office oversees the acquestion of ships and aircradfts and is responsible for the itnergration of systems of ships, aircraft, command, control, commns, computer, intel,. recon to accomplish CG missions
Deepwater program executive office (CG-9)
where can you find more info on FPCON
COMDINST 5530.1c (ch 5 sec G)
what year did the navy recognize 3 classes of PO
july 1st 1885
what year as the motto above and below the shield on the CG ensign removed
what year did spain declare war on the U.S.
april 24th 1898
what office provides legal advice throughout the CG
judge advocate general (CG-094)
what office is responsible for creating policy and oversight of CG mission relating to response to a domestic incident and tracks potential man-made safety and also deploys assests (north com)
Maritime Domain Awareness (CG-7M)
what office provides technival, logistics, and engineering services to the CG and also develops and test emerging technologies and performs or assists in the planning, design, construction, acquestion, movation, outfitting and alteration of cutters, boats, aircraft, and motor vehicles, ATON, and shore facilites
office of engineering logistics and development
what technique is used to organize / give structure to a list of factors that contribute to a problem and will also identify key areas where improvement is needed
affinity diagram
what technique is a group technique and promotes creative thinking, enthusiastic partcipation with avoidance of "analysis paralysis"
brainstorming (structured, unstructured, silent)
what does regulartion in 33 CFR 23.05 state
The CG ensign must be displayed when a CG vessel is engaged in LE
the CG ensign represents and heritage dates back to
LE authoirty - 1799
what year was the official CG seal and emblem designated
when is the union jack flown
always with the national ensign
before 1917 what flag was used aboard cutters
CG standard
The CG authorized the use and size of U.S. flags in what
Naval Telecommunication procedures- NTP 13
when the u.s. flag is displayed on a vehicle or aircraft it is called a
when the u.s. flag is on a vessel or facility it is
who cared for voer 200 people when a storm swept away every building in the community
margaret norvell
on aug 18th 1899, who resuced 10 people from vsl "priscilla"
rasmus s. midgett
who does the IRR Individual ready reserve
those who must fullfill MSO military service obligation undwer 10usc651 and those who volunteer to remain
how many inactive duty training drills and active duty training day to selective reservers get per fiscal year
48 drills and 12 ADT days
what does ready reserve mean
reservists who are liable for immediate recall to active duty, includes SELRES and IRR
reservists may attend what type of training
recruit, OCS, specialty training
what year did congress pass the magnuson-stevens fishery conservation and management act
what is the 1 mission under the CG's national defense role
defense readiness
name the first 10 cutters
active, vigilant, argus, general green, diligence, scammel, eagle, virginia, south carolina, massachusetts
a report of survey is needed when the value is over
$500 (damaged, lost, or destroyed)
Nov 5th 2001, what was unique during operatin noble eagle
6 navy cyclone warships were assigned to the CG and this was the first time navy ships were under CG command
during WWII how many german u-boat was the CG accredited with sinking
only medal of honor recipient in the CG
douglas munro (sep 27th 1942 guadalcanal
in 1943 which cutter rammed a sub and sank it
during WWII what cutter used a depth charges and a 3# deck gun to capture a submarine
during WWII what cutter made the first U.S. navel capture on sept 12
northland captured norwegian trawler boskoe
during WWII, 10 cutters were lended to great brtian when
during wwI what cutter lost 111 men and was desroyed and lost
when was the CG transfered to the navy during WWI
APR 1917 (the first time)
korean war, june 1950 N. korea invaded S kore. what year was the CG there
1946 while training S korea
what cutter holds the record for a single migrant rescue
Dauntless 578 migrant nov 24th 1995
mechanical striking bells were used when
fog bells went into service
the international ice patrol was established when and why
Feb 7th, 1914 (Titanic)
date and vessel of largest maritime seizure of yayo to date
APR 28th, 2001 belizian F/V Svesda Maru
date of the first narcotic serizure
august 31st 1890 USRC Wolcott (flagg George E. Starr had opium)
waterways pollution was first attempted to be clearned up by the refuse act of 1899. the curretn frame work for the CGs maritime protection program is
the federal water pollution control act of 1972
in 1799 during the quasi war, the eagle recaptured two american vessel
the nancy and the mehitable against the french privateer "revenge"
4A02 assigned freq. what is 240 also known as
military air defense (MAD)
4A05 maintain comms logs. what manual would you go to to get help if you were asked how long you must keep a recorded log
4A06 what broadcasts assists vessel from running into buoys
when would you start lost comms procedures
within 5 mins of their comm schedule
apply markign to classified material: why would you use X1 on a message
if a date to desclassify needs to go past 10 years then use a specific exemptions: X-1 reveal an intelligence source, method, or activity, or a crypotlogic system or activity
destroy class material: how small must the particles be if shredding a document
particles 1/32 of an inch in width by 1/2 an inch in length
receipt: if an unauthorized member accidently opens an outer wrapper of classified material what should he do
the material will be delivered to the SCP and the CSO will be notified. M5510.23
Execute EAP: how often should drills be done
drills shall be done semiannually
Review: personell sec clearance presidential support activities nomination msut have what at the top of the 5588 that is submitted
how long must an individuals access history be maintained at the command level after the member has left unit
4 years after transfer, discharge, or retirement
who manages DOE class Q program
commandant (G-CFI) manages the CG portion of the DOE Nuclear Security (Class Q) clearance program
how many steps in the opsec process
the OPSEC process consists of five inter-related steps. identify critical info, identify your threat, identify your vulnerabilities, risk assessment, apply counter measures
max time a UMIB can be transmitted on a distress freq
where is classified markings placed on charts, maps,.and drawings
charts, maps, and drawings shall bear the class marking under the legend, title block, or scale
what manual lists the different search pattersn
the inernational aeronautical and martime searcha nd rescue manual
what is the eletronic method of searching for lost mriners and developing a search pattern
computer asssted search planning CASP
what search pattern is called Sierra Sierra
exspanding squre, square single unit
in a sector search all turns are
120 degrees to the right
what COMSEC material status is inter-theater COMSEC PACKAGE ICP
inter-theater COMSEC package is contingency status keying material
which accountability legend AL code is accountable to the COR by serial / register from production to destruction
A: code 1
which accountability legend AL code is accountable locally by quantity and handled based on class after inital receipt to NC,S
AL code 4
which accountability legend AL code is electronically generated and is accountable to the COR continuously from production to destruction
AL code 6
often pftena re informal A&A visits scheduled
18 months
which insturction are genral training policies for EKMS MANGERS
what are the four catagories of COMSEC library
chronoliogical file, correspondence and message file, general message file, and a local custody file
what often should you inspect SF 700s
what are the 3 forms a safe is required to have
SF700. SF702, and OP form 89
how many people must open up a COMSEC keying maerial shipment
2 people
how long are EKMS MANGERS REQUIRED to keep LE / USER INVENTORY report submissions in their account chronological file
two years
page check requirements are covered in EKMS 1A
how soon must classified or unclassified amendment residue be destroyed
amendment residue must be desotryed no later than 5 working days after entry
maintenance manuals, operating instructions, and general doctrinal pubs need to be destroyed
as soon as possible but not later tha 5 working day after amendment
local destruction records for secret and top secret must be retrained for how long
local destruction records for S and TS must be retained for 90 days
why would you submit an initial action report with an immediate action precedence? what length of time does immediate refer to?
immediate action message are for effective key, key to be effective with15 days and cases of espionage, subersion, defection
according to the MLEM what LE action if any can we take with warships of another country
require a vessel to leave coastal state inernal waters or terrirotiral sea
the MLEM describes force majeure as what
a vessel due to distress is forced into coastal state waters is not subject to coastal state jurisdiction
MOTR stands for
maritime operational threat response
which appendix in the MLEM is the law enforcement case package located in
appendix G
what are the classification given to DOE classified material
theya re standard classification
TS, S, C, U
used to maintain COMSEC material accounting reports, A/I summary pages, inventory reports, transaction logs, CMS form 1 and or DCS form 10, and CMS responsilibty form
chronoloigcal file
used to maintain EKMS account establishment correspondence, EKMS manager and clerk appointment correspondence, COMSEC Inciddent and PDS reports
correspondence and message fil
this contains a copy of each effective directive of the command and higehr authoirty that relates to CMS matters
This contains all effective, signed local custody documents reflecting the issue of COMSEC material
local custody file
teir 0
central facility
the layer of EKMS which serves as teh intermediate key generation and distribution center, central office of record, priverledge certificate manager
tier 1
the layer of EKMS compromised of EKMS accounts that mange key and/or other COMSEC material
tier 2
the lowest tiwer of EKMS architecture, includes SKL and or DTD and all otehr means used to transfer key to crpto equipment
Tier 3
a PLA shall not exceed how many character including geographic location
50 characters COMDTINST M2000.3C
What term is used to refer to a single address group that represents a predetermined set of five or more activiites linked by and operational or administrative chain of command
collective address designators CAD
what side router (office code) is used for CG messages sent to navy PLA
the proper spelling and spacing of class designators is
how long does a member have to submit paper work to keep secret clearance after it expired
30 days
what are the 5 federal services combined to create the USCG
3 phases of SAR
prob of containment X prob of detection = POS
what is the usual search pattern if teh first vsl on scene is a surface asset
exspanding square SS
what search pattern is used when the intended route of the object is known
track line pattern
what type of search pattern is best adpated to rectangualr or square area and have straight legs
parallel pattern
what search pattern is best used when an aiorcraft and surface vessel is available
creeping line
what search pattern is used when datum is established within cloase limits and a very high coverage is desired in the immediate area
sector search - VS
what is CSDP
canine substance detection operations personnel
what are canines trained to detect
either explosives or narcotics, but not both
what is the means by whcih a CG flag officer informs a subordinate commander that he does not object to the proposed use of discrection and authoirty
SNO = statement of no objection
this requires interangency coordination for all non-military incidents on teh foreign affairs of the u.s.
HOW high does a fence around a restricted area need to be
8 feet or 7 ft with a 1 ft topper
how low to the ground must a fence extend
2 inches from bottom of hard soil, or burried in soft soil
how many levels of CMS tiers are there
four, 0-1-2-3
what is the min depth of water to deploy an SLDMB from a helo
10ft or greater
who was teh first spar
LCDR Dorothy C. Stratton
who was the first MCPO of the CG (E-10)
BMCM Charles L. Calhoun Aug 17 1969
when was the E-7 established
wind current is normally computed when water depth exceeds 100ft and distance offshore is
greater than 20 nm
SMC should recommend a helo transfering a dive victim to
fly at the loest safest altitude
what are the 2 external influences on the SAR system
public affairs and legal aspects
the most probable search object corrected for the movement over time is referred to as
sea area A-4 is best described as which geographic region
polar regions
a helo crew has completed 6.3 hour search and just landed at a local hospital, they should
shut down and sease operations
which EPIRB alert is not initially evlauted as distressed
406, LEO "B"
participation in AMVER is required by
US flagged vessel over 1,000 gross tons on voyage longer than 24 hrs
a coverage factor of 1.0 indicates
corrected sweep width is equal to the track spacing
what is the difference between type A and B EPIRBS
First MCPO (E-9)
YNCM jack kerwin Nov 1, 1958
womends fingernails cannot extend more than
1/4 inch beyond finger tip
key watchwords
readiness, people, stewardship
gives CG law enforcement authoirty
Title 14 USC Sect 89
if an E-6 with dependants is transferred between twp CONUS PDS, he or she may ship how many pounds of HHG
11,0000 lbs
FOR POC travel mileage reimbursement, 3 authorized travelers are entitled to
$ .19 per mile
max allowance for authorized temporary lodging TLA exspense is
$180 per day
temp lodging is authorized for a period not more than
60 days
members may request advance pay up to
3 months, must be paid back within 12 months or 24 months with command approval
first african american SPAR
YN2 Olivia J. Hooker
Ida Lewis's light house
lime rick, 1857-1872
why is the CG racing stripe at the angle it is
64 degrees to the right, to distinguish CG from other government agencies
what revenue cutter fired teh first naval shots in the CIVIL WAR
what year did the light house service join the CG
CG AUX was created
june 23, 1939, CG reserve act of 1939
only CG manned light station today
boston harbour
women were allowed into active duty
coast guard histroy begin
RCS and US LS S Merged
storing combos
activity sec checklist
sec container check sheet
dept of energy equivalaent to a TS
in military or police ops, what determines when, where, and how force shall be used
rules of engagment
what does misle stand for
marine infomration for safety and law enforcement
jurisdiction is comprised of what three elements
vessel status / flag - location - substantive law
what is a comsec incident
occurance that has the potential to jeopardize the security of COMSEC material or the secrure transmission of classified or sensitive government info
what is a compromise
disclosure of info or data to unauthorize person or violation of teh security policy of a sytem in which unauthorized intentional or unintentuional disclsoure, modification, destruction, or loss an object may have occurred.
what are the 3 categories of COMSEC incident
cryptographic, personnel, physical
how often are safe combos inventoried
how many characters are contained in a digraph
page 40-41
A report that is used to move info of potential intell interest from the CG unit level command through the district / area intell coordination centter (ICC)
FIR (Field Intel Report)
document that states the intelligence itnerest of a unit. DIA is usses this info to foward only that intel info to that unit
SII (statement of intel interest)
A REport used to report info thaT IS of value to the intel community these are usualyl written in response to stadning collection requirements but may aslo be used to report other info of value
IIR (Intel info report)
this field lists the intel function codes IFC. DIA uses this field to rotue IRR's to commands and analysts with aneed to know based on their statment of intel ntererst SII
IPSP Intel priority strategic planning
words or abbreviations that enable the DIA data processing equipment to indentify particular portions of the IIR
TorF - FIRS are reported outside of teh CG
TorF IRRs can be usd in place of SITREPS and operations reports
TorF - FIRS cannot be transmitted via unclas email and fax
the IIR draft by the CG will alwatys start with the number 4
at a min what class should FIRS hold ?
what is the minimum classifcation an IIR holds
The SSIC for IIR's are always
what COMDTINST outlines the CG intel activities
what exe order gives the CG the right tot conduct intel activities
exe order 12333
what are the 3 functions of the CG national intell element
foreign intell, national intel, counter intel
who does the request for electronic surveillance to be conducted need to go for approval
assitant COMDT for intel
TorF - all ready reservists are considered to be in ana ctive status
what two enlisted rating are open only to reserve
port security and investigator
the __ is a manpower pool principally consisting of individuals who have had training and have previously served in the active forces
individual ready reserve IRR
as a CG member you may serve as an election official if it
does not need a decision by your commanding officer
as a CG member you may not
wear a poltical button on your uniform at any time while on duty
protect hazardoes waste workers and emergency responder from hazardoes substance releases
HAZWOPER regulations
contain the release from spreading
first responder operatons level
a response effort to an occurence that results in an uncontrolled release of a hazardoes substance
emergency response
this info must be included on all correspondence in the cg because it serve asa the file number
how many headquater units report directly to HQ
how long does it take for the magenetron to warm up?
90 sec for X and 180 sec for S
what does the 73 radar pointer look like when mkaing a circle or octogan
a pencil
how many freq presets are on an WSC3
what is it called between radar fixes
dead time
where does the fisrt bearing come from when plotting
what is the range in NM of a 73 radar montor
24 nm
what size CG C are not require to maintain radio logs,
110s or smaller
what are the five SAR stages
who wrote semper paratus
capt van boskerck