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A ________ can be used to combine or separate data, change case, and apply formatting to a string of characters.

text function

A ________ is an XML file that contains the rules for what can and cannot reside in an XML data file.


A screenshot is a(n) ________ of an active window on your computer that you can insert in your worksheet.


A(n) ________ is a means of finding the records that answer a particular question about the data.


All open windows display in the Available Windows gallery and are available to insert a(n) ________ into your worksheet.


[Ctrl] + [F12] is a shortcut to display the ________ dialog box.


Custom headers and footers provide ________ sections where you can type your own text or insert header and footer elements.


Functions are predefined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values, called:


Having two tables side-by-side in the same worksheet, you can ________ similar sets of data to make comparisons.


Header & Footer Elements do NOT include which of the following?

Workbook Name

If a worksheet is slightly wider and taller than the normal margins, use ________ to keep all the information on one page.

Scale to Fit

In Excel, you can create simple ________, which are collections of data related to a particular topic or purpose.


In a database, a(n) ________ is a vertical column that stores information that describes a record.


Information that is stored in rows and columns is referred to as a(n):


Records are always displayed in:


Screenshots are especially useful when you want to insert an image of a(n) ________ into an Excel worksheet.


The Convert to Range command that will convert a table of imported date into a range, is located under Table Tools on the DESIGN tab in the ________ group.


The Screenshot button is located in the ________ group on the INSERT tab.


The ________ function extracts a series of characters from a text string given the location of the beginning character.


The criteria range for the DAVERAGE function must consist of at least ________ vertical cell(s).


The letter D at the beginning of a function is identification in Excel that a ________ range will be used in the formula.


To bring data from other sources into Excel you ________ the data.


To center a page horizontally, use the Margins tab in the ________ dialog box.

Page Setup

To create a query, first choose the ________ and then indicate the fields you want to include in the query result.

data source

To display records that meet one or more specific conditions, you must use ________ to limit the data.


To import information into Excel from a web page, you must first open the page with:

an Internet browser.

To make sorting and filtering easier, you can separate data into separate fields using:

Flash Fill.

To open the Create Table dialog box, click on the Table button in the Tables group on the ________ tab.


To print all the worksheets in a workbook at the same time, you can either ________ the worksheets, or under Print Settings, select Print Entire Workbook.


To sort data in an Excel worksheet, you must first ________ the range to a table.


When you click ________, a Microsoft Excel information box displays indicating that this will permanently remove the query definition from the sheet and convert the table to a normal range.

Convert to Range

When you convert a data range into a table, a table style is applied and the headings display ________ arrows.


Which of the following statements is NOT true about side-by-side tables?

Side-by-side tables must have the same number of rows and columns.

Which of the following is NOT an argument in the majority of database functions?


When you click the ________ button, the filter arrows are removed from the column titles but the color and shading formats applied from the table style remain.

Convert to Range

With conditional formatting, icons that make your data easier to interpret are placed ________ the cells.


With conditional formatting, the shape or color of icons indicates the ________ in the cells relative to all other adjacent cells formatted using the same condition.


You use the commands in the ________ group on the DATA tab to bring data from outside Excel into an Excel worksheet.

Get External Data

________ are sets of three, four, or five small graphic images that make your data visually easier to interpret.

Icon sets

________ make(s) data easier to interpret by changing the data's appearance based on value.

Conditional formatting

A collection of VBA declarations, statements, and procedures stored together as one named unit is known as a:


A function key or key combination, such as F5 or CTRL + r that is used to carry out a menu command is called a:

shortcut key.

A module consists of ________, which are units of computer code that perform some type of action.


A named sequence of statements that performs a task is called a(n):


A unit of computer code that performs an action is called a(n):


ActiveX controls are found under which of the following tabs?


An ActiveX control is a(n) ________, such as a check box or button that is placed on a form to display or enter data, perform an action, or make a form easier to read.

graphic object

An electronic, encryption-based, secure stamp of authentication on a macro or document is called a:

digital signature.

An instruction that enables a macro to perform multiple operations on a single object is called a VBA:


Any macro setting changes made in Excel in the Macro Settings category apply to:

Excel only.

By using a digital signature, you confirm that the document or macro originated from the signer and has not been:


Common uses of ActiveX controls are:

Command buttons, lists, and dialog boxes.

For a macro shortcut key, which of the following is used before the letter?


If you share macros with others, you can certify them with a:

digital signature.

Macros are recorded in ________ language, which is used to write computer programs within the Microsoft Windows environment.

Visual Basic for Applications

On the Categorized tab, the same properties are listed, but they are organized by ________ groups.


The Debug button will return you to the MS VBE Editor window, and the line of code that contains the error will be highlighted in which of the following colors?


The ________ is a location where you can store macros that you want to be able to use in other workbooks.

Personal Macro Workbook

The action that causes your macro to run is called a(n):


The macro recorder records all the steps required to complete the actions you want your macro to perform - except navigation on the:


The word With denotes the beginning of a ________, an instruction that enables the macro to perform multiple operation on a single object.

VBA construct

To add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar, you must first go to the:

Backstage view.

To approve or block files containing macros, your macro security level should be set to:

Disable all macros with notification.

To be sure that a VBA procedure works as intended, you should verify it by which of the following?

Testing the code

To create an electronic version of your VBA code window, press the:

PrintScreen key.

To edit and check VBA code, you would click on View Code from the:

Controls group.

To enable macros in Excel, you must set the security level on the:


To ensure that a macro works as expected after the macro has been created and assigned a button or menu item, it should be:


To make it easier to read in the Code window, starting and editing statements are formatted to be:

aligned left.

To run a macro, you can assign it to an object, such as a:

toolbar button, graphic, or control.

To work with a macro, which of the following must be done first?

Add the DEVELOPER tab to the ribbon

Unauthorized macro code is called a:

macro virus.

When coding in VBA, comments are preceded by a(n):

single quote.

When naming a macro, the first character of the macro name must be a(n):


When recording a macro, the Record Macro command stores the macro in a(n):


When referring to an object in a program, use the ________ field.


When you add ActiveX controls to your worksheet, you are working in which of the following modes?

Design Mode

When you assign a shortcut key to a macro, it will take precedence over the shortcut keys that are:

built into Excel.

Within VBA, you can write a procedure into your form that will insert a(n):

ActiveX control.

You can activate a macro by adding a button to the:

Quick Access Toolbar.

A PivotChart displays ________ that you can click to choose a filter and change the data displayed in the chart.

field buttons

A PivotTable report ________ large amounts of data so you can analyze related totals.

combines and compares

A ________ can import data from an Excel workbook, from an Access database, or from an external source such as a corporate database, a public data feed, or an analysis service.

Data Model

A ________ is a method of incorporating data from multiple, related tables into an Excel worksheet.

Data Model

A field that is being removed from the PivotTable report is indicated by a(n):


An object such as a chart or map on a PowerView sheet is a:

data visualization.

An optional command or feature that is not immediately available and must be installed and/or activated use is a(n):


By default, when a non-numeric field is added to a PivotTable, it is placed in the ________ area.

Row Labels

By using a PivotTable Report, you can show the same data in a table in:

more than one arrangement.

Excel includes several ________ that can be used to perform data analysis and create sophisticated charts and reports.

Business Intelligence tools

Excel uses the column titles as the ________ for the categories of data.

field names

If you change the underlying data on which a PivotTable report is based, you must also ________ or update the PivotTable to reflect the new data.


In PivotTable Field List, you can rearrange existing fields or reposition fields by using which of the following areas at the bottom of the layout section?

Row Labels

In a PivotTable or PivotChart report, data is derived from a ________ in the source data.


In the PivotTable field list, you can rearrange existing fields or reposition those fields by using which of the following areas at the bottom of the layout section?

Column Labels

PowerView can use the ________ map service to generate a map if your data contains location information.


Preformatted PivotTables that are arranged in a gallery are called:

PivotTable Styles.

The ________ tool allows you to drill down through PivotTable data with a single click.

Quick Explore

The category of slicer items is indicated by the:

slicer header.

The charts and other objects created on a ________ worksheet are related and can be cross-filtered.


The default summary function for a data fields containing numbers in an Excel PivotTable is:


The part of a PowerView worksheet where the data visualization displays is the:

PowerView canvas.

To create a column chart visualization on a PowerView sheet, first drag the fields to the FIELDS are, and then click the Column Chart arrow in the ________ group.

Switch Visualization

To format the elements of a PowerView object, select the object and then click the ________ tab.


To make changes to PivotTable data, you must:

edit cells in the source list and then refresh the PivotTable.

When a numeric field is added to a PivotTable, it is placed in the ________ area of the PivotTable field list.


When creating a PowerView sheet, multiple tables are visible in the:

PowerView Fields pane.

Which of the following is an interactive Excel report that summarizes and analyzes data, such as database records from various sources, including those that are external to Excel?

PivotTable report

Which of the following is a report that provides interactive analysis of data, where you can change views of data, see different levels of detail, or reorganize the chart layout by dragging fields and showing or hiding items in fields?

PivotTable report

Which of the following is a bar, area, dot, slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data point or value that originates from a worksheet cell?

Data markers

Which of the following is a button that identifies a field in a PivotTable or PivotChart report?

Field button

Which of the following is data that is stored outside of Excel and includes databases created in Access, dBase, SQL Server or on a Web server?

External data

Which of the following is the method of summarizing values in the data area of a PivotTable report by using the values other cells in the data area?

Summary calculation

Which of the following areas of a PivotTable field list allows you to display average values?


With ________ you can analyze data from multiple sources, work with multiple data tables, and create relationships between tables.


You can apply a ________ to the entire PivotTable report.

PivotTable Style

You can limit the display of data to specific information by using:


You must use ________ to create PivotTables using the data from multiple, related tables.


________ is a data visualization tool that can be used to create interactive dashboards and reports.


________ allows you to create and interact with multiple charts, slicers and other data visualizations in a single sheet.


A ________ is a visual representation of information and ideas that you can create by choosing from among many different layouts to communicate your message easily and effectively.

SmartArt graphic

A group of related data plotted in a chart is called a:

data series.

All cells are locked by default, but the locking feature is only enabled when ________ is applied.


By default, Excel displays a chart as a(n) ________ object within the worksheet.


Charts can be placed on a separate sheet called a:

chart sheet.

Column charts present data graphically in ________ columns.


Effects can be added to SmartArt diagrams from the ________ tab.


If the Select locked cells option is selected in the Protect Sheet dialog box, the user can click the locked cells and ________ the formulas.


If there is only one line in a line chart, you should delete the:


If you try to enter data in a protected cell, a message appears informing you that the cell is protected and therefore:


If you want all of the forms within an organization to have a uniform appearance and the data organized in the same way, you should use:


Objects that make up a chart are called:

chart elements.

Templates are commonly used to provide ________ of data.

standardization and protection

Sparklines are:

tiny charts that fit within a cell.

Templates can have built-in ________ for performing calculations based on the data you enter.


The SmartArt organization chart is in the ________ category.


The Text Pane displays to the ________ of the SmartArt diagram.


The Text Pane includes ________ in which text can be typed.


The ________ is the range of numbers in the data series that controls the minimum, maximum, and incremental values on the value axis.


The entire chart with all of its elements is called the:

chart area.

The key that defines the colors assigned to categories in a chart is called a(n):


To add a shape to a lower level of an organization chart, click Add Shape, and then click:

Add Shape Below.

To create a column chart, you must first select the ________ data to be plotted.


To create a form for others to complete, you should first ________ the cells that will need to be filled in and then protect the workbook.


To delete a box from a SmartArt organization chart, you must display a ________ border.

solid line

To display trends over time, use a ________ chart.


To enhance the appearance of sparklines, use:


To help choose the best type of chart for your data, use:


To make comparisons among related data, use a ________ chart.


To prevent others from changing the formulas and formatting of a worksheet, you should use:


When a template is opened from Windows File Explorer, it is opened as a(n):

Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)

When a template is opened from the New tab in the Backstage view, it is opened as a(n):


When selecting the range for a line chart, you may need to include a(n) ________ to have the same number of cells in each row.

empty cell

When you create a chart, Excel uses the column and row headings that describe the values as ________ for the data.


When you create a chart, you must first decide if you are going to plot values representing:

totals OR details.

When you protect a worksheet, you may add an optional ________ to prevent someone from disabling the worksheet protection.


When you save a template on your own computer to the template folder, it will be available for future use from:

My templates.

Which of the following SmartArt graphic categories would be used to show a timeline?


Which of the following is NOT a type of sparkline?


________ prevents anyone from changing a workbook.