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What are the 3 layers of the eyeball?
outer- fibrous- covered by fat
What is a formation of an image?
1) lens has to adjust
2) adjustment of pupil
3) light rays pass through cornea through vitreous humor to the retina
4) Photoreceptor cells will be triggered
5) When it hits the image it reverses the image
6) Sends to the optic nerve to the occipital lobe.
What is the sound path?
1)Pinna directs sound waves into external auditory canal.
2)Sound waves causes eardrum to vibrate setting ossicles in motion from malleus-incas-stapes
3)Stapes causes oval window to vibrate
4)Sets up fluid pressure in perilymph
5)Pressure wave transmits to round window
6)Round window bulges out into middle ear.
7)Creates pressure fluxation which sets endolymph into motion.
8)Triggers the organ of Corti into motion
9) Leads to nerve impulse, goes through vestibulococholear to temperal lobe of the brain.
What is otosclerosis?
Fussion of ossicles
The outer ear consists of?
Pinna- External Auditory Canal & Tympanic membrane
What is the function of the malleus, incas, & stapes?
Form a bridge between the tympanum and the oval window