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7 differences between por and para:
1. por- along/through, para-in the direction of
2. por- because of, para- in spite of
3. por- for a person (substitution), para- for a person (recipient)
4. por- in order to get (+noun), para- in order to do (+infinitive)
5. por- because of something (the cause), para- for something
6. por- in exchange for, para- for (a purpose)
7. por- for a period of time (duration), para- time limit (deadline)
8 uses of "a":
1. direction (to)
2. end of a movement (at)
3. time/day of occurrence
4. for/per
5. manner of dress (viste a)
6. a saber- if i had known
7. a decir- to tell the truth
8. the mode of action/transportation
12 uses of "de":
1. possession
2. origin
3. kind of material
4. contents
5. por estar / tener (de puro enojado / loco de rabia)
6. de.. a.. - from.. to..
7. characteristics (de pelo negro)
8. vestido de
9. about / concerning
10. function (tabla de saltar)
11. place (mis amigos de la oficina)
12. time- part of day
3 uses of "en"
1. place or position (en casa)
2. on (en la mesa)
3. not exact time (en la tarde)
2 reflexive uses of "se":
1. se miran a si mismos- at themselves
2. se miran uno a otro- at one another
1 similarity and 3 differences between "lo que" and "lo cual":
1. both for abstract ideas
2. lo que- at the beginning of a sentence
3. lo que- "what"
4. lo cual- "which"
que v. cual:
1. que- after a, de, en, con
2. cual- after long prepositions, and sin and por