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What Napoleon and the French Revolution had to do with the war of 1812 in Canada.
Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of France which then made conflicts between the French and the British.
What was the Potato Famine and how did it affect the people of Ireland – what was the outcome – how did this affect British North America?
The Potato Famine was when, in Ireland, all of the potato’s went bad. This was terrible because potato’s was what Ireland grew most because they had good soil for it. Lots of people grew potato’s for money, and when the went bad a lot of families were devastated. A lot of people died, while some went to British North America. In fact, if you took five people in Ireland then, two would have went to British North America, two would have died, and the last one would have stayed in Ireland. British North America grew really big and Upper Canada grew almost three times larger and Lower Canada grew by about three thousand. This started in 1845- 1850.
What were the “Coffin Ships”?
This was ships that came over from Ireland to Canada and a lot of people died on them hence the name ‘Coffin Ships’. They throw a lot of people over board once they died, and the families were sad because they didn’t get buried in Ireland with a green sword or whatever.
What were Lord Durham’s recommendations?
•Recommendation #1: he believed that they should join upper and lower Canada together
•Recommendation #2: He also thought that the people (colonists) should have more power to govern themselves and all.
•Recommendation #3: Lord Durham (I always think of meat when I say that) thought that the Canadiens were ‘a people without history or literature’ he thought that they should give everyone an English background.
Who are the Chateau Clique and the Family Compact?
•The Chateau Clique was a group of wealthy English merchants in Lower Canada that were appointed. They have power and are appointed by the British governor. The governor decides who is in the Chateau Clique.
•The Family Compact was a group of rich English Canadian Families that where usually chosen from about half of a dozen families.
What conditions started the war of 1812?
When Queen Marie Antoinette was ruling, she and her husband got kicked off of the throne or whatever. Also Napoleon crowned himself king of some of Europe which also upset the balance. Another think is that British stopped the Americans from giving supplies to the French, and so they started war.
Who is Lord Durham and what was his role following the Rebellions?
He went to upper and lower Canada and figured out what would make their lives better.
What was the outcome of the Rebellions?
The act of union passed and it was based on Lord Durham’s recommendations
What were the significance of Louis-Joseph Papineau, William Lyon Mackenzie, and Joseph Howe?
• Papineau owned a Seigneury (lot’s of land that would be sold to other people)
• Mackenzie owned a newspaper in Upper Canada. He voiced his opinion through the paper.
• Howe was another newspaper owner. Under his leadership Nova Scotia was the first colony British North America to move towards a more democratic government.
Who are the Partie Patriote and the Reform Party?
• Partie Patriote: A group of people who rebelled and was founded in Quebec.
• Reform Party: They were a Canadian federal political party and wanted to reform.
The Act of Union – what were the details?
The Act of Union was based on Lord Durham’s reports – 1. Combined upper and lower Canada; 2. Created a legislative council that the government appointed; 3. Created an assembly with equal # of people from upper and lower Canada; 4. Made English the official language of the government
LaFontaine-Baldwin Alliance (coalition) – what was the significance of this alliance and how did it come to be?
They both wanted a more democratic government. They persuaded the government to make French an official language and established universities.
What did the reformers want?
They wanted more of a part in the government, and they wanted to join upper and lower Canada
What was the situation in Lower Canada leading to the Rebellions of 1837/1838?
There was a Cholera epidemic because the Irish brought it over the seas.
How did the war of 1812 affect the Canadiens? The First Nations? The British? The Americans?
• Canadiens: The Americans kept attacking them because part of their land was British.
• First Nations: Some of them got pushed off of their land.
• British: Because neither won really, they just had worse land and bad conditions.
• Americans: Neither won, so they had bad conditions also.
What impacts did the Great Migration have on British North America – did this create any issues of co-habitation?
There was a lot of people suddenly coming from BNA to Canada. At points there was a bit to many people in Canada.
What Triggered the Great Migration of British people to North America? (What were the conditions in Britain following the Napoleonic Wars)
Many needed jobs because the Industrial Revolution was becoming richer and not a lot of people had jobs through that. And I’m guessing that the conditions in Britain after the Napoleonic wars weren’t all that great.
What was the situation in Upper Canada leading to the rebellions of 1837/1838?
Widespread crop failures had affected upper Canada.
What is a Colonial Government?
A government established in a colony and controlled by Britain.
What is democracy and a democratic government?
• Democracy: A system of government in which citizens elect those who rule them.
•Democratic government: The people rule themselves
What was the Rebellion Losses Bill and what was the significance of it?
The Rebellion Losses Bill was a controversial law that that was enacted by the legislative of the Province of Canada in 1849. This was to help the people in lower Canada who lost their land during the years 1837 and 1838.