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Curious – Peculiar adj.

adj. Tuhaf;
Meraklı, ilgili

He felt a curious mixture of excitement and panic.

Exceedingly – Extremely adv.

adv. Fazlasıyla, aşırı derecede

Thank you. You've been exceedingly kind.

Exclusively – Restrictively adv.

adv. Özellikle, sadece

This offer is available exclusively to people who call now.

Immense – Massive adj.

adj. Muazzam, çok büyük

Regular visits from a social worker can be of immense value to old people living alone.

Indeed – Truly adv.

Adv. Doğrusu istenirse

I didn't mind at all. Indeed, I was pleased.

Rigid – Stiff adj.

Adj. Firm, inflexible

rigid and authoritarian methods of education

Routinely – Ordinarily adv.

adv. Regularly, usualy done

Sufficiently – Enough adv.

adv. in a satisfying manner
yeteri kadar

Visibly – Noticeably adv.

adv. Farkedilir bir şekilde

Appropriate – Proper adj.

adj. Correct for the purpose Amaca Uygun, müsait

clothes appropriate for a job interview

Clarify – Explain v.

v. To make clear
Açıklığa kavuşturmak

Reporters asked him to clarify his position

Conceal – Hide v.

v. Gizlemek, örtbas etmek
The path was concealed by long grass.

Confirm – Prove v.

v. To make certain / inandırmak, kanıtlamak

To confirm my diagnosis I need to do some tests.

Constantly – Continually adv.

adv. Sürekli olarak

He talked constantly about his work.

Convenient – Practical adj.

adj. Kullanışlı

The bus stop around the corner is probably the most convenient.

Core – Chief adj.

adj. En önemli - ana (Parça - kişi)

One of the chief causes of crime today is drugs.

Critical – Dangerous adj.

adj. Dikkat gerektiren, tehlikeli

Distort – Deform v.

v. Biçimini bozmak, deforme etmek

Tall buildings can distort radio signals.

Diverse – Different adj.

adj. Farklı, çeşit çeşit

subjects as diverse as pop music and archaeology

Prosperous – Thriving adj.

adj. Wealthy, succesful
the more prosperous regions of the country

Purposefully – Deliberately adv.

adv. Kasten, bilerek

He deliberately upset her.

Reveal – Disclose v.

v. To uncover - expose
Ortaya çıkarmak

He revealed that he had been in prison twice before.

Scarcely – Hardly adv.

adv. Almost not
Zar zor, neredeyse hayır

The country had scarcely any industry.

Theoretically – Hypothetically

Adv. Teorik olarak

Accelerate – Hasten v.

v. To go faster
Aceleci davranmak

Their departure was hastened by an abnormally cold winter.

Crack – Fracture n.

n. yarık; v. yarılmak, çatlamak

The immense pressure causes the rock to fracture.

Create – Produce v.

v. Vücuda getirmek (yeni)

Creep – Crawl v.

v. Sessizce hareke etmek Sürünmek

Johann would creep into the gallery to listen to the singers.

Crush – Grind v.

v. Ezmek, ufalamak, zımparalamak v.b.

freshly ground pepper

Caltivate – Grow v.

v. To plant, raise a crop Dostluğunu ilerletmek

Dictate – Impose v.

v. Dikta etmek, zorla kabul ettirmeye çalışmak

The government imposed a ban on the sale of ivory.

Distinguish – Discriminate v.

v. Farklı görmek - ayrı tutmak

The factor that distinguishes this company from the competition is customer service.

Flaw – Defect n.

n. Kusur, özür, defo

All the cars are tested for defects before they leave the factory.

Harvest – Gather n.

n. Crops gathered / hasat v. Hasat kaldırmak

Mirror – Reflect v.

v. Yansıtmak

Obtain – Gain v.

v. To secure sth / elde etmek – kazanmak

Further information can be obtained from head office.

Particle – Fragment n.

n. a Very small piece of sth / Parçacık

fragments of broken pottery

Settle – Colonize v.

v. Yerleşik hayata geçmek – To solve a disagreement

This territory was settled in the mid-1850s by German immigrants.

Accurate – Precise adj.

adj. Hassas, kesin (veri)

It is difficult to get accurate figures on population numbers.

Classify – Arrange v.

v. Kategorize etmek, düzenlemek

In law, beer is classified as a food product.

Currency – Money n.

n. monetary unit

Deep – Thorough adj.

adj.başından sonuna kadar derinlik

Dense – Thick adj.

adj. closely packed
Ağzına kadar dolu, sıkı, yoğun

Depend on – Trust v.

v. To count on; To be supported by
Bel bağlamak, güvenmek