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The printer driver resides on the computer offering the printer services (for local and network print jobs) but cannot reside on the workstation client sending the print job.
The Windows Server 2008 Printers window is enhanced from previous versions to enable more versatility.
Printers that are added using the Add Printer Wizard are shared by default
All of the printers in a pool must be identical so that they use the same printer driver and handle printfiles in the same way.
When the remote printer is installed on a domain controller, you cannot change the properties of the shared printer you just installed, even if you are logged on to its host computer
The computer or print server device offering the printer share is the network ____.
print server
A shared network ____ is an object, like a folder, that is made available to network users for print services
Printer device
The ____ integrates information about the print file with information obtained from the printer driver installed at the client for the target printer, in a process that Microsoft calls rendering
The software application places the print file in the client's spooler by writing the file, called the ____ file, to a subfolder used for spooling
The network print server uses four processes to receive and process a print file: router, print provider, print processor, and ____.
print monitor
The router, print provider, and print processor all are pieces of the network print server's
When the spool file is fully formatted for transmission to the printer, the print ____ pulls it from the spooler's disk storage and sends it off to the printer
When a print job is processed over the Internet or an intranet, ____ must be installed and running inWindows Server 2008
____ is a concept similar to using PDF files
____ enables UNIX and Linux computers to print to shared printers managed through Windows Server 2008
If a printer is not automatically detected, you can use the ____ to install it.
Add Printer Wizard
The setup information that you specify while stepping through the Add Printer Wizard can be modified and further tuned by accessing the ____ dialog box for a printer
The ____ tab of a printer's Properties dialog box is used to enable or disable a printer for sharing as well as to specify the name of the share
The ____ tab of a printer's Properties dialog box has options to specify which server port, such asLPT1, is used for the printer, and options to set up bidirectional printing and printer pooling.
The ____ print monitor handles print jobs sent to a local physical port on the server, such as an LPT or COM port
local ports
The ____ print monitor is used for TCP/IP-based printers that are connected to the network through print server cards or print servers
Standard TCP/IP Port
A ____ is the way in which information is formatted in a print file
data type
The ____ data type is used for printing text files formatted according to the ANSI standard that uses values between 0 and 255 to represent characters, numbers, and symbols
A print ____ is like a stack of print jobs, with the first job submitted at the top of the stack and the last job submitted at the bottom, and all of the jobs waiting to be sent from the spooler to the printer.
The ____ tool (also called the Print Management Console or PMC) centralizes shared printer control in one place, enabling printer administrators and operators to manage the print functions of some or all of the shared printers on a network
Print Management
The workstation or application that initially generates the print job is the network
print client
______frees the server CPU to handle other processing requests in addition to print requests
The _____________ encapsulates the remote procedure call and print process information and is transported in HTTP
IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
The XPS drive path uses the _______ Driver Model.
A(n) ____________________ can engage in two-way communications with the print server and with software applications.
bidirectional printer
a shared network printer
Network print device
used with printers that have bidirectional capability
Bidirectional printing
holds configuration information for the given printer and provides the formatting instructions
Printer driver
involves configuring two or more identical printers connected to one print server
Printer pooling
an advanced way of printing documents for multiple purposes, including viewing electronic pages and printing pages in a polished format
a service that is mandatory when you install the Print Services role and that installs the Print Management tool
Print Server
a printer locally connected to the client's computer
Local Print device
term that means documents viewed in the creation/editing stage are rendered in a similar format in a printout
useful when there is one printer and two printer objects (shares) for that printer
Printer scheduling