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What case areas can you customise?

Pick list values, custom fields, track field history, case contact roles, case hierarchies, suggested solutions, and case comment notification
What are case contact roles used for?
So more than one contact can be associated with a case at a time.
What is a case hierarchy used for?
To associate one case to another signifying the relationship between the cases and grouping similar cases for ease of tracking.
How do you enable suggested solutions and case comment notification?
Customise> cases>support settings
How many layouts are you able to customise for a case?
Two. The case detail and close case page.
But 4 for case feeds!
What may you require email templates for?
Support rep communication with customers, Case creation, case assignment notification, case comment or modification notification, web to case response, email to case response, case close notification.
Where do you create email templates?
Communication templates>email templates
What steps do you need to do to set up assignment rules?
Create a case queue, choose a default case owner, create assignment rules.
Where do you assign queues?
manage users>queues
How many assignment rules are active, how many rule entries and formula rule entries can an assignment rule have?
3000 rule entities and 300 formula and only one active at a time
Where can an assignment rule assign a case?
To a user or a queue ( or predefined case team check!)
What do you need to have in place to use auto-response rules?
Case attributes to trigger the rule entry and Email templates with which to respond
How many auto response rules can be active?
What implementation steps do you need to take to escalate a case?
Set business hrs and set escalation rules
What unit can age over feature be based on?
Number of hrs since
1) case was created
2) case created unless modified
3) most recent modification
Who can an escalation go to?
A user or a queue
How many additional people, after the owner, can be notified in case escalation?
Where do you enable web-to-case?

What do you have to do when you set up web-to-case?

Enable web to case, specify fields to capture, generate HTML, determine email response templates, choose a user to be the default creator.
What is the difference between email-to-case and on demand email to case?

Email to case: traffic within firewall accepted attachments larger than 10mb, need to install email to case agent
On demand does not...

How many emails can be converted with email to case agent per day?
2500 (org can process daily1000 x number of user licenses up to max of 1,000,000 per day)
What happens if the number of emails exceeds the limit?
Depending on configuration of failure response settings you choose they are bounced, discarded or queued for processing the next day - admin notified and api exception code generated.

What is a case sharing model?

Determines the access your users have to cases others own
What are the options for a case sharing model?

1) public read/write/transfer
2) public read/write
3) public read only
4) private - only queue members and their direct reports can view or take ownership

What do case teams do?
Enable teams of users to work together to solve a case
What are the steps to creating case teams?
Create case team roles
Add case team related list to layout
Predefine case teams
Set up workflow alerts for case team members
Create assignment rules for predefined case teams
What is the life cycle of a case?
Identify and qualify
Research and resolve

What are article types?

Custom containers for KB articles. They can have a customised fields and article-type templates

What is a data category?

A classification of articles - helps users find articles and allows admins to control visibility.

By default, members can see all categories within an active category group. You can restrict category visibility after you have

set up your data categories to make sure that users only access articles and questions that you want them to see.

Where can new articles be created; be assigned, reviewed and approved; published; archived and deleted?
article management tab
How would you use articles to solve cases?
Add articles related list to case page layouts for easy reference and when closing case create new articles to solve future cases.

What options are available for filtering KB search results?

Language, validation status, category, and sort list view

How often are article ratings assessed?

15 days- if an article has not received a new vote

How do you know if the CTI adapter is installed?

Look for the softphone icon in the system tray on your computer

What is the default state for the softphone

Not ready for calls, if you need to use the dropdown to change your call centre state to Ready for calls

What can the softphone do?

Dial a phone numbers

Look up a phone number

Answer a phone call

Put/retreive a caller on hold

Initiate a conference call

Transfer a phone call

Start a new call on a second

Attach comments to an automatic call log

Associate Salesforce records with a call

Edit completed call logs

What are the Service Console components?

1. List View

2. Detail View

3. Mini View

4. Sidebar

What is the sidebar?

A column that, when moused over, displays a calendar shortcut, recent items, and

the Recycle Bin, just like the sidebar displayed on every Salesforce page. To display the sidebar

in the console, click the arrow icon on the left frame.

What are the steps to set up the Service Console?

1) create console layouts,

2) choose the related objects

to show in the mini view,

3) define mini page layouts,

4) assign user profiles to console layouts, and

5) add the Console tab to custom apps.

What do you need to remember about Mini page layouts?

1) You can only select objects that are defined as lookup relationships and are included on the page layout. 2) Mini page layouts inherit

record types, profile associations, related lists, fields, and field-level security from the page

layout. 3) The more related lists you add to mini page layouts, the longer it may take the console to process data.

How do home page layouts affect Service Console mini page layouts?

1) Fields marked Required and Always on Layout on page layouts are automatically included and cannot be removed unless they are removed from the page layout. 2) Field properties on the page layout determine field properties on the mini page layout. 3) Page layout related lists determine the order of related lists on the mini page layout.

What is the console tab used for?

The console tab combines related

records into one screen with different

frames so that users have all the information

they need when interacting with Salesforce. Common tasks are accomplished with fewer

clicks and without much navigation.

What are the qualities of good Solutions

Clear Language

Applicable Content

Easy to Read




When would you use Solutions over Salesforce knowledge?

1. Using Knowledge Base requires separate licensing(for publishers)while Solutions are natively available with the Salesforce.com licenses
2. Knowledge allows segmentation/branding using Articles types and Data Categories not available in Solutions.
3. Knowledge Base comes with enhanced analytics & reporting as compared to Solutions

What do person accounts offer?

Person accounts combine the functionality of accounts with the functionality of contacts.

I.e. If your customers are individual clients

rather than companies or institutions,

person accounts allow you to effectively

manage your client relationships in Salesforce.

A best practice for managing accounts that are related to your customer community is to enable Person Accounts in your organization.

What can help differentiate Person accounts from Business accounts?

Person accounts appear in both account and contact list views. Add the "Is Person Account"

icon to your personal list views to visually differentiate person accounts from other records, and to include or exclude person accounts in a list.

What is Case Feed?

Case Feed introduces a new way of creating, reviewing, collaborating on, and updating cases. It’s designed for support agents in fast-paced environments who interact with customers through multiple channels, including phone, email, and community portals.

What are case feed features?

1. Highlights panel. important information about a case at the top of the page. 2. Chatter feed. Lists updates made to the case. 3. Publisher tools. communicate with customers, log calls, write case notes, and view details about the case, all from within the feed. 4. Articles tool. Makes it easy to search for Salesforce Knowledge articles and attach them to the case or email them to the customer. 5. Feed Filters. Filters case activities by type for a one-click view 6. Followers. Lists case followers

How do you manage your personal Case feed?

The feed shows updates made to a case, who made them, and when they were made. You can comment on or like an update, which will automatically make you a follower of the case. Depending on your Chatter feeds settings, you might receive email notifications when new updates happen, or when someone else comments on the case. (To check these settings, click Your Name > Settings > My Chatter Settings > My Feeds.)

What type of items would you edit with Case > Support Settings

You can Set...
Default Case Owner, Record Type Setting
Automated Case User, Case Creation Template
Case Assigned Template, Case Close Template
Enable Case Comment Notification and Case Comment template, Notify Case Owner, Early Triggers, Enable Suggested Solutions

What do early triggers do?

Early Triggers ensure that escalation rules and their actions are triggered before the SLA time specified.

Before your users can use Salesforce knowledge, what do you need to do?

1) Confirm that your Organisation is licensed to use Knowledge. 2) Ensure your users are marked as Knowledge users (personal settings> Knowledge User) and

3) Enable Salesforce Knowledge.

From Setup, click Customize > Knowledge > Settings.

What do you need to do before setting up communities?

Confirm your org has the necessary feature license, decide on your community strategy, upload the branding and template files(Documents), and enable community Customize > Communities > Settings.

What community strategy would allow internal users collaborate and answer questions or collaborate on internal initiatives or where agents can manage customer cases?

Internal Communities

What community strategy would be a place for customers and agents or other employees to collaborate with each other, but you want most or all of that experience and information to be behind a login?

Private Communities

What Community strategy would enable your customers to engage with one another and solve problems, so your customers can find answers or get help from the community

Public Self-Service Communities

Can you change the community domain name after you save it?

No -

Youll have to call Salesforce to

change it.

What community Strategy would enable you to

collaborate with partners as easily as they work with internal teams on things like leads, opportunities, and deals.

Partner Community

What lets users filter search results by articles or questions before they post a question to

any of the zones in the community?

Optimize Question Flow in Chatter Answers config

What Lets users earn points and ratings that display as hover text on their profile pictures.
Enable Reputation in Chatter Answers and Ideas config. Reputation is enabled across all zones

What lets users post answers by replying to email notifications

Allow Posting Answers via Email in Chatter Answers config.

What is a Chatter Profile and is it the same as your community profile?

Chatter profile is the default user profile type. If you select this option and a user doesnt have a Chatter profile, then the Ideas zone profile is used. Chatter profile is a different profile than the Self-Service Communities User profile

What is a Half life?

half-life setting determines how quickly old ideas and articles drop in ranking ideas with more recent content. A shorter half-life moves older ideas down the page faster than a longer half-life

In salesforce Knowledge how would you allow your users to submit articles with Video, images, links etc.?

Customize > Knowledge > Article Types.

and select Text Area (Rich)

What would enable agents and internal

users to edit articles without going to the Article Management tab?

Customize > Knowledge > Settings. Select Allow users to create and edit articles from the Articles tab

How does an administrator enable the case feed?

Customize | Cases | Support Settings."Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items"

The easiest way to give users access to Case Feed is to assign them to profiles that use the feed-based case page layouts you create.

How do you define which information is available to community members?

Profiles and permission sets

What would be the standard profile permissions you want to give external self service users?

Default On is selected for the following tabs: Cases, Chatter, Ideas, Idea Themes,

Profile, and Q&A and Read is selected for Basic Articles.

What are the options for granting access for external users to a community?

You can create external users and assign them a profile so that they can access the community.(TIP load with data loader so you don't have to do each one manually)

You can enable self-registration so that users can create usernames and passwords themselves.

For external users to be able to ask a question and have it automatically turned into a case, what setting needs to be updated?

Set field-level security for the Question field.

1. From Setup, click Customize > Cases > Fields.

2. Click Question.

3. Click Set Field-Level Security.

4. Select the checkbox to make the field visible for every profile that youre adding to the community

How can you identify and designate experts within your community?

Manage Users > Public Groups. They get an unique icon to identify them as credible

Whats a zone?

Zones organize ideas and questions into logical groups within a community, with each zone has its own focus and unique ideas and questions. Ideas and Chatter Answers share zones, allowing you to view and create zones from those locations. Users will see zones, search results, and content associated defined by their user profile

What helps community members track the progress of the idea?

Idea status

For example, Under Review,” “Reviewed,” “Coming Soon,and Now Available

After you have created your community and the zones what do you need to do?

Build the relationships between the community and the zone(s) you have created and associate the profiles

When branding the welcome email that community members receive what features are required?

Both a logo and email footer text are required.

Community Welcome emails are sent when:

A community changes from Preview status to Published status. Emails are not sent when a community is in Preview or Offline status.

An administrator adds a new profile or permission set to a Published community.

A user is assigned a profile or permission set that is part of a Published community.

A user self-registers for the community.

What are the Advanced Chatter Settings? and what do they do?

Allow members to flag items.

Enable Chatter messages, which allow you to have secure private conversations with other Chatter users. To expose Chatter

messages for external users, administrators must also enable the Chatter tab.

Enable knowledgeable people on topics.

What is the final task you need to do with communities?


What do Communities provide that arent aren't available to portal users?

Use of Site.com to create branded public and private pages Chatter inside of communities,

Management of community members using permission sets Single sign-on for internal and external users, and support for multiple identity providers Support for login through multiple authorization providers Mobile access using Salesforce1

Is using portal mutually exclusive of using communities?

no -

Changes to community settings are completely separate from portal settings and have no impact

on your existing portal setup.

What is site.com?

Site.com is a Web content management system (CMS) that provides an intuitive drag-and-drop environment to customize your community’s pages. Each community has one associated Site.com site that lets you add custom, branded pages to your community.

What is canvas?

Force.com Canvas enables you to easily integrate a third-party application in Salesforce. Force.com Canvas is a set of tools and JavaScript APIs that you can use to expose an application as a canvas app. This means you can take your new or existing applications and make them available to your users as part of their Salesforce experience.

What is Live agent?

Live Agent lets customers or website visitors in connect real time through a Web-based, text-only live chat. Each Live Agent user needs his or her own feature license.

What is Salesforce CRM Content?

Salesforce CRM Content simplifies content by:
* Organizing files into libraries
* Searching
* Subscribing to updates
* Previewing document details at a glance
* Contributing
* Reviewing Usage and Providing Feedback
* Sharing Content in Salesforce and mobile

What Tabs does Salesforce content use?

Libraries tab

Content tab

Subscriptions tab

What are the default library permissions available by default with CRM Content?
Viewer, Author, and Administrator.

What do you use Files Tab for?

Upload, store, find, follow, share, sync, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud.

What do you use Salesforce CRM Content for?

Publish and share official corporate files with coworkers and deliver them to customers.

What do you use Salesforce Knowledge for?

Create and manage content, known as articles, in a knowledge base. Internal users and customers (on your Customer Portal, partner portal, Service Cloud Portal, or Force.com Sites) can quickly find and view articles they need.

What do you use Documents Tab for?

Store Web resources, such as, logos, DOT files, and other Visualforce materials in folders without attaching them to records.

What do you use Attachments for?

Attach files to records from the Attachments related list on selected detail pages.

What are Force.com Sites?

Suitable for developers with experience using Visualforce, Force.com Sites lets you build custom pages and Web applications by inheriting Force.com capabilities including analytics, workflow and approvals, and programmable logic. So if you are looking to create sites programmatically using Apex and APIs, Force.com Sites is the product for you.

What are flows?

Visual Workflow automates business processes by building applications, known as flows, that collect, update, edit, and create Salesforce information, and then make those flows available to the right users or systems. Flows can execute logic, interact with the database, call Apex classes, and guide users through screens for collecting and updating data.

What's the Difference Between Workflow and Visual Workflow?

Visual Workflow enables you to create flows, which are applications that are user-triggered instead of event-triggered. Unlike Workflow, which always executes rules and actions behind the scenes, Visual Workflow offers screens for displaying and collecting information from the user running the flow.

What is chatter?

Chatter is a Salesforce collaboration application that helps you connect with people and share business information securely and in real time.

What is Chatter Answers?

Chatter Answers is a self-service and support community where users can post questions and receive answers and comments from other users or your support agents. Chatter Answers brings together Case, Questions and Answers, and Salesforce Knowledge articles in a unified experience.

What steps would you go through to set up a Salesforce service console?

1)Turn on and customize highlight panels for all objects.
2) Create a Salesforce console app and assign it to user profiles.
3) Configure your Salesforce console to work efficiently for your service agents
4) Assign users the Service Cloud User feature license.

What is Social Customer service?

Social Customer Service integrates with Radian6 so service agents can engage customers by responding to cases created from Twitter and Facebook. Case feed items are created on the case for inbound and outbound content, making it easy for support agents to solve customers’ questions.

What is Quick text?

Quick Text lets users create messages, such as greetings, answers to common questions, and short notes, which support agents can easily insert into case updates and communications with customers to save time and increase standardization. When you set up Quick Text, you enable it, give users access to it, and create messages. Live Agent has it enabled already.

What can business hours be associated with and where do you set them up?

Company Profile | Business Hours.

1) Escalation rules

2) Holidays

3) Milestones

4) Entitlement processes

Entitlement management lets you and your support agents do what?

1) Verify if your customers are eligible for support 2) Create and maintain service contracts for your customers 3) Specify unique service levels for each customer, such as first response and resolution times 4) Enforce service levels with time-dependent, automated processes that instruct agents how to resolve cases

What are the entitlement models?

1) Entitlements Only

2) Service Contracts with Entitlements

3) Service Contract with Contract Line Items and Entitlements

What feature helps you predefine terms of support on the products offered to your customers?

Entitlement Templates

What feature helps you enforce service levels on cases?

You can add time-dependent processes to entitlements that specify the actions your support team must take when service levels on cases are near violation, violated, or successfully completed.

What are milestones?

Milestones are required steps in your support process. They're metrics that represent service levels to provide to each of your customers. Be sure to create milestones before creating entitlement processes.

How many Processes and milestones can an entitlement have?

You can create up to 1000 entitlement processes and include up to ten milestones in each entitlement process. Be sure to create milestones before creating entitlement processes.

Can you update or delete milestone actions on a process after it's activated and applied to a case.


What are milestone actions?

Milestone actions are time-dependent workflow actions that occur at every step (milestone) in an entitlement process.

Before adding milestone actions to entitlement processes, you need to create milestones and create entitlement processes.

What are the type of milestone actions that are available to add to the milestone?

Success Actions - The actions to take when a milestone successfully completes.

Warning Actions - The actions to take when a milestone is near violation.

Violation Actions - The actions to take when a milestone is violated.

What actions can you automate from milestone actions?


Email alert

Field update

Outbound system message

What are Milestone feeds?

Milestone feed items provide an additional way for support agents to monitor case activity. When you enable milestone feed items, your support agents see notifications in the Case Feed when a NEW milestone is completed or violated. Milestone feed items for cases a user owns or follows also appear on the user profile page.

If you set up entitlement processes do they apply to all cases?

No - Entitlement processes only apply to cases with assigned entitlements.

What steps do you go through to set up a Salesforce console for Service:“Customize Application”

1. Turn on and customize highlight panels for all objects.
2. Create a Salesforce console app and assign it to user profiles.
3. Configure your Salesforce console to work efficiently for your service agents
4. Assign users the Service Cloud User feature license.

To view a highlights panel in Service Console what should you do?

First turn them on. In Layout properties check the checkbox Highlight panel

What are the configurable components of Service Console and which ones are already enabled?

Highlights Panel, Save User Sessions, Recover Recent Tabs, Multi-Monitor Display, Domain Whitelists, Push Notifications,
Interaction Logs, Softphone Integration, Knowledge Sidebar, Live Agent, only Pinned Lists and Keyboard Shortcuts are already enabled

what is chatter answers?

Chatter Answers, a self-service and support community where users can post questions and receive answers and comments from other users or your support agents. Chatter Answers brings together Case, Questions and Answers, and Salesforce Knowledge articles in a unified experience.

How do chatter questions relate to cases?

If a question remains unresolved or its reply isn't satisfactory, administrators and trusted community members can "escalate to Case". he question title automatically becomes the case Subject. After a case is created, the question detail page provides a link to the case for the life of the question. This link also shows the status of the case.

Closing the case also closes the question? T/F


Closing the case does not mark the question as resolved, and resolving the question does not close the case. The case and the question must be updated separately.

What salesforce feature offers a Unified Help Desk

Salesforce console for service

What salesforce features would help you Automate your Contact center?

Set Business Hours

Set Up Support Holidays

Setting Up Assignment Rules

Setting Up Auto-Response Rules

Setting Up Escalation Rules

Set Up Quick Text

Article actions: what permissions would you need to extend to public groups to be able to perform publish, archive and publish translations?
create read edit delete (CRED)
Article actions: what permissions would you need to extend to public groups to be able to perform edit?
Read Edit (RE)
Article actions: what permissions would you need to extend to public groups to be able to perform delete?
Read edit delete (RED)
Article actions: what permissions would you need to extend to public groups to be able to perform submit and edit a translation?
Create read edit (CRE)
What is the Community engagement console?
The Community Engagement Console gives community managers a central place to monitor the health of their community and its members. Use it to view dashboards about groups, members, feed activity, and license usage, and to manage the community’s reputation system.
To use a community engagement console what permissions do you need?
“Manage Communities” or “Create and Customize Communities" you also need to be an employee. External users can't manage comminities