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What is the term for an element on a Web page that contains data and procedures for how that item will react when activated?
Which language is considered the best language for creating large applications?
What is considered an event-driven scripting language?
Which scripting language is the Microsoft version of JavaScript?
What scripting language is specific to Microsoft and may not be supported by browsers other than Internet Explorer?
One of the major goals of HTML5 is to:
eliminate browser plug-ins
Why is the acceptance of HTML5 a benefit to mobile device users?
HTML5 helps conserve battery power
What is lossless compression?
All original data is recovered when the file is decompressed
What is the term for the programming concept in which a program is handled as a collection of individual items that perform separate functions, rather than as a sequence of statements that performs a specific task?
Object-oriented programming
What language is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that is often used when data needs to be shared across a network?
What is a miniature Java program that is downloaded into a Web browser when a user requests a Web page?
Java applet
What is true about JavaScript?
It must reside within HTML documents to run.
Web pages that use ActiveX:
can include animation, audio and video.
Which security risk must you be aware of when using active content such as Java applets and ActiveX objects?
They allow information to be downloaded and run on your system
What is a plug-in?
A program installed in the browser to extend its basic functionality
What is the primary goal of a plug-in?
To provide efficient integration of multimedia formats with the browser and computer
How do plug-ins eliminate transfer delays when files are played from a browser?
Plug-ins retrieve a small portion of a file at a time and deliver enough information to build a continuous stream of data.
What is the term for storage space on a computer hard disk used to temporarily store downloaded data?
Disk cache
What is the name for the standard computer interface that allows computers to create and play electronic music?
Why are audio and video files compressed before they are transferred across the Internet?
To shorten the amount of time to download
What is lossy compression?
Compression in which some information is permanently eliminated
What is the term for an algorithm used by video and audio player plug-ins to compress and decompress files?
Which type of plug-in installation requires the user to download the plug-in file, quit the browser and start the installation file?
Offline installation
Which graphics file formats uses lossless compression and is limited to 256 colors?
What produces graphics image files that are small, download quickly, and are easily resized without affecting image quality?
Vector graphics
What is the term for pixel-based images that map bits to a display space?
Raster graphics
What is a viewer?
Application that retrieve a file when the program needed to open the file type is not installed on your computer
Which video file format is the Macintosh native movie platform?
What graphics file formats is written in a page description language that is unreadable, and can be printed only on a specific type of printer?
Which video file format is the standard format for the Windows platform?
What is the term for mathematical statements that describe a series of points to be connected to create an image?
Vector graphics
What plug-in was created by Apple Computer for running video and audio files?
What product can be used to expand a two-dimensional photograph into a three-dimensional environment?
QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)
Which plug-in was developed by Microsoft and is a software development tool used to write and run Internet applications?
What are add-ons?
Extensions and plug-ins for the Firefox browser
Which file format retains formatting information through all platforms and downloads quickly from the Web?
Portable Document Format (PDF)
What kind of file formats are .avi, .mp4, .ogg, .webm and .mov?
Which video file format is the standard format for movies on the Internet?
What kind of file formats are .au, .mp3, .aiff and .wav?
What audio file formats is a free, open-source alternative to the MP3 format?
Ogg Vorbis
Which audio file format is the native sound format for Windows?
Waveform (WAV)
What kind of file formats are .gif, .jpg, .png and .tif?
Which graphics file formats is widely used for complex graphics because it uses lossy compression and supports 16 million colors?
What kind of file formats are .txt, .pdf and .rtf?
Copyright laws protect:
original works of authorship online as well as in print
Most browsers are able to save:
all images, fonts and scripts referenced by the HTML on a page