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What do Roma and Gypsies suffer from by police and others and why do they not report it?

Roma and Gypsies suffer ill-treatment by the police, often victims of racial violence and discrimination but, do not report it because of no police trust

Racial and trust

Discuss Roma & Gypsies and the prison population

Roma and Gypsies are grossly over represented in the prison population.

What was the percentage of Gypsies in prison 2012-13?

In 2012-13 5% (men) and 8% (women) identified as gypsy/traveller in the prison population.

Men and women, 3 difference

What happened in the case of Nachova and Others v Bulgaria (2005) and what was the verdict?

The case concerned police brutality and failure to investigate racist motives which was a breach of Article 14.

What case considered Roma as an ethnic group?

CRE v Dutton (1989) which now allows Roma to be protected under the Equality Act 2010 against race discrimination

What is the Race Directive?

The Race Directive is EU law that protects against racial and ethnic origin discrimination in employment, occupation, social security etc. All EU members have implemented the directive

Members age and Law

Downside of EU protections?

Despite these protections, discrimination against Roma and Gypsies is still widespread in most European countries

How you'll end the paragraph