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What is rock?
A solid material made up of one or more minerals or other substances including once-living things.
By which characteristics do geologists classify rocks?
How the rocks are formed
What does texture refer to?
Size, shape, and arrangement of a rock's grains
What is a grain?
One of the particles that make up a rock
What is one method to determine a rock's composition?
Making a "thin section."
What are 3 major groups of rocks?
_____ _____ forms when magma or lava cools and hardens.
Igneous rock
Igneous rock formed from magma beneath the surface is called _____ ______.
intrusive rock
Igneous rock formed from lava on the surface, it is called ____ _____.
Extrusive rock
____ ____ forms when particles of rock and other materials are pressed and stuck together.
Sedimentary rock
This force can be caused by flowing water, waves, wind, and ice, etc and moves sediment from place to place
This is the process by which sediment is laid down
Clastic rock, organic rock, and chemical rock are three major kinds of ____ ____.
Sedimentary rock
Can a sedimentary rock be like a gelatin dessert with pieces of gruit mixed in?
____ ____ formed from remains of plants and animals is called organic rock.
Sedimentary rock
Sedimentary rock formed from remains of plants and animals is called ____ ____..
Organic rock
What is clastic rock?
Pieces of rock that have been pressed and stuck together
What is chemical rock?
Crystals formed when dissolved minerals come out of solution
Heat and great pressure deep beneath Earth's surface can change rock to _____ ____
metamorphic rock
____ and ____ ____ deep beneath Earth's surface can change rock to metamorphic rock.
Heat, Great pressure
Series of processes on and beneath Earth's surface that slowly change rocks from one kind to another
Rock Cycle