Aryabhatiyam Case Study

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44. (4) Famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata wrote the famous Aryabhatiyam book. The Aryabhatiyam is reference manual for mathematics and many of its facts and figures are still used in the modern society. The book was written in Sanskrit language and comprises 121 verses.
45. (2) Lord Buddha delivered his first lesson at Sarnath to his five beloved disciples (name). The very first lesson delivered by Lord Buddha is popularly known as Dharmachakra Pravartan.
46. (4) Sangam, a popular Tamil literature of South India, mention the names of leaders of the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyas dynasties. Collectively, the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyas dynasties are referred as Muvendar in many poems of the Sangam
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(2) Rampurva bull was built during the reign of the Mauryas by the king Ashok in the third century BC.
48. (3)Ramanuja propogated the philosophy of vishistavaita. Vishistavaita is a vedanta philosophy which belives in non-dualism. It is also described as qualified monism.
49. (3) A place where significant historical, cultural manuscripts and documents are kept are called archive. Archive has very important for research work of students and authors.
50. (1) Virashiva movement was began in karnataka in the twelfth century by Basavanna. Virashaiva movement had special emphasis on equality of all human beings. It supported the betterment of lower cast and women in the society. They strongly oppose the ritual of idol worship.
51. (3)Bandagan is a persian term used for special slaves purchased for military services. These slaves were first brought by the early delhi sultanats like Iltutmis. Bandagan were totally dependent upon their masters so they were not trustworthy for sultans.
52. (3) Columbs begins his journey towards west to discover India; he thinks this would be the shortest route to reach India. In that quest he crossed Atlantic Ocean but instead of India he reached America therefore he called Native American
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(2) The warm ocean current originates near the warm area of equator and moves towards poles e.g. Gulf stream, north and south equatorial current etc. The cold ocean currents originate near the poles which carries water from higher latitudes to lower latitudes e.g. Labrador Current and Alaska current.
64. (3) Transhumance refers to a seasonal movement of people with their livestock in search of new the winter they moves from the colder places to the warm area.
65. (2) Igneous rocks are of the two type’s intrusive rocks and extrusive rocks. Intrusive igneous rocks are formed due to the cooling of the molten lava inside of the earth. Granite is the best example of the intrusive igneous rocks. Extrusive Igneous rocks are formed due to the cooling of the molten lava on the surface of the earth. Basalt is the best example of extrusive igneous rocks. Sandstone is an example of sedimentary rocks. Due to the heat and pressure Igneous and sedimentary rocks are converted into metamorphic rocks, limestone is the example of metamorphic rocks.
66. (3) Chinook is a hot wind and blows to the west of Rocky Mountains of North America where huge grassland of Prairies are found. Chinook melts Ice in the

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