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What are systems of Water Supply

1. Continuous (24 hours)

2. Intermittent (fixed time and hour)

Merits of continuous supply

1. No tank for storage

2. No stagnation of water, fresh water always

3. Adequate water always available

4. Lesser amount of pipes

Benefits of Uninterrupted water supply

Demerits of Continuous system

1. Greater wastage (various ways)

2. Whole supply interrupted during repair

Merits of Intermittent

1. Useful when water for distribution is inadequate

2. Repairing in non supply hours

3. Leakage causes less waste

Benefits of interrupted supply

Demerits of intermittent

1. Inconvenient

2. Unsanitary due to storage

3. Difficulty in fire fighting in non supply hour

4. Waste if taps are kept open during non supply hour

Disadvantages of interrupted flow

Layout of distribution system

1. Dead end or tree

2. Ring or circular

3. Radial

Mains, Sub-mains, branch and cutoff valve

1. Dead end or tree system

2. Ring or Circular

3. Radial System