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Built on the unchangeable law of God


Based on the very changeable positions of society

How do I know what God wants?

Scripture and Tradition

What are the three parts of the Christian Scripture?

The Gospel, Epistles, and the Revelation

What are Dr Khölberg's 6 levels of least responsible to most responsible?

1. Reward and punishment

2. Me first

3. Pleasing others

4. Duty/law

5. What society stands for

6. Self-actualization

What is Joseph Donceel's "Philosophical Anthropology: Human Kind?"

The loving affirmation of the absolute; the free expression of the human faculties (intellect, will and emotion) in a corporal environment: the ability to love and be loved

What does gregarious mean?

Very friendly, social

What is the Trinity and who are they?

Trinity: one God in 3 divine persons

Father- creator

Son- redeemer/savior

Holy Spirit- sanctifier

What is original sin?

The inherited condition of broken relationships

What is objective salvation?

Once and for all, Jesus has restored what sin ruined

What is subjective salvation?

Will I let God save me? choice

What does homousia mean?

"of the same stuff"

What does hypostatic mean?

Hypostatic union: complete humanity and complete divinity: Jesus

What is faith?

Accepting something as true based on the testimony of historical witnesses

What are the 3 Theological Virtues?

Faith, Hope and Charity

Who are the Church?

A people called by God, sent by God, to do the work of God. Ordinary vehicle of God's grace in the world.

What is grace?

A gift given by God through the Holy Spirit for the benefit of the individual, community and the world

What is sanctifying grace?

That which makes us like God: holy

What is actual grace?

The ability to respond to Jesus Christ in our daily lives

What are the Sacraments of Initiation?

Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist

What are the Sacraments of Healing?

Anointing of the Sick, Confession and Eucharist

What are the Mission Sacraments?

Matrimony, Holy Orders and Eucharist

Which is the most important sacrament and why?

The Eucharist, because nothing can happen without it

What is Cosmogenesis?

The study of the beginning of the universe

What is the cosmogenic myth?

Explanation of creation found in the Hebrew Scriptures. Not intended to be history or science, but religious truth

What are the 5 religious truths?

1. God is the creator

2. Creation is a free act of love on God's part

3. Everything he creates is good unto itself

4. Humans are created in HIs likeness

5. Humans have respect for environment

What is virtue?

The habit of doing good

What is vice?

The habit of doing bad

What are the cardinal virtues? What do they mean?

Prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude

1. Prudence- Right judgement

2. Justice- Attempt to ensure the well being of all

3. Fortitude- Stand up for what's right, always

4. Temperance- Self control

Who are the 3 archangels and what do their names mean?

Michael- "Who is like God"

Gabriel- "The strength of God"

Raphael- "God's remedy"

What is the Magisterium?

The official teaching authority of the Church

What is character?

How we respond to the divine invitation to love God, self and neighbor

What is nihilism?

A philosophy that denies there's any meaning in existence or in religious beliefs.