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The most likely cause of photochemical smog is due to
Heavy motor vehicle traffic
the industries least likely to be a source of sulfur dioxide pollution are
Hazardous waste incinerators
Scrubbers are wet collectors generally used to remove particles that form as a
Fog mist or dust
Particle size selective inlets are used to separate particulates above and below 2 to 3 microns in size on
High volume samplers
The most common type of noise measurement device used for initial inspections is the
Sound level meter
Whan two pollutants are combined, the effects are greater thatn the sum of the individual effects. This is called
Air is vital to existence. In fact, in a day's tim humans breathe an average of
35 pounds of air
Which component of clean dry air has the smallest volume
Ozone reduces the useful life of all of the following expect
Major effects on humans are caused by Los Angeles and London type smog along with what two pollutants
Sulfur dioxide and hydrogen flouride
Photochemical smog has been reported in congested areas with
High motor vehicle traffic
What type of air pollution causes bleaching of leaves in plants
PAN (Peroxyacetyl Nitrate)
Which of the following are not major sources of sulfur dioxide pollution
Electrical substations
Which of the following is not a malodorous gas
Carbon monoxide
What size particle can reach the lowest parts of the lung
3 microns