Pollution: The Major Causes Of Pollution In The World

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When thinking of causes of death, many think cancer, heart disease, car accidents, and the list goes on, but they are overlooking the biggest global killer: pollution. This is an issue that affects every continent, country, city, and person on Earth. It affects not only people, but the environment and animals as well. Pollution is becoming an issue that citizens can no longer push aside because soon the effects of pollution will no longer be fixable. Although many think that there are bigger issues to deal with, pollution is the most important due to the magnitude of the damage it can do people, nature, and wildlife. Pollution is the addition of a substance that is causing negative effects in the environment. There are many different types …show more content…
The released chemicals can react with air and create smog. Smog is fog that is continuously present around an area because of the pollution in the air. Smog has taken serious tolls on many of the citizens of where smog is located. India and China are two of the most polluted cities in the world. Their city air has become so contaminated with harsh chemicals and pollutants that “an estimated 1.5 million people die annually [and] mothers’ exposure to pollution for prolonged periods… can lead to malformation of organs in newborns” (Lal). This is showing how dangerous pollution has become. Researchers can figure out your life expectancy by knowing where and how long someone has been living in a particular place. Also, air pollution includes greenhouse gases, which wreaks havoc on the environment and climate. Greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, are released into atmosphere due to industrial pollution. The gases are absorbed and end up trapping heat. The trapped heat causes artificial warmth, which is also called thermal pollution. The increasing temperature can raise the water level and melt the polar ice caps. Health, climate, and even national parks are being affected by air pollution. The Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon are being damaged by the acids coal industries near the parks. The industries have discharge …show more content…
Improving awareness of the cause is one way to start preventing pollution. While many people know why pollution is present, not many know its disastrous effects. If people everywhere knew that “water, air, and soil pollution . . . contribute to 40 percent of deaths worldwide each year,” they would be begging to do something about the issue (Thompson). To better the awareness of pollution, information on pollution needs to be spread to people everywhere. Signs can be posted on roads, in stores, or even shown on television. Schools can be helpful for this cause as well. Since the future is in the hands of the youth, it is important that they learn about the effects of pollution. Also, the addition of pollution regulations would be a huge step in the right direction. Many big industries are moving to less developed countries due to their weak environmental regulations. There are regulations in more developed countries, but less developed countries are taken advantage of and create pollution that is damaging the people, environment, and animals around the world. Ideas such as these will prevent pollution in the future, but can only be accomplished with worldwide

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