The Consequences And Effects Of Air Pollution

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Pollution is the introduction of a harmful material to any environment. This can be natural or produced by mankind. Some examples of natural pollutants may be the wastes of all animals, insects and birds, also mud, volcanic ash, etc. On the other hand we have the pollution created by humans.

This is the one that has affected the environment in enormous ways, polluting not only the environment, but also ecosystems to, extinguishing tons of animals per minute, destroying land every were they need to place humans. On the pass couple of decades we have been polluting earth in ways that are not coherent. Saying that the intensity of the sun lightings weren’t strong as they are know, producing diseases like skin cancer. Then we can see also the
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Because any production of a non natural gas into the atmosphere, damages the air. In countries that have massive production of any kind of thing, suffer the consequences immediately, because they create a layer of pollution that is immense, in comparison with the other countries that do not do this kind of things. Also the production of smoke in the cars, buses, planes, trains and any engine transport. The production or extraction of any fossil fuels is considering also as air pollution, since they eject a lot of chemical compounds to the …show more content…
Some times this substances can come from natural sources, for example, volcanic ashes, smog and dust from a forest fire. There are also a lot of pollutants that are added to the atmosphere by human activities. Most of mankind air pollutants are factories, power plants and automobile smog, also aircrafts and wood burning. The one that produces the major amount of harmful compounds is the car, because it ejects into the air high levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and smoke. Many industries are also responsible for causing massive amounts of air pollution. Petroleum refineries are a good example of pollution industry, since it is producing enormous amounts of toxic gases like, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Another way to produce sulphur is by the combustion of fuels like coal.
All these pollution can be observed in winter, due to the combination of all these chemicals and the fog, it is mainly known by the name of smog. Another kind of air pollutants is present in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays, these ones are called chlorofluorocarbons, and they aim directly to the ozone layer.

One of the adverse effects of air pollution is acid rain. The release of acid gases, produced by factories like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, mixed with water vapor, form sulphuric acid and nitric acid. When both of this combines they drop down with rain and produce

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